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Saddle up for savings on these Yellowstone DVDs in Amazon's Black Friday sale

Put some yee-haw in your bargain huntin'.

Screenshot from Yellowstone
Image credit: Paramount

If you’re hitting the trail and hunting for great deals in the Black Friday sale, we’ve got the perfect set of DVDs for you. Whether you’re a Western fan yourself or have one on your holiday shopping list, you’ll want to check out the current sale on Yellowstone DVDs from Amazon.

The entirety of the Yellowstone series is on sale during Black Friday, with savings of around 40% per DVD collection. If you’re hankering for a rewatch of the Kevin Costner-led series before the final episodes air next year, this is the best chance you’ll get. This show is often cited as one of the best modern Westerns, offering a gritty and grounded look at the conflicts between landowners, politicians, and corporations in the Great Plains region.

It isn’t just the original Yellowstone series that is on sale, either – you can also pick up 1923: A Yellowstone Origin Story as part of the same sale. This prequel series stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren and takes place in the same timeline as the original show, following an earlier generation of the Dutton family as they navigate the treacherous Mountain West region.

All the Yellowstone DVDs that are on sale right now are:

Unfortunately, you won’t find 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story on the Black Friday sale this year, but you can still pick it up if you don’t mind paying full price.

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