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In Netflix's Bridgerton season 3, pay attention to those gloves the costume designer tells us

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Bridgerton season 2
Image credit: Netflix

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Photographer Bill Cunningham once said "Fashion in the armor to survive the reality of everyday life," and that is on display on the Ton that is Netflix's Bridgerton. Ahead of the upcoming third season with Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) and Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) stepping into the spotlight, we spoke with the show's costume designer John Glaser who, among other things, gave us a glimpse at the stories of the fashion of this new season.

"The one major thing with Penelope is that in this period they always wore the long gloves and the short gloves, and I never liked them on her because they were too distracting," Bridgerton costume designer John Glaser tells Popverse. "So we gave her a sheer glove."

Those gloves, seen in the above imagine, is a striking departure from the typical Regency Era style of Brigerton - but just as with the best costume design in movies, tv, and stage productions - the clothing helps tell the story.

"We made transparent gloves, so she’s kind of wearing a glove but not wearing a glove," says Glaser. "That was something that [Nicola] was very pleased with and kind of adamant about, because we wanted to see her skin, her body."

Bridgerton returns May 16 with the first part of the third season, and you can read our full interview with the costume designer John Glaser now.

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