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Chris Evans reveals his best interview ever (and it features dogs)

Of the many times he has been interviewed, the superstar actor reveals which one was his favorite.

Superstar actor and director Chris Evans (Captain America) has taken part in many interviews during his career. However, one of them stands out as his very favorite... and given his status as a self-proclaimed "dog dad," the answer will come as no surprise.

Evans revealed which interview was his all-time favorite during his spotlight panel at New York Comic Con 2023. "I was lucky enough to do one of those Buzzfeed puppy interviews a couple of years ago," he said. "Greatest interview of my life. No disrespect to this interview, but I'm sorry, you cannot compete with a bunch of puppies crawling all over you."

While Evans was excited to be covered in puppies, he did have one request. "I had asked Buzzfeed, 'Is it okay if we also bring in some older dogs?' Because I just feel like sometimes older dogs at shelters get overlooked."

Evans continued to share his thoughts on older dogs in shelters. "When you see an older dog in a shelter and you're like, 'Man, what's your story, pal? Damn.' My heart breaks for it."

Furthermore, Evans noted that his dog, Dodger, was a shelter dog. "Prior to Dodger, I don't know if I always realized how special shelter dogs are," said Evans. "And specifically... no disrepect to puppies, we all love puppies, but older dogs, that have had, you know, sometimes, challenging experiences. The gratitude that they will just shower on you... it's a beautiful thing."

Given the green light to include older dogs, Evans spent the day at the shelter answering questions while being covered in canines of all ages. According to Evans, this made him realize his was the "best possible job." Evans concluded, "We're hoping to do a lot more stuff like that in the future."

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