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Chris Evans as Captain America: Actor reveals there is "more stories to tell" with Marvel Studios

"I love that role deeply, it means so much to me," the actor told the Chicago crowd Sunday morning

Chris Evans as Captain America
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Live onstage at C2E2 2023, Chris Evans answered the question that has been on Marvel fans’ lips since the climax of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame — and arguably even more so since the introduction of the multiverse, opening up the potential for all kinds of storytelling choices: would be return to the role of Captain America if he could.

“God, it’s tough. Look, I love that role deeply, it means so much to me. Do I think there’s more Steve Rogers stories to tell? Sure, but at the same time, I’m very very precious about it,” he says, having earlier in the conversation described agreeing to play Captain America as being “the best decision of my life.”

He continues, telling the excited crowd, “I was part of something special for a very special period of time,” before saying that, as much as he loves the character, and loved the experience of working with Marvel throughout his decade of playing Steve Rogers onscreen, the idea of going back to the character today “doesn’t quite feel right, right now.”

(Of course, this might be a feint to hide a future announcement: after all, would a multiversal Steve Rogers really be returning to the same Steve Rogers, or something else entirely…?)

Evans’ half-hour on stage saw him talk about a number of different topics alongside Popverse’s own Veronica Valencia, including why he keeps working on comic book movies — “It wasn’t the plan, it wasn’t like, comics,” he said, before adding that comics “have all the right ingredients to make a good film” — the movies he’d want to star in a remake of given the chance (Little Shop of Horrors and Clue; apparently, Chris Evans has good taste in films), and which future outfits fans can expect to see his dog Dodger wear on social media. (A shrunken leather jacket, apparently.)

Evans also had an unexpected answer to Valencia’s question about whether he’ll be producing more projects following his miniseries Defending Jacob: “Oh God, it’s just a lot of work, isn’t it?” he joked, before saying that he’d rather spend more time with friends and family.

Chris Evans is one of cinema's leading actors, and if you've made it this far you're a fan as well. So with that in mind, here's his thoughts on returning to the MCU, a ranking of his top roles (and how you can vote!), why Winter Soldier is his favorite Marvel movie, his ambitions to be in a fantasy movie, and how to watch all of his Captain America run.

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