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Chris Evans shares what famous actor (and character) he imagines his dog Dodger would sound like

Great scott! This is heavy.

Chris Evans in Knives Out
Image credit: Claire Folger

Self-described "dog dad" Chris Evans (Captain America) makes no bones about it: his dog Dodger is an incredibly important member of his family. But when asked what voice Evans imagines Dodger will speak with, he had an illuminating answer: "Marty McFly."

This suggestion was just one of the Dodger-related comments Evans made during his spotlight panel at New York Comic Con 2023. In fact, early in the panel, the superstar actor even joked about the idea that Dodger might be waiting just off stage to join him. "Aw, wouldn't that be great?" he asked the disappoined audience.

As the subject turned to Dodger, Evans made it clear how important his dog is to him. "When I'm away from him for a day, I miss him terribly," he admitted.

When asked if Dodger had an "inner voice," and what that would sound like, Evans had a very intriguing answer. "I feel that if he could speak - and I can't believe he hasn't," Evans said. "Sometimes he's looking at me, I'm like, 'Say it!' Just be like, 'What's up?' You hear me talk. You know all these words, I see you react to them. Just try."

But then he offered a more direct answer: "I think he sounds like Marty McFly," said Evans. "I think if he spoke, I think it's like a young Michael J. Fox. That's the voice I hear in my mind."

However, while he was quick with the answer, Evans wasn't sure whether or not he'd really want Dodger to talk. "Maybe that would ruin it, though," said Evans. "It's just so sweet, coming out of those big eyes. Maybe just no voice is the way to go for Dodger."

If you want to hear Evans gush about being a dog dad for yourself, his entire spotlight panel is avaialable to watch now, right here on Popverse.

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