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Chris Evans reveals his favorite season and holidays

While one season rules them all, two holidays compete for supremacy.

Chris Evans in Knives Out
Image credit: Claire Folger

Superstar Chris Evans has a single season of the year he considers superior. However, several holidays vie for the title of his very favorite.

Evans shared this information with fans during a spotlight panel at New York Comic Con 2023. Without hesitation, he stated that his favorite season was autumn. "You can't beat [autumn on the East Coast]," said Evans. When asked about his favorite fall activities, he replied, "I mean, everything, everything. Apple picking and carving pumpkins... raking leaves! I'll rake leaves and have a good time."

He continued to elaborate on the enjoyment he derives from raking: "Because it's the smell, isn't it," he said. "Those dead leaves smell so good. And it's the smells that signal what's coming; it's not just autumn."

From here, Evans turned to the subject of holidays. "Those dead leaves mean that Halloween's coming, that means Thanksgiving's coming, that means that Christmas is coming," said Evans. "It's just kind of the trifecta of my favorite holidays and my favorite time of year. It's everything."

A few minutes later in the panel, Evans turned to the subject of which holiday was his personal favorite. "It might be Halloween," admitted Evans. "It might be." However, there is another challenger. "Halloween and Christmas, it's a neck and neck race," he said. "I love Thanksgiving, but Halloween and Christmas are duking it out."

There is one variable that pushes Christmas forward in the race. "When I grew up, Christmas... we had snow," said Evans. "Now, you're lucky if you get snow in December, which is such a shame. Because that was always such a nice part of Christmas, having a foot of snow outside." Evans concluded, "If it's a snowy Christmas, that's hard to beat."

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Avery Kaplan

Avery Kaplan: Avery lives and writes in Southern California. She is the co-author of Double Challenge: Being LGBTQ and a Minority with her spouse, Rebecca Oliver Kaplan. Avery is Features Editor at Comics Beat, and you can also find her writing on StarTrek.com, The Gutter Review, Geek Girl Authority, and in the margins of the books in her personal library.


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