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It's been 25 months since DC Comics had a proper Justice League comic - here's all the big DC comics missing in action

Justice League, Supergirl, and Aquaman didn't get a Dawn of DC revival, and they're not alone

Absolute Power #1 Detail
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The 'Dawn of DC' is coming to an end this summer, after 18 months — six months longer than the initiative was originally announced for, it's worth noting — as DC’s comic book line heads into its Absolute Power era. As things wind to a close on this particular era of DC history, it’s time to think about what the Dawn gave fans… and, maybe more importantly, what it didn’t.

Back when 'Dawn of DC' was first announced, we noted that it was the perfect opportunity for the comic book publisher to revive titles or characters that had been notably absent from DC’s line-up for some time. In fact, we made a list of what characters we knew would be coming back, and those we expected to see returns for at some point during the Dawn. Here’s the surprise, though: not all of our predictions turned out to be correct, and a number of DC’s biggest properties are still missing in action.

It should be noted that there were some genuinely surprising additions to DC’s line that we didn’t see coming, but really, who saw a Fire & Ice series coming? Or a Justice Society spin-off line of miniseries? Or, for that matter, a line of AAPI-led miniseries?

And yet… when it comes to some of DC’s biggest properties, they’re still absent from the company’s publishing line after more than a year. Is this part of a plan to allow fans to let absence make the heart grow fonder, or have some things just been left in the background for reasons unknown? Let’s take a look at which DC books we’re still waiting for. (And bear in mind: thanks to advance solicitations for comic books released through June 2024, we know what to expect from DC’s comic book slate through the end of Dawn of DC.)

DC’s Still Missing In Action List

DC comic book title Last issue published Absence duration Return date
Teen Titans May 2022 (as Teen Titans Academy) 24 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC,' although Titans did launch in May 2023
Justice League April 2022 25 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC'
Supergirl February 2022 (as Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) 27 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC'
Legion of Super-Heroes January 2021 40 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC'
Aquaman December 2020 41 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC'
Hawkman November 2020 43 months (and counting) No return during 'Dawn of DC,' although Hawkgirl did launch in July 2023

What is particularly surprising about this is that two of the above titles — Supergirl and Aquaman — have active movie interest attached in the past 12 months; Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was only released in December 2023, and yet there was no Aquaman 'Dawn of DC' title. Similarly, Supergirl was one of the projects mentioned as being developed for the new DCU by James Gunn, and yet she’s been relegated to the supporting cast of Action Comics for the past year-plus. (She is very active in the current House of Brainiac storyline running through the Superman titles, however... which might be a hint at future events.)

Which of these missing titles are likely to return as a result of DC's Absolute Power storyline? We’re sure that at least some will, although time — and specifically, announcements from DC across the next few months — will ultimately tell. We’d lay money on some kind of Justice League revival before too long, however… After all, the line up of the Justice League was briefly glimpsed together in DC's Free Comic Book Day release this year, as Dreamer saw the group together in chains... even though she wouldn't tell Amanda Waller that.

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