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DC Studios' James Gunn is skipping San Diego Comic Con this year as well

Hall H staple James Gunn won't be at SDCC 2023 for DC, Marvel, or anyone

Image featuring James Gunn wearing glasses and a black tshirt with DC heroes in the background
Image credit: Getty Images/Warner Bros. Pictures

Add DC Studios' James Gunn to the growing list of Hall H staples who are skipping this year's San Diego Comic Con.

The famed writer/director (and now co-chairman/co-CEO of DC Studios) is telling fans on his Instagram that he won't be at SDCC 2023.

"I won't be there this year but probably next," Gunn wrote in reply to a user on Instagram.

While Gunn has skipped SDCCs in the past, with him now being a triple threat as a Warner Bros. executive and blockbuster director and blockbuster screenwriter makes his absence form SDCC 2023 all the more conspicious.

Why would he skip it? It could be a variety of reasons, from solidarity with his fellow screenwriters as part of the WGA Strike, being busy with pre-production on Superman: Legacy, to not having anyting to promote just yet for DC Studios take over until 2024.

Or perhaps he has a vacation planned. Everyone needs some time off.

Remember, the 10-year DC Studios plan, subtitled 'Gods & Monsters,' isn't set to begin in earnest until 2025, and there's still two movies from the previous regime - Blue Beetle and Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom- still waiting in the wings for release.

And while Gunn's absence from SDCC while has the figurehead of the new DC film empire is something, it's not like those two films - and their directors, actors, and crew - couldn't make SDCC 2023.

While James Gunn won't be at SDCC 2023, we will. Here's what we're excited about for San Diego Comic Con 2023.