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Our Flag Means Death vs. Loki: Which season 2 are you most excited to watch?

It's the final face-off between the two returning cult champions of streaming TV

Our Flag Means Death/Loki
Image credit: Max/Disney+

As if the clash of the cinematic titans earlier this year wasn’t enough — both were fine movies, but surely enough time has passed that we can all agree that Barbie was a deserving winner over Oppenheimer — now it’s the skirmish of the streaming sophomore seasons, with the second seasons of both Max’s Our Flag Means Death and Disney+'s Loki dropping on October 5 this week. But… which one is going to get your remote control finger going?

Look, we’re not going to pretend that we’ve tried to get the right portmanteau going for this without much success — Our Flag Means Loki? Our Loki Means Death? Meh. “Our Loflag Means DeathKi” felt like it could work for a brief second, but alas, smarter heads prevailed — but the fact remains: with three episode of Max’s eagerly anticipated pirate comedy dropping on the very same day that the MCU introduces a new twist in its ongoing multiversal saga, there’s very likely going to be a lot of people having to make the difficult decision about which to watch. So what we’re basically asking is very simple: Which show gets your vote?

We’ve already asked what remains of the once-proud Twitter, but now we’re asking your, dear faithful Popverse readers. Have your say in the poll below, and for extra bonus points, leave a comment to let us know the reasons behind your choice. Is the desire to see Stede and Blackbeard reunite so much stronger than your love of Tom Hiddleston? Could the potential to learn more about what the Hel (see what I did there?) happened at the end of Loki season 1 outweigh the possibility of finding out just how the former crew of the Revenge is handling being stranded? Let us know.

If it helps, we have our early review of the first batch of episode of OFMD season 2, as well as some thoughts on Taika Waititi’s hairdo. And in case you still need it, there’s also a quick guide to everything you need to know about the second season of Loki, and why Ke Huy Quan is the best thing Marvel's had in years.

Now vote!

Both Our Flag Means Death and Loki return to their respective streamers October 5.

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