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Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson made a Christmas movie, but what happened to it?

Oh yes, the movie is real. But when is it coming out?

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There is a movie out there that is concievably finished (it wrapped filming in February 2023). It stars Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, Lucy Liu, J.K. Simmons, and Nick Kroll and boasts a script written by Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan and direction from Jumanji director Jake Kasdan. If that already sounds exciting to you, get this - Red One is also a Christmas action film.

But if you haven't noticed, Christmas is sneaking up on us very quickly, and yet Red One still doesn't have a release date. One can imagine that this movie is burning a hole in the studio's pocket, especially considering the fact that Dwayne Johnson was apparently paid $50 million dollars (according to Puck's Matthew Belloni) for his role in the film. However, the fact that the movie still doesn't have a release date even though we're a week into November is probably not a huge surprise for those following the current SAG-Aftra strike.

Red One is the type of movie that will rely on the publicity drummed up by its big-name celebrity stars, and if those stars can't promote the film, the studio may be waiting until they can. But will they wait an entire year for the movie to be seasonally relevant again? Or will they simply take the hit and release a Christmas movie in the summer? Only time will tell.

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