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Spawn movie reboot will have the "Blumhouse edge," promises Jason Blum

Al Simmons won't mess around, it seems.

Spawn #1
Image credit: Image Comics

We've been hearing about a new Spawn movie adaptation for over a decade now, with comic book creator Todd McFarlane promising time and again the Jamie Foxx-led project was alive and in good shape. Well, it certainly isn't dead, and now it appears we might actually see it sooner rather than later.

During NYCC 2023, Blumhouse founder and CEO Jason Blum was asked by Screen Rant about the upcoming reboot, and he was happy to confirm it'll retain the edginess the production company is known for. Here's the full quote: "Yes, I'm going to bring the Blumhouse edge. It's going to be edgy and original as compared to other superhero movies. It's gonna definitely feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie."

These words aren't too dissimilar from McFarlane's, but it's always nice to hear the big updates straight from the horse's mouth. Blum was even more open about the project recently, stating the current plan was to release it sometime in 2025. In October 2022, McFarlane announced that Scott Silver (Joker), Malcolm Spellman (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), and Matthew Mixon had been hired to rewrite the screenplay, so another draft could've been turned in before the WGA strike froze development of new projects in Hollywood for months. With Foxx locked in place as the movie's lead, full casting could potentially start in the coming months and allow the reboot to shoot in 2024.

In the comics, Albert Francis "Al" Simmons is an assassin with an extensive Marine and CIA background. After being betrayed by his agency and burned to death, he makes a deal in Hell with the devil Malebolgia to become a hellspawn. He then returns to the world of the living and becomes an anti-hero. The expectation is that Blumhouse will allow Spawn to fully lean into the horror aspects of the comics and make the action more hard-hitting. Recently, the character joined the Call of Duty character roster and was announced to be part of Image Comics' horror series Killadelphia too.

While we wait for Spawn to return to the big screen, there are plenty of exciting movies coming soon to cinemas as well as streaming, and you can find them all in our up-to-date guide.
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