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Miles Morales and Miguel O' Hara swing into Fortnite

Two brand new Spider-themed skins will be available for purchase with the new Fortnite update

Spider-Man smashing through a building window
Image credit: Fortnite

Spider-Man is swinging back into Fortnite. Well, two Spider-Men. Yes, in celebration of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One, Fortnite has just released two new skins, one for Miles Morales Spider-Man and one for Miguel O'Hara Spider-Man 2099.

Fortnite has shared a teaser video on Twitter (which you can watch below) featuring Miles Morales jumping out of a building window with Miguel looking out through the broken window after him. The tweet reads: "It’s Miles!! And he brought… a friend? Spider-Senses say you’ll want to stick around for tomorrow’s update!"

These two new Spider-themed character skins will arrive in Fortnite with the next update. The skins will be available for purchase in the item store sometime today.

This brand new crossover fits in with the handful of other licensed crossovers recently released for fans of the Spider-Verse. Spider-Verse has taken over Burger King, the regular old whopper, and even the classic Air Jordan Chicagos.

We here at Popverse certainly can't wait to watch the much-anticipated sequel of 2018 hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Keep an eye on Popverse next week for our review of Across the Spider-Verse.

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