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Star Wars: After Ahsoka, what upcoming Star Wars project are you most excited about?

It's a big galaxy out there, but what are you wanting to see the most over the next few years?

Star Wars
Image credit: Lucasfilm

The final episode of Ahsoka very purposefully left the fate of the galaxy up in the air, arguably driving anticipation for the future of Star Wars to heights that haven’t been seen since before the end of the Sequel Trilogy, when the hype surrounding both The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was at fever pitch. But… which future of Star Wars are you most excited about?

There are, after all, multiple paths to be taken when considering what the future of the saga looks like. In the immediate future, Disney+ has two new shows in the wings, with both Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte scheduled for some point in the next 12 months or so. There’s also the prospect of a fourth season of The Mandalorian and a second season of Andor, as well as no less than three upcoming features: one about the origins of the Force, one tying up the storyline from the Disney+ Mandoverse, and one that expands the story past The Rise of Skywalker, with Daisy Ridley returning as Rey, heading up a new New Jedi Order.

As if that isn’t enough, let’s not forget that Donald Glover is working on what looks very much like a Lando movie, as well…!

(You can find our guide to the many Star Wars projects in pre-production, production, and post-production — as well as development — right here. There’s a bunch.)

What we want to know is simple: which is the Star Wars project you’re most looking forward to over the next few years? We’ve got a poll below for you to let your voice be heard, but if you want to go beyond simply naming a project, feel free to use the comments and tell us why you made the selection that you did… or, for that matter, tell us which project you wish was forthcoming, but remains only in your dreams for now. Surely I’m not the only one who wants a mockumentary about the career of Sy Snootles along the lines of a Diana Ross documentary, right…?

For now, though: vote!

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