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June 13, 2024 is Boydgerton Day here at Popverse as new seasons of Bridgerton and The Boys are released

We're determined to find time to watch both.

Butcher from the Boys staring at Colin from Bridgerton
Image credit: Amazon Prime Studios / Netflix

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Occasionally, the world of pop culture comes together in a beautiful and unpredictable way. In 2023, we all saw the magic of Barbenhiemer as two of the biggest – and most tonally different – films of the year debuted on the same day. June 13, 2024 sees something similar happening on streaming services as the final episodes of Bridgerton season three compete for our attention with the gritty superhero gore of The Boys season four in an event we’re dubbing Boydgerton.

Just like Barbie and Oppenheimer before them, these two shows couldn’t seem more different. The high society, scandal-laden plot of Bridgerton versus the gory bloodbath that seems to end every episode of The Boys. However, we think there are more fans of both shows than you might think. Bridgerton might not be dishing out on the rampant violence the way Butcher and The Boys do, but both shows lean heavily into sex appeal to draw in viewers – and we’re not just talking about the superhero porn site that could have been.

Think about it: Bridgerton season one showed us Daphne and Simon making love in and around the Duke’s stately home while season three of The Boys gave us the beautiful love between The Deep and an octopus named Timothy. Colin and Penelope shared a passionate carriage ride together, performing acts not unlike Storm Front did for Homelander in another classic bit of smut from The Boys.

These are two beautiful, sexy romance stories at their heart – albeit with incredibly different costumes for the actors to wear – so we want to know: which one will you be watching first when it comes out on June 13, 2024? Or, will you be defying the naysayers and indulging in Boydgerton along with us at Popverse? Let us know in the poll below.

Whether its the bane of your existence or the object of all your desires (or both), Bridgerton is back. Read all our spoiler-y thoughts on Bridgerton season 3 here, and then delight at a guide to how to watch all of Bridgerton (and the spinoff), how to read the Bridgerton books (all 16 of them!), an our exclusive interview with the show's costume designer John Glaser, as well as some recommended reads for all Bridgerton fans.

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