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Netflix's Bridgerton season 4 isn't coming until 2026 according to the showrunner

We just can't get enough of all that juicy angst, but we might have to wait until 2026 for more

Benedict Bridgerton in Season 3
Image credit: Netflix

The 2021 announcement that Netflix would be going forward with not just the third season but also a fourth sent all of us into a flutter: The angst. The drama. The luscious period costumes! With season three now available to enjoy in its entirety with the release of Season 3 Part 2, we can’t help but look forward to the potential Bridgerton season four release date and continue the fervent speculation about when it will be.

As yet, there hasn’t been an official announcement from Netflix of when season four of Bridgerton will air, but now that season three has dropped, we can start to make some guesses about when we'll be back to the Ton to see another Bridgerton sibling paired off.

The showrunner for Bridgerton has taken some of the guesswork out of trying to pinpoint when season four will finally land. In an interview following the release of part two of season three, Jess Brownell confirmed that they are on "kind of a two-year pace" when it came to producing each season. Though season four is apparently close to being written, Brownell explained that it takes eight months to film a season, which then needs to be edited and then dubbed into multiple languages before it lands on Netflix.

With that in mind, we're looking toward 2026 as the likely release date for Bridgerton season four. we could potentially see it repeat what season three has done and drop a batch of episodes in May and the second batch in June. That will give it plenty of room to breath following the release of Stranger Things season five, which we're guessing will land sometime in late 2025.

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