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Heartstopper season 3 release date: The teenage romantic comedy is set to return to Netflix this October

Eight more episodes of teenagers sorting through the tangled mess of their feelings.

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If you’re excited for the third season of Heartstopper, you’re not alone. The hit Netflix show deftly mixes comedy, romance, and drama to create something funny and heartfelt at the same time. After what feels like an impossibly long wait, we finally know the release date for Heartstopper season three and when it is coming back to Netflix.

Based on the webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper is the story of Charlie Spring, a gay schoolboy who is in love with his classmate, Nick. What follows is a tangled mess of teenage romance as everyone in Charlie and Nick’s friendship group begins to come to terms both with their sexuality and their feelings in the way that all teenagers do. After two seasons of this drama, Heartstopper season three is set to debut on October 3, 2024 on Netflix.

Like the previous two seasons, season three of Heartstopper will have eight episodes, which never seems like enough considering how much drama there always is to unpack. The show goes out of its way to portray the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality in an accurate and positive way. It is unique among other romantic comedies on Netflix in that the main character has no question about their sexuality – Charlie is affirmed that he is gay but it is Nick who struggles with his new feelings toward his friend.

Heartstopper season three is out on October 3, 2024 on Netflix. There are currently no plans for a fourth season.

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