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Bad news for Hawkings - Bridgerton season 3 is about to overtake Stranger Things on the Netflix charts

Sorry Hawkins, but the 'Ton is officially bigger than you

Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton in season 3
Image credit: Netflix

There are a few series that have proven to be reliable winners for Netflix over the years. Bridgerton has done a great job of drawing in those who thought Downton Abbey was too prudish, while Stranger Things gives all the '80s geeks a place to call home. But which of these hit shows is actually bigger? Well, the numbers are in and it doesn’t look good for Stranger Things.

A key metric for Netflix is how well their shows perform in their first 90 days on the platform. When they talk about shows like Wednesday being their biggest hit ever, that is the figure they are comparing shows to. At the moment, Stranger Things season four enjoys the second place spot on the Netflix All-Time charts, but that is going to change thanks to Bridgerton season three.

Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed that the 'Ton is more popular than Hawkins, but we crunched the numbers and they don’t lie. In its first 90 days, Stranger Things season four got 140.7 million views on Netflix. Meanwhile, Bridgerton season three is currently sitting at 133.4 million views in around half that time. Unless something wildly unexpected happens and Bridgerton fails to close that gap in the next six weeks, we will be looking at the new second-most-viewed season of television on Netflix.

Keen-eyed readers will note that Bridgertion’s third season is actually on pace to overtake Wednesday’s astronomical 252.1 million views in its first 90 days, so it is possible – though unlikely – that all our fretful pining for Colin and Penelope will overcome our deep and abiding love for all things creepy and kooky, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if they accomplish that remarkable feat.

Will Bridgerton season three hold onto the runner-up spot once Stranger Things season five finally makes its way to us? That’s a story for 2025, we’re afraid.

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