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Wonder no more - we have the WonderCon 2025 dates (and its not Easter weekend next year)

California's OTHER big comic convention returns in 2025

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It's that time of year again - WonderCon, in the Los Angeles area - Anaheim to be exact. And while the Popverse team is about to be on-site to discover, document, and discuss with you all that happens at this year's WonderCon, we also have news on when the next WonderCon will be.

WonderCon 2025 will take place March 28 - 30, back in Anaheim, California - where it's been since 2016. (The dates were first reported by the SDCC Unofficial Blog.)

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This news comes as the LA area comic con competition has begun to heat up, with the nearby Los Angeles Comic Con boasting just a few months back it was the biggest con in the area. While hard numbers from recent WonderCons haven't been made public, the last time it revealed numbers - in 2016 - it was half what LACC boasted for its 2023 event.

WonderCon is the sister con to Comic-Con International: San Diego taking place later this year (and a few miles south) in San Diego.

Here is a schedule of all the major upcoming comic cons.

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