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These Bridgerton-inspired macarons will make for the perfect treat during your Netflix viewing party

We don't need an excuse to treat ourselves, but this is still a pretty good one

Bridgerton season 3 promotional image
Image credit: Netflix

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There are a lot of images that come to mind when we think of Bridgerton. Wonderful, intricate costumes that are callously tossed aside for one of the show’s numerous sex scenes. The glorious “will they/won’t they” dynamic between Colin and Penelope that promises to be the focal point of season three of the hit Netflix drama. However, the thing we’re most obsessed with is the mouth-watering teatime spread that the cast gets to munch on.

Call us food-motivated, but watching the cast of Bridgerton eat delicious food for two seasons – plus the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story spinoff – makes us want to get in on the action. Fortunately, Netflix and Shondaland have teamed up with Maison Ladurée, one of the world’s most famous makers of high-end pastries and macarons, to give us all a taste of the life of English nobility. Let's be honest - this is far from the strangest pop culture-inspired food item we've tried.

Ladurée x Bridgerton macarons
Image credit: Netflix

The exclusive Bridgerton collection of macarons and patisseries from Maison Ladurée isn’t just the perfect way to imagine yourself at one of the fancy parties from the show. They’re also the perfect accompaniment to your own Bridgerton viewing party. Imagine all your friends gathered around your living room, dressed in their fanciest outfits with an absurd number of petticoats, snacking on a pile of the finest macarons.

The Bridgerton-inspired pastry collection from Maison Ladurée is available starting May 1, 2024, just in time for when the first batch of season three episodes drop a few weeks later. Collections start at $3.60 per box and will be available from the Maison Ladurée website.

Whether its the bane of your existence or the object of all your desires (or both), Bridgerton is back. Read all our spoiler-y thoughts on Bridgerton season 3 here, and then delight at a guide to how to watch all of Bridgerton (and the spinoff), an our exclusive interview with the show's costume designer John Glaser, as well as some recommended reads for all Bridgerton fans.