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Netflix's Bridgerton season 3 age rating promises nudity, sex, and "substances"

Getting through all the buttons on those corsets is always worth it.

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

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A good Regency-era scandal is no place for kids, so it is no surprise that Bridgerton has so far gotten a more mature age rating for each of its previous seasons. That doesn’t look likely to change when the third season lands on Netflix in May 2024. Is the new season going to push the envelope on the steamy scenes we’ve come to expect from the series? Here is what Bridgerton season three’s age rating tells us about the new episodes.

Unsurprisingly, Bridgerton season three will be rated TV-MA when it arrives on Netflix. The streamer has offered multiple content warnings for the show, including:

  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Sex
  • Sexual Violence
  • Smoking
  • Substances

Those content warnings are identical to what we saw for Bridgerton seasons one and two, so if you felt comfortable watching them you’ll likely be fine to watch the new season when it arrives. The Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story also has a TV-MA rating in the US, though it only has content warnings for nudity, sex, and smoking.

It is also probably worth remembering that different countries will have different content warnings and rating systems for shows. In the UK, for example, Bridgerton season three is rated 15, which is comparable to TV-MA but slightly less restrictive. Europeans tend to be a little more lenient toward a bit of nudity in their shows, after all.

Bridgerton season three’s age rating of TV-MA means that the latest season doesn’t cut back on all the posh, sexy encounters that fans have come to know and love about the show. In fact, it just means we’re in for even more steamy Regency action when the new season finally arrives.

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