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Chris Evans Spotlight panel from Seattle's ECCC 2024

Chris Evans appeared at Seattle's ECCC

Chris Evans
Image credit: ReedPop

Chris Evans took to the stage at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, speaking to a packed out of over 4000 people (and more online) for a creative (and a little bit cuddly) conversation with Popverse's Veronica Valencia.

The Chris Evans panel was livestreamed free for everyone around the world. As stated in the weeks and months leading up to this event however, the panel video will not be available to watch afterwards.

Feel free to watch any of the other panels we're livestreaming at Emerald City Comic Con 2024's Main Stage powered by Xfinity, including free livestreams of the Addams Family reunion, Critical Role, and the Cosplay Central Crown Championships.

Chris Evans is one of cinema's leading actors, and if you've made it this far you're a fan as well. So with that in mind, here's his thoughts on returning to the MCU, a ranking of his top roles (and how you can vote!), why Winter Soldier is his favorite Marvel movie, his ambitions to be in a fantasy movie, and how to watch all of his Captain America run.