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What would Our Flag Means Death be like without Taika Waititi?

Blackbeard's story may have reached his "natural end," but the show has not

Our Flag Means Death
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As we sit on the precarious perch after the stunning end of Our Flag Means Death season 2 and look off into the horizon for the hopes of a third season, a recent quote by Taika Waititi - in many ways the face of the show both on-camera and behind the scenes - left us rocked.

Waititi has said that the season 2 finale felt like a "natural end" for his character's storyline with Stede, and that he doesn't "want it to feel like Rambo III suddenly, you know, when you’re like, ‘Oh man, they have to leave their idyllic life again.'" He even mentioned a future version of the show without him, "maybe it can survive without Rhys and I. Maybe, I don’t know. I do I think the character of Blackbeard is something I’m really proud of."

So here's the question we're posing to you:

Waititi stars in Our Flag Means Death as the lead character of pirate captain Blackbeard, but as we've learned over two seasons (and numerous panels), the show is about the entire ensemble cast. And as we've suffered through deaths on the show before, the departure of Waititi's Blackbeard wouldn't necessarily spell the end for the show.

I mean, 'death' is in the title of the show. And we've already speculated on where the show could go in an Our Flag Means Death third season.

Further, while Waititi is attributed by many in the general audiences as the creative genius behind the Max hit, we know that David Jenkins is the creator/showrunner and writer of the most episodes. While Waititi is an executive producer, and directed the pilot... we think Our Flag Means Death can (and should) live on without his Blackbeard.

And remember, Jenkins has mentioned that he wants an OFMD season 3.

Speaking of possible storylines without Blackbeard and Stede, vote in our poll for OFMD spinoffs.

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