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Can't wait for Ransom Canyon on Netflix? Check out the huge book series first

The modern Western hit series has all the romance and drama you could ask for.

Ransom Canyon Lone Heart Pass cover
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If you’ve seen the news about Ransom Canyon floating around the past few months and thought the name sounded familiar, you’re not alone. Though its Netflix adaptation is sure to take some inspiration from the Paramount+ hit, Yellowstone, the source material for Ransom Canyon predates that show by several years. Now, nine years after the first Ransom Canyon book came out, fans will finally get to see their favorite characters come to life.

Ransom Canyon started life as a series of modern Western romance novels by Jodi Thomas. The first book in the series, titled Ransom Canyon, was published in 2015, though a prequel book, titled Winter’s Camp was published shortly after. Between 2015 and 2019, Thomas would go on to publish eight full books in the Ransom Canyon series, plus one smaller book that takes place between books six and seven.

The Ransom Canyon series follows the residents of the titular region of Texas – which is a real place you can visit – as they enter into all sorts of sordid affairs. From the cast list that Netflix has announced, it sounds like the series will aim to adapt the first book and potentially some events of the second in the first ten-episode season.

The full Ransom Canyon series consists of:

Jodi Thomas hasn’t just written the Ransom Canyon book series, though. She is an incredibly prolific author with more than 30 books to her name so far. Most of her novels take place in her home state of Texas and are either in the historical fiction or contemporary fiction genres. She is known for her romance series, which have made her a New York Times Bestselling writer several times in her career.

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