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Netflix's Ransom Canyon: When we think the Yellowstone-esque Western might hit our screens

Saddle up for a bit of romance.

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If you watched Yellowstone and wished it had more romance and angst, we’ve got some good news for you. Netflix has its own modern Western drama in the works. Ransom Canyon has recently announced some key members of their cast, but when can fans expect to saddle up for a bit of romance on the ranch?

The good news is that we expect Ransom Canyon to begin filming fairly soon now that they’ve announced most of their core cast members. However, every announcement has avoided answering the biggest question on fans’ minds – when is the Ransom Canyon release date? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet. In the wake of the 2023 strikes that brought most of Hollywood to a standstill, release dates are still prone to being changed as schedules need to be shifted.

Netflix hasn’t given a firm release date, leading most fans to speculate that we won’t get to visit Ransom Canyon until late in 2024 at the earliest. However, we think Netflix would be wise to push Ransom Canyon until early 2025 to avoid competing with Yellowstone’s final episodes when it airs on Paramount+. This release window would also allow them to capture audiences looking for more of that genre fresh off the Yellowstone finale.

However, we can’t be sure when Ransom Canyon is due to hit the streamer until Netflix makes an official announcement. Until then, all we can do is look forward to seeing what steamy situations the growing cast gets into when the show’s release date finally arrives.

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