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Wait, Chris Evans's brother was in Barbie? Yes, he was!

No one is *just* Ken

Image credit: Warner Bros.

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Is America's ass genetic? Apparently, all you have to do to find out is watch Barbie.

That's right, if you found yourself wondering if one of the Kens bore a striking resemblance to the world's favorite super-soldier/sweater-wearing murder suspect, you were correct: Scott Evans, brother of Chris, was playing the part. And if you think that's fun for us, it was even more fun for him.

In a recent interview with Attitude Magazine, Scott spoke about working on Barbie saying, "Whatever you can imagine, it's a million times better. I like to tell people that every day was just the best day of my life."

Which is not to say that the job was easy.

"From my first day that I got there," says Scott, "we started doing dance rehearsals. That was my first three weeks, just constant dance rehearsals. And I didn't even realize how much I would be dancing featured in the dances [...] But watching that music video the other day, I was like, should I retire? Am I ever gonna hit a higher peak than this? I don't think so."

But Scott's prep for the Barbie movie began long before dance rehearsals. According to the actor, he and other little Evanses had a myriad of toys growing up, including a "McDonalds worker Barbie," owned by his older sister.

"Me and my siblings had a lot of dolls and action figures and we played with all kinds of things," the actor says (one can't help but wonder if a cowboy-hat wearing Ken and Captain America were in the mix), but the main franchise the family stuck to?

"My Little Pony," Scott told the magazine.

Now I'm no casting director, but the MCU did pretty well with one Evans, and Barbie smashed records with another. Somebody call Hasbro and tell them they've got a pretty huge opportunity on their hands.

Image credit: Warner Bros.

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