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Star Trek: Discovery season 5 release date: When will the final voyage of the Discovery come to an end?

Still boldly going where no one has gone before.

Star Trek Discovery season five trailer screenshot
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No matter how often we journey where no one has gone before, it never gets old. With the latest entry in the Star Trek franchise set to come to a close this year, fans are waiting to see how the crew of the Discovery make it back to their own time. The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery begins in just a few weeks.

Star Trek: Discovery carries on the fine tradition within the franchise of recklessly traveling through time. Its first two seasons took place ten years before Star Trek: The Original Series while the last two saw the crew travel 900 years into the future. Star Trek: Discovery season five debuts on April 4, 2024 with the crew still in the 31st Century. The fifth season will have 10 episodes, which makes it the shortest season of Star Trek: Discovery to date.

There has been almost two years since the fourth season aired and the delay has been due to Paramount deciding that this season would be the show’s last. Additional filming took place after the series was meant to have wrapped to allow the cast and crew to give the show a sense of closure. Whether that means that the Discovery will make it back to their own time remains to be seen, but at least it shouldn’t be ending on an obvious cliffhanger.

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season five will debut on Paramount+ on April 4, 2024. New episodes will follow weekly.

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