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Miles Morales stars in a new Spider-Verse animated short, The Spider Within

The short, subtitled "A Spider-Verse Story," debuted at an international animation festival and is now available to watch on Youtube

Image credit: Sony Pictures Animation

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Fans might be on the edge of their seat waiting for next year’s Beyond the Spider-Verse, but there's another new trip to the Spider-Verse that's come before that movie’s eventual release, with Sony Pictures Animation unveiling The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story — an all-new short movie featuring Miles Morales — available on Youtube right now.

Watch the short film The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story below:

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Featuring Miles dealing with his anxiety — personified by a shadowy figure visually similar to his Spider-Man costume — the short also features Easter eggs relating to the the Earth-42 spider that gave Miles his powers, as well as a cameo from Miles’ father, Jefferson. Perhaps we should consider this Spider-Verse part 2.5, and a reminder of less dangerous times for the Morales family…

The short comes from Sony’s Leading and Empowering New Storytellers mentorship program, with director Jarelle Dampier, writer Khaila Amazan, VFX supervisor Clara Chan, and animation supervisor Joe Darko talking about its themes onstage at the Annecy festival, where the short was first launched.

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“In post pandemic world, I felt like I had a lot of trauma. I think a lot of us did,” Dampier told the audience following the screening of the short in 2023, according to a report on Deadline. “One of the big things that seemed to kind of bring itself to the surface was anxiety. The day that I was offered this job to direct this film. I had the largest panic attack I remember in my life. I spent the night in the hospital. I was so excited and happy at the opportunity and yet my whole body shuts down. I wanted to explore that and to open the door for some healing conversations for everyone.”

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