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Fancy the ultimate Bridgerton experience? Visit the stately home where the Netflix show is filmed

Enjoy a suitably grand day out just outside London

Bridgerton season 3
Image credit: Netflix

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There is something magical about walking into the real-world counterpart to your favorite show. Like finding out that the iconic firehouse from Ghostbusters is still a functional fire station in New York, the blending of real life and fiction can feel surreal at times. Fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton series can step inside the stately manor and replicate the wonder of all the drama and romance that the show represents – all it takes is a little trip to England.

When location hunting for the first season of Bridgerton, Netflix quickly settled upon Ranger’s House. The Georgian villa was built in 1723 and serves as a suitably grand stand-in for the fictional Bridgerton family estate. In fact, Ranger’s House was home to both the sister and the niece of King George III around the time that Bridgerton takes place in the social season of 1813. While the fictional Bridgerton estate is portrayed as being a cosmopolitan London home, Ranger’s House is situated in Greenwich Park, well outside the bustling city center.

Fancy having the ultimate Bridgerton experience? The good news is that Ranger’s House is an English Heritage building, meaning that it is available to visit for just £11 per adult (just short of $14, depending on the current exchange rate). Or, if you’ve got a big event coming up, you could even hire Ranger’s House for a private function. These are usually weddings or other formal events, but we won’t judge you if you decide to shell out for the ultimate Bridgerton season three viewing party. We even know where you can order the snacks.

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