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One Piece gift guide: Treat an aspiring pirate king with these great gift ideas for the 2023 holiday season

Set sail to adventure with these great gifts.

Straw Hats crew image
Image credit: Toei Animation

To be a real pirate, you need to have treasure. If you’ve got a One Piece fan in your life, they probably already have a veritable hoard of merchandise from the show, which can make buying them a new gift this holiday season a bit of a quest. Sure, you could just give them a subscription to the Shonen Jump app so they can read a digital copy of the manga, but we’re here to help you be more creative than that. We’ve got some unique One Piece gift ideas that will put a smile on even Vice Admiral Garp’s face.

One Piece gift guide 2023: Quick list

If you’re after the too-long-didn’t-read version, here is a quick breakdown of the best One Piece gifts to give this holiday season:

One Piece gift guide 2023: Detailed list

Want more information before you take the plunge on these great gift ideas? Here's everything you need to know about them.

Gum Gum Fruit Mug

Gum Gum Fruit shaped mug
Image credit: Box Lunch

Unlike a lot of novelty mugs, this ceramic mug has the decency to be functional as well as fun. It is shaped like the very Devil Fruit that gave Luffy his powers. It will warm your hands as you hold it and the lid manages to both complete the look and help you steam your tea a bit longer. Just don’t expect to develop any stretchy powers by drinking from it.

Roronoa Zoro Ichibansho Ichiban Figurine

Zoro figurine from One Piece Red
Image credit: Bandai Spirits

If you’re in the market for an anime figurine based on One Piece, this should be high up on your list. We love the high-energy pose they’ve given Zoro in this figure, which makes it look like the legendary bounty hunter turned pirate is in the middle of one of his iconic duels. We also love the fact that it includes his outfit from the One Piece: Red film.

One Piece Pirate Recipes

One Piece Recipes cookbook
Image credit: VIZ Media

If you’ve got a budding chef in your house, this might be the perfect way to encourage them. This cookbook has more than 40 themed recipes based on the iconic anime, all of them based on the dishes that Sanji himself whipped up throughout the anime. You can’t tackle somewhere as chaotic as the Grand Line on an empty stomach, after all.

One Piece Box Set: East Blue and Baroque Works

One Piece Collector's Box Set 1
Image credit: Viz Media

The most expensive item on this list is also the most essential for any One Piece fan. This collector’s edition box set includes the first 23 volumes of the One Piece manga in paperback format. This means that the events covered in the first season of the Netflix adaptation as well as what will probably be in the second season are all here, ready for you to catch up on. These are some of the most fun and emotional adventures the Straw Hats ever had, so the anime fan in your life will love seeing them on their shelf.

Luffy’s Festive Voyage Christmas Jumper

One Piece Christmas Jumper
Image credit: Merchoid

Every family has that one person who insists on wearing the weirdest Christmas jumpers every year. Now, you can be that person with this One Piece Ugly Christmas Jumper. The whole thing is covered with iconic imagery from the manga, but our favorite touch is the straw hat on the back, which looks like it is hanging from the wearer’s neck. Wearing this to your next family gathering will almost guarantee that someone will ask you about it, giving you the chance to tell them all about One Piece instead of engaging with family.

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