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Star Wars gift guide 2023: The perfect gifts for the fan of a galaxy far, far away

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Grogu using the force
Image credit: Disney

There is absolutely no shortage of merchandise from a galaxy far, far away. If you’ve got a Star Wars fan that you’re doing some gift shopping for, your biggest problem will be wading through the endless waves of apparel, books, and figurines to find the best Star Wars gifts on the market.

Sure, you could go the easy route and give them a subscription to Disney+ so they can watch almost every film, series, and special in the franchise, but the gift ideas below will show that extra bit of creativity on your part.

Star Wars gift guide 2023: Quick list

Got some last minute shopping to do and can’t afford to spend the time to read every detail? Here is a quick breakdown of the best Star Wars gifts to give this holiday season:

  • Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook – No Life Day celebration is complete without a feast to go along with it. This is one of the best Star Wars themed cookbooks on the market. ($15.89)
  • Star Wars L0-LA59 animatronic edition – Based on young Leia Organa’s companion droid in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, this little droid lights up, makes noise, and even responds to sounds. ($32.55)
  • From a Certain Point of View: 40 Star Wars Short Stories – If you want to dive into the deep lore of Star Wars, these 40 short stories set during the time of A New Hope will give you plenty of reading material. ($13.67)
  • Death Star Popcorn maker – Movie night isn’t complete without popcorn to snack on and this popcorn maker gives you the perfect balance between tasty snacks and planet-destroying power. ($59.99)
  • Galactic Snackin’ Grogu – This adorable Grogu figurine doesn’t just stand there. It will interact with various objects from The Mandalorian series that you place in his hands. ($36.00)

Star Wars gift guide: Detailed list

Ready to dive into what makes these the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Here’s everything there is to know, plus how to get your hands on them.

Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook

Star Wars Life Day Cookbook
Image credit: Insight Editions

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan who loves to cook, this is one of the most fun cookbooks on the market. Everything is themed around Life Day, the Wookie celebration first introduced in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. There are 50 holiday treats with a Star Wars twist, including Muhorn Eggnog Cookies and Bantha Surprise. Just don’t blame us if you get invited to a themed dinner party in 2024.

Star Wars L0-LA59 animatronic edition

L0-LA interactive figurine
Image credit: Hasbro

If you watched the Obi-Wan Kenobi show and thought your little galactic prince or princess could do with a companion like Lo-La, you’re in luck. Not only does this figurine light up and make noise when you touch it, you can also set it to react to the sounds it hears. This allows it to greet you when you get home from a busy day of evading bounty hunters – or work, if your life is boring. Who doesn’t want a happy metallic face waiting for them when they get home?

From a Certain Point of View: 40 Star Wars Short Stories

Star Wars Short Story collection
Image credit: Random House Worlds

Honestly, the movies only touch on the countless stories that can be told within the Star Wars universe. Introduce someone to the boundless power of the written word by getting them this collection of 40 short stories set in or around A New Hope, ranging from the heartbreaking to the hilarious. Writers include Pierce Brown, Wil Wheaton, and Ben Blacker, giving you a great range of stories to choose from.

Death Star Popcorn maker

Death Star Popcorn maker
Image credit: Uncanny Brands

If you’re sitting down for your annual rewatch of the Star Wars films, you’ll need some snackage to keep you going. Harness the incredible destructive power of the Death Star to complete your movie night experience. The fact that the top of the Death Star becomes a serving bowl makes this our favorite planet-destroying kitchen accessory.

Galactic Snackin’ Grogu

Galactic Snackin' Grogu figurine
Image credit: Hasbro
Honestly, we could have filled this whole list with just Grogu merchandise. There’s more than enough of it out there. Commonly called Baby Yoda or simply The Child, Grogu became the breakout star of The Mandalorian. Aside from his incredibly cute face and powerful Force abilities, his defining characteristic is clearly his appetite. Now you can feed your own Grogu with this interactive 9-inch figure that comes with four different accessories. Each one evokes a different response from the little guy, which is both very cute and way more responsibility than we’re looking for from a toy.

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