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The Marvels director won't discuss the purported X-Men tease, but will talk about the X-Men movie she wants to see.

Don't believe everything you read online.

The Marvels
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Online chatter surrounding The Marvels is heating up ahead of its debut this Friday, and eagle-eyed Marvel fans are spotting more and more teases in the movie's most recent promotional material.

The most-discussed potential Easter egg is the presence of a lingering "X" in a recent TV spot following character dialogue about realities collapsing and visuals which clearly look like the incursions teased in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. This prompted fan theories about the presence of mutants from Fox's late X-Men universe in this movie ahead of next year's (if they can finish shooting the thing) Deadpool 3. As a result, director Nia DaCosta is now getting all sorts of questions about the X-Men and whatnot during the promotion of the movie, and her interview for Jake's Takes was an especially interesting one. You can watch the full thing below:
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When asked about the "X" tease, she tried to laugh it off and kind of evaded the question, which adds more credibility to all the fan theories and recent rumors. She did provide, however, a thoughtful answer to the question of what she'd be interested in exploring in an X-Men movie: "I really like Scott Summers and Storm together, their dynamic as like fighting over who should be the head of the X-Men has always been really fun for me to read, like in the Chris Claremont run. So I think some sort of Scott-Storm team-up movie would be fun." Honestly, we believe something very close to this might happen whenever Marvel Studios builds up an all-new X-Men team if we consider how Cyclops and Storm got the short end of the stick in past X-Men movies.

She also commented on recent talk that she left The Marvels during post-production to focus on her next movie, Hedda. The discussion surrounding Marvel Studios and the MCU has been quite negative as of late, and recent reports of a variety of problems at the center of the studio haven't helped. DaCosta doesn't deny she had to work remotely on the movie during post-production, but she provided a solid explanation that downplays all the drama alert we've been seeing online. Long story short: Hollywood directors do this all the time when schedules don't quite line up. In fact, Steven Spielberg famously left Jurassic Park in George Lucas' hands after shooting to go focus on Schindler's List, and both movies turned out spectacular and were Oscar-nominated. DaCosta's departure quietly happened because of all the delays the Disney/Marvel schedule kept suffering, and The Marvels was one of the projects that were hit the hardest by release date changes. We'll see whether fans were right to worry about it when it opens in theaters this Friday, November 10.

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