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The James Bond Collection on Blu-ray sees its price cut in half for Black Friday 2023

Martini not included.

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Image credit: MGM

The Daniel Craig run of James Bond films ended in October 2021, a little over two years ago, but that hasn't stopped diehard fans and casual audiences alike from theorizing about who the next 007 could be. Producer Barbara Broccoli, meanwhile, is telling everyone to calm down, as it's gonna take a while before they figure out what's next for Bond, probably more than enough time to watch the entire James Bond series (25 films for now).

James Bond collection on Blu-ray
Image credit: MGM

Amazon has an amazing deal to help people get through them all in an orderly fashion: the James Bond Collection on Blu-ray is 54% off, $53.33 down from the usual $114.99 price. That's a huge saving for anyone looking to acquire everything the long-running spy franchise has to offer. From Dr. No to Spectre, this large box set contains every James Bond film except for No Time to Die, which you can grab for cheap separately anyway (only $6.99 right now).

All the Bond films are gathered together in this boxed set which has sold really well since its release. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, it's the most straightforward (and classy) way to watch all of James Bond's adventures. According to reviews, the 1080p transfers are among the best of their kind and true to the original releases, something which sadly isn't as common as we'd like in re-releases of other franchise films. The main box contains three "cases" inside, two with 10 Bond films each plus a third one which isn't as thick and only contains the last 4 installments up to Spectre. They all fit into a cardboard sleeve that goes into the main one, so the physical presentation is pretty solid too.

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