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Five Nights at Freddy's gift guide 2023: What to get for the animatronic lover in your life

Robes, replica badges, and, sure, maybe an action figure or two are ready to be stuffed in that stocking

FNAF Movie
Image credit: Blumhouse/Universal

For a franchise that’s as relatively new as Five Nights at Freddy’s — the first game in the series isn’t even a decade old by this point, having been released in August 2014 — it’s firmly made its mark in pop culture, thanks to a fandom that has quickly embraced the games, books, comics, merch and now movie that have made up the FNAF franchise.

After what might be the property’s biggest year to date, it’s only fitting that Five Nights at Freddy’s fans get exactly what they’re wanting for the holidays… which is to say, more Five Nights at Freddy’s. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for what to get for the FNAF fan in your life this holiday season.

Five Nights at Freddy’s gift guide 2023: Quick list

Too ready to shop to pay attention to every detail? We get it; here’s everything you need to know, as quickly as possible.

Five Nights at Freddy’s gift guide 2023: Detailed list

For everyone else, let’s take a moment and fully appreciate what’s on offer here. These aren’t the usual FNAF offerings we’re suggesting; after all, we’re assuming that you’ve already bought the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie for your loved one of choice…

The Official Five Nights at Freddy’s Cookbook

FNAF Cookbook
Image credit: Amazon

Given that the franchise centers around a haunted pizzeria, it’s no surprise to say that FNAF is a somewhat food-focused scary story — and the 40+ recipes contained in this cookbook give fans the opportunities to bring this to life with a variety of offerings including Freddy Fazbear's Pepperoni X-Press, El Chip's Fully Loaded Tortillas, and Circus Baby’s Cheese Garlic Bread to make sure that everyone stays on brand as they stave off hunger. It’s the next best thing to being able to hit up Fazbear’s yourself. (And, depending on the cooking skills of whoever you give this too, almost certainly far safer.)

Five Nights at Freddy’s - The Core Collection for Nintendo Switch

FNAF Collection for Switch
Image credit: Amazon

FNAF’s origins are as a video game series made for PCs; by this point, we’re almost 10 games into the series, but… not everyone likes to play games on their PCs. To that end, something like The Core Collection is ideal, collecting the first five games in the series (FNAFs 1 through 4, and FNAF: Sister Location, if you’re curious), newly ported over to the Switch. For newcomers who want to get into the source material after being jump-scared into action by the movie, this is arguably the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. As long as you’re a Switch user, of course…

Nutcracker Foxy Funko Action Figure

FNAF Nutcracker Foxy
Image credit: Walmart/Amazon

Given the obviously toyetic designs of Freddy, Chica, et al, it’s no surprise that one of the first places where FNAF merchandise made its mark was in action figures and collectibles. It’s also an obvious fit given the variant versions of each character that exist throughout the franchise, allowing for multiple toys of each animatronic. Along those lines, let’s appreciate Nutcracker Foxy — an animatronic who might not be a canonical creature, but is one of a series of seasonal variants (alongside Snow Chica, Gingerbread Foxy, Elf Bonnie, and of course, Santa Freddy) to keep the spirit alive at this time of year. And, by “spirit,” I am of course talking about ghosts of murdered children that reanimate robots for revenge. Ho ho ho.

Fazbear Entertainment Security Guard Badge Pin

FNAF Guard Badge pin
Image credit: Amazon

When you think about it, no-one should actually want to be a security guard at Fazbear’s — and especially not one that works the night shift. Even if you do get out of there with your life at the end of the shift, you’ve probably been through enough jump scares that your nerves are shredded, and it’s not as if you can expect the next night to be any better. Nonetheless, for those who want the (literal) badge of courage that is a Fazbear’s security guard badge, this replica pin is the next best thing, complete with a design that shows off what the company mascots should look like, if only they weren’t so… well, tempted to kill everyone around them.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Hooded Robe

Image credit: Amazon

Admittedly, this is only available in “youth male” sizes — which is to say, the larger of you reading this will be out of luck — but, come on: what says “perfect Christmas Morning attire” than a robe that looks as if you’ve skinned the Freddy animatronic yourself, and are wearing his hide as a sign of your success against the forces of evil that is the haunted animatronics of Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Not everyone has been so lucky — but making it easy for people to receive this without the effort of fighting a robot is a holiday gift that keeps giving.

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