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A hardcover edition of Klaus by Grant Morrison & Dan Mora is being Kickstarted by BOOM!

Buy now, get it for the holidays next year

Image credit: Dan Mora (BOOM! Studios)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Klausmas.

BOOM! Studios has unveiled plans for an oversized hardcover collection of Grant Morrison and Dan Mora's grizzy Santa Claus revamp, Klaus. The 450+ page hardcover collecs the original 2015 seven-issue miniseries, along with four one-shot specials released during the winter holidays from 2016 to 2019.

The Klaus hardcover is debuting as another one of BOOM!'s Kickstarter-first projects, although it seems the publisher plans to offer it through traditional means such as comic shops, bookstores, and through its webstores down the road. If you pre-order via Kickstarter, the Klaus hardcover will cost a mininum of $60 - unless you want a digital PDF, which is $25. There is various add-ons you can pay for, ranging from even more exclusive editions of the book, silkscreen posters, holiday cards, and more.

Will there be any new Klaus stories? It seems not. Nothing new is announced for the collection, and both creators seemingly moved on; Morrison’s novel Luda was released earlier this year, while Mora is currently working on World’s Finest for DC, with a relaunch of Shazam! announced for next year.

BOOM! anticipates the Klaus hardcover to be complete and ready for shipping by November 2023, but only if you place a pre-order via Kickstarter by December 15, 2022.

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