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Looking ahead at 2023 with Popverse

Popverse Editor-in-Chief Chris Arrant gives you a preview of what's to come in 2023 at Popverse

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If you're reading this, you appreciate what Popverse is doing - and we appreciate you. Popverse is a fan-first experience focusing on those delectable media franchises from pop culture we all love, and talking about those franchises with breaking news, expert commentary, and engrossing behind-the-scenes conversations.

Since our launch in May 2022, Popverse has written major stories on Chris Claremont's controversial comments about the X-Men, the deification of Taika Waititi, and a smorgasbord of Marvel Studios' Hall H panel news in San Diego. We've interviewed the casts of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Doom Patrol, Chucky, and more. And we've delivered deep-dive original reporting on the cancellation of DC Fandome, major changes at Oni Press, and the ongoing bankruptcy process of AfterShock Comics.

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Our staff has visited over 10 conventions in the US and UK in the past six months, from pop culture touchstones like Comic-Con International: San Diego and New York Comic Con to more regional shows like MCM Comic Con and LA Comic Con.

With 2022 in the rear view mirror, the Popverse team went back and looked at the best of movies, tv, and comics and made our picks of (you guessed it) our favorite movies, our favorite TV shows, and favorite comics.

We're also looking ahead at the new year with stories anticipating what's next for Marvel in 2023, and schedules for upcoming superhero movies, upcoming superhero TV shows, and upcoming comic conventions.

For those of you who haven't yet leapt into the world of a paid Popverse membership, now's an exciting time to do so. By directly supporting Popverse as a member, you'll support our editorial team as they make new content and receive exclusive access to deep-dive interviews, articles, and videos touching on your favorite things.

Here's just a taste of several major pieces published exclusively for paid Popverse members:

As well as several never-before-seen panels from New York Comic Con 2022:

Speaking of conventions, we have a busy con season planned this year — beginning with Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con in March. We'll be livestreaming most of the major panels and posting written and filmed reports from the show floor, panel rooms, and backstage areas. For more on our plans as they progress, bookmark our ECCC 2023 roundup.

I'd say get ready for a big year, but it's already started off strong. Stick with us, as things are just getting started!

Your friend in pop culture,

Chris Arrant

Popverse Editor-In-Chief

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