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Batman Movies Ranked

The best Batman movies ranked (and the worst, too!) by Popverse

From Adam West to Robert Pattinson (with some diversions for Will Arnett and Kevin Conroy, amongst others), here's the best and worst of the Batman movies

Graeme McMillan

Wonder Woman #10 cover

Cheetah is going to "play a big role" in DC's Wonder Woman beginning in June 2024

Wonder Woman's primary villain has been offstage for a year, but that's about to change

Chris Arrant

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #30

How did Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman first meet and team-up? DC is finally going to tell that story

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #30 will tell the first team-up of DC's three iconic characters this summer

Graeme McMillan

Absolute Power #2

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find new partners and new hope in August's Absolute Power titles from DC

As Amanda Waller takes over the DCU, the world's mightiest heroes have to learn new methods to save the day without their powers

Graeme McMillan

Justice Society of America #12

DC is ending the long-delayed Justice Society of America series after 12 issues

The title, intended to headline a New Golden Age line at the publisher, has been plagued by delays throughout its run

Graeme McMillan

Wonder Woman #10 variant cover

How fans convinced Wonder Woman writer Tom King to break his #1 rule for the DC series

There's enough room for the Wonder Girls in DC's Wonder Woman book

Chris Arrant

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