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May 2024 Archive

    1. Watch now: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, and Sage reunite for Sonic Frontiers cast reunion
    2. Which Netflix Witcher is best: Henry Cavill or Liam Hemsworth? We ask celebrity comics creators at London's MCM
    3. Watch the casts of Star Trek: Discovery, Baldur's Gate 3, One Piece, Ted Lasso, and more with full panel videos from MCM Comic Con 2024!
    1. Watch now: Oxventure's full MCM Comic Con 2024 (They will also all be Kobolds)
    2. A live report from the official Doctor Who panel at London's MCM Comic Con!
    3. Holly Jackson describes the 'pinch me' moments of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and its transition from book to TV show
    4. Follow along to the official Star Trek: Discovery finale panel from London's MCM Comic Con!
    5. Star Trek Discovery's season 2 finale was the most "memorable" episode for show's primary director, but "almost didn't exist"
    6. Star Trek: Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green and David Ajala prepare us for the series finale, talking legacy and "passing the baton"
    7. Doctor Who release date: Here is when the next episode of Doctor Who comes out on Disney+ and BBC
    8. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder author Holly Jackson says she chimed in on the BBC/Netflix show adaptation "wherever she bloody well" could
    9. Follow along to BBC & Netflix's A Good Girl's Guide to Murder official panel from London's MCM Comic Con!
    10. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder release date: Here's when Wednesday co-star Emma Myers new show will debut
    11. All the upcoming TV shows on streaming and broadcast television
    12. The Acolyte release date: We now know when the Star Wars prequel is coming out on Disney+
    13. DC's Batman: The Long Halloween gets a new sequel that doubles as tribute to the late Tim Sale
    1. Doctor Who gets political (almost) and perhaps just a little contradictory in the process
    2. When does the world end? An incomplete timeline of the many world-ending moments in apocalyptic movies & TV shows
    3. Todd McFarlane is working with Marvel again (just not how you might expect)
    4. Give Scooby Doo to Rian Johnson, you cowards
    5. Former Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb has one regret: not making Kevin Smith's "extraordinary" Howard the Duck show
    6. Delicious dysfunction is back on FX's menu, thanks to The Bear's new trailer
    7. Either Emily in Paris is getting a fifth season, or someone in Europe just got scammed hard at a charity auction
    8. Astarion, the real hero of Baldur's Gate 3, almost wasn't a sexy vampire (but he was still sexy)
    9. Baldur's Gate 3 Dark Urge voice actor Neil Roberts opens up about his ADHD, and how he "never stops doing takes"
    10. Re-live the Baldur's Gate 3 cast panel from London's MCM Comic Con 2024 with our play-by-play
    11. Baldur's Gate 3 cast reveal where the custom character term TAV really came from
    12. Wake Up Dead Man: New Knives Out title describes how I feel learning Benoit Blanc is back
    13. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga ending explained
    14. Gather your war boys and (re)watch the entire Mad Max saga this week as Furiosa is here
    15. Mad Max movies' timeline explained: When each movie takes place, even Furiosa
    16. Grey's Anatomy release date: When is the season 20 finale of the medical drama and what does its future hold
    1. Please, please, please celebrities: stop making us feel dumb for liking your work
    2. Five Mad Max movies enter, one leaves: Vote in our Mad Max favorite movie Thunderdome
    3. Marvel teases a return for its original West Coast superteam in August's Spider-Woman
    4. Spider-Man + Spider-Boy + Radioactive blood = A brand new relationship this summer, teases Marvel
    5. Marvel Comics' Invincible Iron Man run with Gerry Duggan is ending (and possibly the Emma Frost romance with it)
    6. Is Marvel's Doctor Strange coming to an end this August?
    7. Marvel is introducing a new She-Hulk, who has an army of Hulks by her side
    8. There's one more day of Spider-Man comics for J. Michael Straczynski
    9. Marvel's Jessica Jones is returning for a Spider-Gwen team-up
    10. This Hellboy candle feels like a personal gift from Mike Mignola to me (and you)
    11. Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle ending was wild, as cast describe the "breakneck speed" of it all
    12. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball voice actor Toru Furuya admits to adultery with a fan, as well as abuse and pushing for an abortion
    13. Marvel's Avengers vs. Star Wars' Mandalorian vs. Steven Spielberg as the famed director returns with a mystery UFO 'event' movie in May 2026
    14. And the 2024 Eisner Award nominees are...
    15. Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice is finally coming into the real world in latest sequel trailer
    16. Upcoming movies: All of the major films coming soon to theaters & streaming services
    17. Which MonsterVerse movie is better? You told us, and its kind of surprising
    18. Star Wars prequel The Acolyte has "a lot of stuff" from the EU says the showrunner, and Disney didn't stop her
    19. Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie shows the entirety of Kenma's journey in one movie
    20. Dystopian future movie music keeps sounding like the past, and that's getting old
    21. Charlie Cox wants Marvel Studios to continue the Daredevil/She-Hulk romance with Tatiana Maslany
    22. EC Comics is returning after 68 years - and so is its iconic lettering font & style, with a 21st century upgrade
    1. How & where to watch the Baki the Grappler (and Baki Hanma) anime in order
    2. The Best DC Comics superhero live-action shows ever, ranked from best to worst
    3. This week in Marvel Comics news: Blood Hunt #2 PG-13 and Rated-R differences, and Blood Hunt: Red Band #2, Miles Morales & Kamala Khan dating, more
    4. Artist's Alley Asks: Jarrett Melendez wants to take comics to hell (or is that, bring hell to comics?)
    5. The Godzilla x Kong movie franchise has broken up with its 2-time director, and is prowling for a new one
    6. Marvel Studios' WandaVision creator has been replaced for the Vision spinoff, but for a good reason
    7. The Munsters are coming back to TV, thanks to James Wan with the "darker" reimagining 1313
    8. We crunched the numbers and, against our advice, more of you watched Madame Web on Netflix than in theatres
    9. Comics will soon be inflight entertainment on your next flight (if you choose the right airline)
    10. Marvel's Vision is set to return in 2026, thanks to the man behind the last season of Star Trek: Picard
    11. Netflix reveals what Liam Hemsworth looks like as The Witcher (Don't worry, he turns around)
    12. Netflix's 3 Body Problem has three other problems as season renewal announcement goes wrong
    13. The Haikyuu!! creator's biggest challenge when making the manga was not getting bogged down in the rules
    14. Get ready for our favorite cosplays from London's MCM Comic Con 2024
    15. Can't wait for Stranger Things season 5? The London stage play has extended its run to 2025 to tide us over
    16. Imagine Fight Club but as a '90s shojo anime with motorbikes, and you have Fell Hound's S.I.R.
    17. Wonder Woman is the hardest DC project ever for Tom King, and he explains why (and why he needs the challenge)
    18. There's a meta Rashomon effect between the Star Wars prequel the Acolyte and the Star Wars sequel the Last Jedi
    19. The three big challenges facing Marvel Studios in 2024 (and what they could learn from Marvel Comics)
    20. Marvel's Avengers face off against Blade & his vampire brood in Blood Hunt - here's everything you need to know
    21. Famous, Infamous or Forgotten: Harry Styles' MCU debut as Starfox
    22. Archie magics a forgotten comic book hero back into the spotlight with Kardak the Mystic this August
    23. How to watch the Conjuring movies (as well as Annabelle, The Nun, and other spinoffs) in order
    24. How to watch Ultraman in chronological and release order ahead of Ultraman: Rising
    25. Kengan Ashura: How (and where) to watch the intense sports anime as the Baki Hanma crossover is imminent
    26. Every Dragon Ball anime arc, ranked from worst to best
    1. Chris Hemsworth & Mark Ruffalo might be reuniting for a crime heist movie, but not at Marvel Studios
    2. Marvel's real-life Rise of X continues as the MCU hires Hunger Games screenwriter to tackle the X-Men
    3. The role Hannibal's Bryan Fuller offered to David Bowie
    4. The best Miami beach dining options for when you're here for Florida Supercon
    5. Holly Hunter boards the latest Star Trek series, Starfleet Academy
    6. Why are the main characters of Haikyuu!! a setter and a middle blocker? The manga's creator reveals the reason
    7. Watch these Jujutsu Kaisen cosplayers twerking on stage at Megan Thee Stallion's Hot Girl Summer Tour
    8. The Rings of Power season 2 release date: Prepare to face a great evil when the Lord of the Rings prequel series returns
    9. There's a Mike Flanagan horror movie with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, but isn't available to watch anywhere streaming or on DVD anymore - but that could soon change
    10. Confused about Joker's new origin in Joker: Year One and how it connects to Three Jokers? Batman writer Chip Zdarsky explains it all
    11. Brands are king when it comes to movie theater concession sales
    12. A comprehensive guide of all of the upcoming major comic cons and shows
    13. All the best Marvel MCU movies, ranked by your friends at Popverse
    14. Is Steve Trevor good enough for Wonder Woman? Tom King explains the uphill climb to justify their relationship to DC fans
    15. Watch Oxventure's full MCM Comic Con from London (They will also all be Kobolds)
    16. Watch Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Patricia Summersett, Cristina Vee and Sean Chiplock from MCM!
    17. X-Men: Dark Phoenix writer/director Simon Kinberg is in talks to take on Star Trek
    1. DC Studios to release Superman actor Christopher Reeve documentary in theaters this fall
    2. If you're wondering if Marvel's R-rated editions of Blood Hunt are in continuity, its editor says you're over-thinking it (but an explanation is coming)
    3. Cartoon Network and Max have assembled some of Nigeria's biggest film stars for Iyanu animated series cast
    4. Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction films are being broken up into an anime series by Crunchyroll this month
    5. The uncensored Sailor Moon dub is coming to Cartoon Network for the first time via Toonami Rewind
    6. Netflix's Sandman reveals the remaining Endless (and maybe some teases of what to expect in season 2 of the Neil Gaiman adaptation, too)
    7. With the success of the Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump film, why is the Haikyuu!! anime ending? We found out
    8. Netflix's Wednesday co-star Emma Myers leads her own Netflix murder mystery as A Good Girl's Guide to Murder debuts this summer
    9. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder cast: Everyone joining the murder mystery when it lands on BBC and Netflix
    10. Marvel Comics’ boss says it was lost in 2023, but are building a roadmap for its future using a new way to understand who's reading
    11. The best Batman movies ranked (and the worst, too!) by Popverse
    12. Demon Slayer release date: Here is when the next episode of Demon Slayer season 4 comes to Crunchyroll
    13. Cheetah is going to "play a big role" in DC's Wonder Woman beginning in June 2024
    14. Apocalypse how?: Vote for your favorite dystopian, post-apocalyptic movie in our poll!
    15. Fallout Boy's Pete Wentz is back with a suicide-turned-magical-salvation story in Dying Inside
    16. If you're going to a comic con, you'll need this (and this, and this)
    17. One Piece release date: Keeping track of when episode 1106 of the anime will come out
    1. Doctor Who deepens the show's central mysteries, and repeats one very high profile old trick
    2. Waiting for Jason: Hope for Crystal Lake lovers, beyond the next Friday the 13th
    3. Star Trek: Discovery lands at MCM May '24 - be here to watch their transmission!
    4. How did Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman first meet and team-up? DC is finally going to tell that story
    5. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find new partners and new hope in August's Absolute Power titles from DC
    6. DC is ending the long-delayed Justice Society of America series after 12 issues
    7. The Baldur's Gate III voice cast & casting directors will be at MCM May '24 - watch it here!
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 release date: The upcoming horror sequel gets a decidedly festive 2025 release date
    9. The Last of Us season 2 release date: We're in for a long wait to see Joel and Ellie return in the HBO series
    10. Terminator's Linda Hamilton nearly retired before being cast in Stranger Things season 5: "I was tired of being tough"
    11. Here's how One Tree Hill could (and should) return for a new show, according to star Chad Michael Murray
    12. Young Sheldon series finale ending explained (and details about Amy and Sheldon's kids?!)
    13. The Last of Us season 2 cast: All the new and returning faces in HBO's post-apocalyptic hit show
    14. Marvel partners with King Charles III for new art-driven merch line (no, not that artwork)
    15. How a Daredevil & Spider-Man actor dinner almost spoiled Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: No Way Home
    16. How fans convinced Wonder Woman writer Tom King to break his #1 rule for the DC series
    17. Marvel's Falcon can fly - so why does he need a super-car? Inside '90s Marvel corporate offices
    18. The official Fourth Wing pronunciation guide, according to Rebecca Yarros herself
    19. Popverse is coming to 21 conventions in 2024 - where will we see you at?
    1. Let love rule: Give Archie Comics the Bridgerton treatment, you cowards
    2. All Spider-Man TV shows, ranked worst to best
    3. Like all major comic heroes, the Eisner Award for comics journalism is back from the dead
    4. Hazbin Hotel: Which character will be redeemed in season 2?
    5. The next issue of DC's Justice Society of America is now six months late (at the soonest)
    6. Fist of the North Star creator has seen Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga early - and asks to be George Miller's disciple
    7. Gaze upon the majesty of C2E2's Cosplay Central Crown Championships competitors and winners
    8. Netflix's Bridgerton season 3 part 1 ending explained (and a tease of mayhem to come in part 2!)
    9. We're all unapologetically binging Bridgerton on Netflix ahead of season 3's release date
    10. Hallmark are hosting their own Christmas Convention - even if they won't call it that
    11. We might be getting more Neon Genesis Evangelion anime - but not from original director Hideaki Anno
    12. Every NCIS release date: When is the next episode in each of the CBS franchise's many spin-offs coming out
    13. Come meet Popverse at MCM London May 2024!
    14. Poll: Who's your favorite Bridgerton?
    15. The iconic children's show Sesame Street is debuting a new comic book artist character (and he already has his first fan)
    16. How Disney pushed Star Wars animation to be more kid-friendly from the inside, as explained by a longtime Disney cartoon writer
    17. The Bear season 3 release date is coming soon - here's what we know
    18. A guide to disability & ADA services to expect at comic conventions
    1. Downton Abbey walked so that Bridgerton could f***
    2. Marvel’s X-Men ’97 finale solves a 26-year-old Spider-Man cliffhanger
    3. DC Studios' Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow now has a 2026 release date - here's what that might mean for the new DCU
    4. Upcoming superhero movies: What's coming up and coming soon from Marvel, DC, and all other superhero films
    5. Madame Web's biggest problem is all of that Spider-Man stuff
    6. Here's how (and when) to get New York Comic Con 2024 tickets... and how to get them early
    7. Dune: Prophecy's first teaser trailer doubles down on blaming it all on the Bene Gesserit
    8. Upcoming comics, manga, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, VIZ, Scholastic, and more
    9. Netflix's Terminator Zero anime arrives this summer and features a twist on the Terminator timeline
    10. Miles Morales reveals his Jujutsu Kaisen fandom and Jean Grey becomes a father (?!) in this week's Marvel Watcher Report
    11. Bluey release date: When the next episodes will come out on Disney+ and what we know about season 4
    12. Haikyuu!! creator thought volleyball was cool enough without giving everyone super moves
    13. The Penguin: Everything we know about The Batman follow-up coming to Max
    14. One Piece's Luffy hasn't changed as a character over 25 years - and that's what makes him the perfect hero of the franchise
    15. All 17 Batman (and Bat-Family) TV shows, ranked from best to worst
    16. DC: How to rewatch the complete DCEU in release and chronological order, from Man of Steel to Aquaman 2
    17. Batman: The Dark Knight's live action appearances, in chronological and release order
    18. Every DC Comics movie, ranked by Popverse
    19. Spider-Man: How to watch Marvel's wall-crawler movies from the MCU to the Spider-Verse in release and chronological order
    20. All of Marvel's Spider-Man movies (including animated!), ranked worst to best
    21. Every major ninja in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, ranked from best to worst
    1. Daredevil: Born Again gets a release date (and a reduced episode count) from Disney+ and Marvel in 2025
    2. Marvel blames Agatha for WandaVision spinoff's name changes as they reveal release date
    3. The best Post-Apocalyptic Comics: From nuclear fallout to gender-centric genocide, comics love to end the world in big ways
    4. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 trailer unpacked and explained by Popverse's resident Tolkien expert
    5. James Tynion IV's First Decade at Boom! Studios Kickstarter is now live... and there's a brand new book as part of the campaign
    6. Bridgerton's Lady Featherington is debuting a new style in season 3 - and a look to "make her look like a painting," according to the costume designer
    7. DC revives Jenny Sparks of the Authority for her own solo series - facing off against a major DC hero
    8. What has Regé-Jean Page been in since Netflix's Bridgerton? Here are his major recent and upcoming projects
    9. Meet Marvel's original first choice to write Ultimate Spider-Man: Chip Zdarsky
    10. The GalaxyCon comic convention chain is about to expand to more cities
    11. If you think DC's Wonder Woman is a political book, then you're identifying with the villains waaaaaay too much, says writer Tom King
    12. How one of India’s top cosplayers broke onto the international scene: the Sameer Tikka Masala story
    13. Fancy the ultimate Bridgerton experience? Visit the stately home where the Netflix show is filmed
    14. The origin of Haikyuu!!'s creation sounds just like a sports manga or anime, as told by Haruichi Furudate
    15. The Boys season 5 has been confirmed by Amazon before season 4 even makes its debut
    16. It's been 25 months since DC Comics had a proper Justice League comic - here's all the big DC comics missing in action
    17. Watch Ted Lasso's Billy Harris, Cristo Fernández, Kola Bokinni, Phil Dunster, and Toheeb Jimoh from MCM May '24!
    18. Watch the new horror film Witch's full MCM May 2024 panel here!
    19. Watch One Piece's English voice cast from MCM May Comic Con '24!
    20. Amazon has finally confirmed the live-action Spider-Man Noir series starring Nicolas Cage
    21. Comcast, Netflix & Apple become a band of brothers as the streaming wars begin anew
    22. Chip Zdarsky, a massive Popverse Con-versation
    23. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 trailer is here, and it's all about the bad guys
    1. Artist's Alley Asks: Cully Hamner has some very simple needs for surviving a comic convention
    2. Roger Corman should be remembered as the model that filmmakers should try to emulate from now on
    3. All Star Trek movies, ranked worst to best!
    4. American Horror Story's font: What tea and Sam Raimi mean to the title card of terror
    5. How to watch the Blue Exorcist anime in order
    6. Miraculous' Ladybug & Cat Noir are going Chibi again, this time with pizza!
    7. Marvel Studios' original plans for Daredevil: Born Again were "heartbreaking" says Charlie Cox, but its all better now
    8. The timeless appeal of Marvel's X-Men logo, as told in history, in nostalgia, and in fandom
    9. Haikyuu! movie release date: When Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump releases in the US
    10. Haikyuu!! watch order: How (and where) to watch the iconic sports anime in release and chronological order
    11. The new movie The Strangers is a Lord of the Rings style epic, but for horror movies
    12. In Netflix's Bridgerton season 3, pay attention to those gloves the costume designer tells us
    13. The Traitors star Kevin Kreider brings his Bling Empire to comics
    14. Paul Giamatti returns to co-star in third Downton Abbey movie
    1. Artist's Alley Asks: Gene Ha reveals all about his Chicago must-sees, convention must-haves, and potential arch-nemesis
    1. The other mystery woman of Doctor Who revealed - but its spoilers
    2. Doctor Who returns... and Doctor Who returns, along with it (No, that's not a spoiler)
    3. Doctor Who: Look for the twist inside the twist at the ending of 'The Devil's Chord'
    4. Why do dystopian stories like The Handmaid's Tale and The Purge scare us, and why do we love them so much?
    5. James Tynion's Tiny Onion doubles in size just three months after launch
    6. MCU Crossbones actor Frank Grillo has been recruited by DC & James Gunn to play Rick Flag Sr.
    7. Red, White & Royal Two: Amazon's hit romcom is getting a sequelbecause happily ever after doesn't mean no follow-ups
    8. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End manga goes on haitus for the second time this year
    9. The Five Nights at Freddys-esque game Poppy Playtime is bringing Huggy Wuggy to your local bookshelf
    10. Discover DC Comics' 2025 plans and more by following along to the DC's New Reads panel from the ALA Annual
    11. Doctor Who: With the new series on Disney+, here's how to watch the sci-fi show in the order you wish
    12. The five best Doctor Who episodes to revisit as the show's 2024 generation materializes on Disney+
    13. Follow Image Comics' mega-panel with Ed Brubaker, Saladin Ahmed, and more from the 2024 ALA Annual!
    14. 2024 is the year Marvel Studios & Marvel Comics rebuilds and is reborn, with Kevin Feige fully in charge for the first time
    15. Superhero logos: Examining DC and Marvel's very different approach towards branding
    16. Follow along to the 'Discover DC' panel from the 2024 ALA Annual here!
    17. All the Star Wars movies ranked, worst to best
    18. Hit Man release date: The action comedy about a would-be professional killer comes to Netflix this summer
    19. How & where to watch the Star Wars movies & TV shows in order (chronological and release)
    20. Poll: What is the best Planet of the Apes movie?
    1. Marvel Studios has found its Galactus - and boy, does he have the voice for it
    2. Screw the high concept! Let's make 2024 the year where subtlety becomes a thing of the past in movies once again
    3. With Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes out now, here's how to watch all the Apes movies
    4. Who should John Malkovich play in Marvel's Fantastic Four? You tell us
    5. Sorry nerds, Marvel is Cinema™ now - Fantastic Four has cast John Malkovich
    6. Dog Man release date: Here is when the crime-fighting canine's first movie is coming to a theater near you
    7. Ayla Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian release date: When the bilingual romance anime is set to debut
    8. Kaiju No. 8 is just My Hero Academia with more gore - and we're here for it
    9. Batman: Caped Crusader: Now we know when it'll be released, and what it'll look like
    10. Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum - Peter Jackson returns to Middle-earth with Smeagol-centric spinoff
    11. BBC license fees and a British hostile government, or why Doctor Who has outgrown the BBC
    12. A sequel to The Office, this time following the exploits of a newspaper, is in development at Peacock
    13. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you now have a dazzling new app to read most of your favorite comics: Omnibus
    14. Comics are a dream job, but for Bishop creator Whilce Portacio it wasn't his initial dream
    15. Inside the "masculine 'I’m back' glow-up" of Colin Bridgerton for Netflix's season 3 return
    16. Naruto filler list: Get a better viewing experience by skipping these episodes of Naruto and its sequels
    17. Netflix's Bridgerton lost its creator & showrunner ahead of season 3 - here's what happened, and where he is now
    18. Daredevil: Charlie Cox thought Vincent D’Onofrio was “delusional” for believing Marvel Studios would revive their show, until they did
    19. Who is Cassandra Nova? Meet the MCU’s first X-Men villain for Marvel Studios
    20. Upcoming superhero & comic-based TV release dates for Marvel, DC, Prime Video, Netflix, and more
    21. The best Naruto arcs, ranked
    1. After DC and Marvel's team-up, now Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are partnering to offer a combined streaming bundle
    2. Netflix's Love is Blind star Brett Brown spills his heart about anime, video games, and his secret origin
    3. Sonny Angels: What is this baby toy and why are they now SNL famous?
    4. 2.5 Dimensional Seduction release date: The new rom-com anime will land during the Summer 2024 season
    5. X-Men family secrets revealed and Blood Hunt’s chronology conundrum in this week’s Marvel Watcher Report
    6. Marvel Studios is partnering with ILM on a trip inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    7. Fallen kingdoms: The crossovers (real and imagined) between Planet of the Apes and Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth
    8. Meet Popverse's new editor, Graeme McMillan
    9. Do Marvel's Red Band Blood Hunt comics actually fit into the regular comic book universe?
    10. Chris Pratt's Garfield movie isn't in theaters yet, but it already has a streaming home: Netflix
    11. Netflix and Jerry Seinfeld's Unfrosted is getting frosted by Kuwaiti rom-com Honeymoonish
    12. Wednesday season 2 cast: All the new and returning faces to the Netflix hit show
    13. The official Magic: The Gathering manga is finally coming to North America - with a new, exclusive card!
    14. How Superman and TMNT's Raphael would get along, according to Darren Criss
    15. How Freddie Prinze Jr. and Vanessa Marshall found out they were going to be parents... on Star Wars Rebels
    16. Supergirl: How to watch DC's Girl of Steel in movies, TV shows, and cartoons
    17. Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part Three release date: The conclusion to the multiversal saga approaches
    1. The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth as a whole is about to begin its Golden (Second) Age
    2. Cosplay champion Sameer Tikka Masala finds success and support in the creative performance community
    3. We have waited over 25 years for Marvel & DC's crossovers to be reprinted, now we'll need to wait an extra month or two
    4. Disney is slowing down Marvel Studios' release schedule: Here's what that could mean
    5. Michelle Yeoh is the new face of Amazon's Blade Runner (and yes, she's a replicant too)
    6. Christopher Lloyd returns to The Addams Family for Netflix's Wednesday (and more)
    7. Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees creator and editor on the series' surprise success and whether fans can expect to see more
    8. Watch the Supernatural panel with Mark Sheppard, Alaina Huffman, and DJ Qualls from C2E2 '23
    9. The Penguin: A guide to DC's Oswald Cobblepot ahead of The Batman spinoff show on Max
    10. Joker: Folie à Deux: Everything we know so far about the Joker sequel, from music to cast (and more!)
    11. Bridgerton series vs books: What did Netflix change about Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels?
    1. How to secretly sign that you're a Marvel mutant, according to Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone
    2. My Adventures with Superman season 2 release date: The Man of Steel returns to Max at the end of May
    3. Luffy's Gear 5 form is everything we love about One Piece in one transformation
    4. Emily in Paris season 4 release dates: Netflix's hit romantic comedy returns for a fourth outing this Fall
    5. Station 19 final episode release date: Find out when the Grey's Anatomy spin-off is finally ending
    6. The big news from DC's Superman costume reveal isn't the costume (it's the trunks)
    7. DC's new Superman is a man just like us, who puts his bright red boots on one at a time
    8. Why Bridgerton's Penelope no longer wears yellow as she moves to become the show's central star for season 3
    9. The X-Men's Krakoan era segue into 'From the Ashes' era to be explored in Uncanny X-Men #700 more directly that we thought
    10. Marvel Comics wants to have fun and forward-thinking stories again, according to the man in charge
    11. Jujutsu Kaisen and Genshin Impact actor Anne Yatco on her journey into voice acting full-time
    12. Bridgerton costume designer John Glaser reveals the thoughts behind the key looks for season 3 (and a susprise Australian influence!)
    13. All of Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars movies and shows releasing in 2024 and beyond
    14. Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's Miracleman collaboration for Marvel has been reworked to become "a new work" for modern times, says the artist
    15. How to watch panels from Chicago's C2E2 (and other ReedPop shows) from anywhere
    16. Marvel's X-Men line revamp 'From the Ashes' is getting bigger: here's everything you need to know
    17. All 16 Star Wars TV shows ranked, From The Mandalorian to Ewoks
    1. Here is what Monkey D. Luffy's ideal birthday party would be, according to the One Piece English voice cast
    1. How to watch the Night of the Living Dead and all of George Romero's zombie movies
    2. Marvel's mutants now have a secret hand signal - learn it to communicate with your fellow X-Men fans
    3. Xavier's School has been twisted to X-Men's greatest fear in Marvel's new mutant era
    4. DC's Absolute Power FCBD special introduces the "final piece of the puzzle" for Amanda Waller's master plan against the former Justice League
    1. Farewell, Popverse - signed your deputy editor
    2. Chucky Season 3 finale introduces even more characters starring Devon Sawa
    3. Bridgerton's original leading lady Phoebe Dynevor isn't in season 3 (and she's sad about it)
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