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May 2022 Archive

    1. Who killed the Batman?—the CW has dropped a three minute trailer to Gotham Knights
    2. Popverse celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander comics and creators for AAPI Heritage Month
    3. Stan Sakai shares his passion for Usagi Yojimbo and Netflix's Samurai Rabbit
    4. Marvel Comics' top executive Joe Quesada is leaving the company after 20+ years
    5. Star Wars Celebration 2022 Cosplay favorites from Saturday, May 28
    6. The Marvel Marathon: Should we want to read every Marvel comic ever?
    1. Star Wars Celebration Closing Ceremony - Live Coverage!
    2. Commander Cody returns to duty for Star Wars: Bad Batch
    3. Star Wars Celebration The Bad Batch Season 2 - Live Coverage!
    4. Making something out of nothing: Diyorama Events Booth celebrates its 20th year at Star Wars Celebration
    5. Star Wars Celebration I am C3-P0 with Anthony Daniels - Live Coverage
    6. Yoda, this is your life! Marvel working on Star Wars limited series chronicling his life from High Republic era to his last days
    1. Tales of the Jedi: Liam Neeson's Qui-Gon Jinn and fan favorites return in animated anthology shorts
    2. Star Wars Celebration Marvel Star Wars Comics panel
    3. Star Wars Celebration Tales of the Jedi - Live Coverage!
    4. Sabine Wren cast for Star Wars: Ahsoka, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo
    5. Popverse Star Wars Celebration 2022 Coverage Roundup
    6. Hasbro shows of its upcoming figures, vehicles, and lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration 2022
    7. Star Wars Celebration Mandalorian: A Conversation with Pedro Pascal, Jon Favreau, Grogu, more - Live Coverage
    8. Fall in love all over again with British romance comics out of print for 50+ years
    9. Bringing the fact to an imagined world: Upcoming Star Wars non-fiction books
    10. Star Wars Celebration 2022 Cosplay favorites from Friday, May 27
    1. Star Wars Celebration From a Galaxy Far, Far Away to a Disney Park Near You - Live Coverage
    2. Lucasfilm Publishing brings Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away to Star Wars Celebration
    3. Replicas, mash-ups and more: Upcoming Star Wars collectibles from here at Celebration
    4. Star Wars' Cal Kestis returns in Jedi: Survivor - the first details, the first trailer, more
    5. Star Wars Celebration Attack of the Clones 20th Anniversary Celebration - Live Coverage!
    6. Star Wars Celebration 2022 convention floor walkthrough
    7. Here's the Star Wars Celebration merchandise you've been looking for
    8. Andi Watson on The Book Tour, Kerry and the Knight of the Forest, and comics for kids vs. adults
    9. "I don't like sand"; What Anakin Skywalker really meant by that memorable line in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
    10. How Miles Morales grew from a legacy Spider-Man into his own unique hero
    11. Static, Lois Lane, and Harley Quinn starring in their own solo graphic novels in 2023
    12. Devaki Neogi on finding comics as a kid, her favorite podcasts, and what's next
    13. Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi episodes 1 and 2 full of some repetition, some surprise, and an exciting new villain
    14. Star Wars Celebration 2022 Cosplay favorites from Thursday, May 26
    1. A first look at the next Indiana Jones film, and the new 2023 release date
    2. This is the way to the Mandalorian Experience at Star Wars Celebration
    3. Star Wars Celebration The High Republic: For Light and Life - Live Coverage
    4. Disney+'s Willow: The first trailer AND the show's debut date November 30
    5. Star Wars: Andor first trailer revealed at Celebration 2022, as well as the show debut date August 31
    6. Star Wars Celebration Ian McDiarmid: An Audience with The Emperor - Live Coverage!
    7. Legendary Star Wars composer John Williams returns to conduct surprise orchestra performance at Star Wars Celebration
    8. Bong Redila highlights the human aspect of a fantasy world in Mëlag
    9. Spider-Man 2099: A guide to Marvel Comics' cyberpunk superhero
    1. Jeehyung Lee delves into our own individual Hells in Gumaa: The Beginning of Her
    2. "The Impossible Dream": DC World's Finest and Once & Future artist Dan Mora opens up about his career
    3. Disney+'s new Star Wars show The Acolyte to draw from Expanded Universe 'Legends' material
    4. Diana & Me: a personal essay by Wonder Woman voice actor Susan Eisenberg
    5. Six books you need to read after Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse
    6. Elizabeth Ito's Peabody-winning City of Ghosts captures overlooked stories of Los Angeles
    1. Love The Mandalorian's Frog Lady? Check out this exclusive plush at Star Wars Celebration
    2. Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder - Everything you need to know before watching the new MCU movie
    3. Christian Bale frightens as Gorr the God Butcher in all-new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer
    4. The ten best needle drops in the history of superhero movies
    1. The 10 best DC Comics of all time
    2. Meet Duo, the new Milestone/DC superhero who might change your view on couples bonding
    3. First look at Peach Momoko, Akira Himekawa, and tokitotokoro's art for Unico: Awakening
    4. A new 'Inferno' is possibly brewing in the X-Men (and Spider-Man) books
    5. Why Patsy Walker is one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe
    1. Kumail Nanjiani reveals the first details (and a name!) for his Star Wars character in Obi-Wan Kenobi
    2. No, Taika Waititi will not save us
    3. Star Wars Celebration Lucasfilm Studio's Showcase: Live Coverage!
    4. Showcase your "I don't like sand" vibes with this Anakin Skywalker-themed Zen garden Star Wars Celebration exclusive
    5. Popverse Profile: Jeremy Holt opens up about identity and finding themself as a comics writer
    6. Netflix has released the first eight minutes of Stranger Things season four
    7. Batman vs. Robin comic coming this fall from Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar
    8. Mike and Laura Allred have solved how to store your lunch: a Madman Lunchbox
    9. Netflix's LGBTQ romance Heartstopper is returning for two more seasons
    10. Every Lucy Knisley comic and why you should read each one
    11. "I feel like part of me is still 14": Lucy Knisley on Apple Crush and adolescence
    12. Star Wars: How Attack of the Clones inspired a cadre of Clone Trooper cosplayers
    1. Report: A new Daredevil show is in the works at Marvel Studios
    2. What is Star Wars, actually, in 2022? We look into it
    3. History, politics and comic book mythology collide in alt-‘90s story 20th Century Men
    4. Ocean's Eleven prequel movie welcomes Margot Robbie to cast
    5. "I used to pine to be a Dark Horse creator" Brian Michael Bendis on Dark Horse, Naomi, & creator-owned titles
    6. The next film by anime icon Makoto Shinkai has been confirmed worldwide theatrical release
    7. Netflix just dropped The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer, and it's kind of awesome
    8. The webtoon company Tapas Media is getting even bigger
    9. The CW's Riverdale has been canceled after a five-year run - but you'll have until 2023 to say goodbye
    10. Star Wars' the Mandalorian FINALLY steps into the world of Marvel Comics
    11. Batman: Arkham game fans might see some eerie similarities in this week's Flash
    12. Raina Telgemeier opens up about her last few years, and letting "life-stuff" happen
    1. DC Round Robin Round-Up: Looking past the winners and at the fan favorites that found a second life
    2. Dark Crisis - digging up the roots of the DC summer event that's been building for 40+ years
    3. Batman: The Animated Series villain Red Claw makes her DC Comics debut on 20th anniversary
    4. Rest easy, here's what you need to know about That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
    5. Stan Lee posthumously returns to Marvel, as Marvel signs 20-year deal for likeness rights
    6. "I wanted to write about real issues": Barbara Slate talks Ms. Liz, Angel Love, and the Mueller Report
    7. "We have a road map" Kathleen Kennedy discusses future of Star Wars
    8. Inside the Judgment Day event brewing between Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals with Kieron Gillen
    9. Feel the excitement of attending a convention with ReedPop's Hall Pass video series
    10. This is Popverse by ReedPop
    11. The Walking Dead Clementine author Tillie Walden shares her "surprisingly hopeful" outlook on life
    1. Marvel's The Avengers film and the MCU 10 years later
    2. Asian and Asian American graphic novels for kids of all ages
    3. How Jane Foster became worthy before Thor: Love and Thunder
    4. America Chavez: Get to know MCU's next big hero and her surprising Marvel Comics origins (yes, that's plural)
    5. Everything we know about Obi-Wan Kenobi's exile on Tatooine
    6. What your Star Wars lightsaber color says about you
    7. Who is Gorr the God Butcher in Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder?
    8. Meet Kareem AKA Red Dagger, the OTHER new MCU hero debuting in Disney+'s Ms. Marvel
    9. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: What to watch and read before (and after) the MCU film
    10. The Queer history of Star Wars: A comprehensive timeline
    1. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Say Hello there to some our favorite Star Wars cosplays
    1. Doctor Strange: Cosplay as the Sorcerer Supreme from Marvel's Multiverse of Madness
    1. Doctor Strange cosplayer wows Benedict Cumberbatch at Multiverse of Madness premiere