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March 2024 Archive

    1. The X-Men's new Alaska base will be a former Sentinel factory - and debuts this week in Avengers
    2. Marvel's X-Men and Uncanny X-Men comics to ship 18 issues a year each
    3. Take a look at Gender Queer's Maia Kobabe's "starter kit for people thinking about binding for the first time"
    4. Zack Snyder wants a Rebel Moon spin-off for Doona Bae's Nemesis with Gail Simone
    5. Revisit Uncanny X-Men's Gail Simone spotlight panel from WonderCon 2024
    6. Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone to revive classic UK horror comic Misty
    7. Gail Simone's Uncanny X-Men will consist of 18 issues in its first year
    1. The Beat celebrates its 20th birthday (and independent journalism) at WonderCon
    2. The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson is launching his next franchise: Greaser
    3. Watch Fourth Wing author Rebecca Yarros' full panel conversation with Popverse
    1. A murderer's row of comics writers regale packed room at Wondercon
    2. Comic con trendwatch: Potions, potions, everywhere
    3. Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney chat the surprisingly difficult scene to film in American Rust season 2
    4. The Handmaid's Tale season 6 cast: Who is joining June for the final chapter to the hit Hulu show?
    5. The Traitors release dates: When is the next version of the global reality sensation coming out?
    6. Now you can join the Marvel Universe like Jon Hamm and Eminem, thanks to a new contest
    7. TMNT welcomes Paulina Ganucheau, Dave Baker & Jesse Lonergan, and Declan Shalvey in Black, White & Green (Exclusive preview)
    8. A Condition Called Love release date: Here is when to cozy up with the latest rom-com anime series
    9. Naruto partners with a US-based ramen restaurant chain for an experience right out of Hidden Leaf Village
    10. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire ending explained (and what it means for the MonsterVerse franchise)
    11. Comics fans deserve "more interesting" marketing of comics, and Vault aims to deliver with Barbaric's Crowdbuilding plans
    12. The Stranger Things cast reveal the annoying game the Duffer Brothers play with them on set
    1. Godzilla x Kong x You: How to watch the Monsterverse movies (and TV shows!) in release and chronological order
    2. Godzilla: How to watch all of the King Kaiju's movies & TV shows before (and after) Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
    3. Crunchyroll is giving us That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 a week early
    4. Where do we know Josh Brolin from?
    5. Why The Great Mouse Detective's Professor Ratigan is one of the great Disney villains of all time
    6. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season 3 release date: When to call in sick to watch the premiere
    7. Re: Monster release date: When is the monstrous take on the isekai genre coming out?
    8. When will the next episodes of the Naruto and Boruto anime come out?
    9. Skull Island season 2: Will Netflix ever take us back to Kong's home island?
    10. Wonder no more - we have the WonderCon 2025 dates (and its not Easter weekend next year)
    11. WEBTOON readers will be able to support their favorite creators in a whole new way
    12. Poll: Which Teen Titans do you want to see on the big screen?
    13. Rebecca Yarros has revealed The Empyrean book 3 release date, title, and has even teased the plot
    14. Ten Great Saints in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season 3: Rimuru's greatest villains yet are here
    15. Revisit USA's hit show Psych with Maggie Lawson and Timothy Omundson's full convo from Seattle's ECCC 2024
    16. Watch the Critical Role, Lord of the Rings, Jodie Whittaker, and 15+ more panels from Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con 2024
    17. Watch Jodie Whittaker, Rebecca Yarros, Mike Flanagan, and more new panels filmed at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con 2024
    18. Watch horror director/writer Mike Flanagan and actor Kate Siegel's full panel conversation with Popverse
    19. Watch Marissa Meyer, Jasmine Skye, Kendare Blake, & Margaret Owen match wits in... Battle of the Tropes
    20. Watch Doctor Who herself Jodie Whittaker's full panel conversation with Popverse
    21. Watch James D’Amato, Jef Aldrich, & Jon Taylor discuss which RPG monsters they'd most like to date
    22. Watch The Strangers: Chapter 1 panel with Madelaine Petsch & more from ECCC 2024
    23. Watch the Team Fortress 2 cast reunion from Seattle's ECCC 2024
    24. Watch Rebecca Yarros' discussion on Romantasy with Saara El-Arifi, Danielle L. Jensen, & Leia Stone
    25. Watch the Divergent series author Veronica Roth's full panel conversation from Seattle's ECCC 2024
    26. Watch how comics can save lives with the Cause Comics panel from Seattle's ECCC 2024
    27. Watch Veronica Roth & Terry Brooks discussion on building bestselling worlds from ECCC 2024
    28. Watch USS Improvise: The Next Generation, the musical! is a Star Trek parody like you've never seen before
    29. Godzilla Minus One left theaters early and is avoiding streaming & home video, and we think Godzilla x Kong: New Empire is to blame
    30. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the Looney Tunes are joining the Olympics team
    31. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has become an undead pop culture phenomenon itself
    32. Overgrown children of the atom: Marvel's X-Men can't evolve past their '90s commercial peak
    1. Bridgerton season 3 will have ‘classic romcom tropes,’ says showrunner
    2. X-Men vs. Batman: How both animated series approached comic book storytelling in radically different ways
    3. Josh Brolin is coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    4. Charles Addams & The Addams Family are the black sheep of comics (and it's disgraceful)
    5. Big Marvel: All 27 of Skottie Young's summer variant covers (and a huge poster to boot!)
    6. Marvel and DC are both skipping WonderCon for the first time in years... at least, officially
    7. How Tom King & Mitch Gerads fought for years to get Gerads on Batman (despite DC management saying 'no')
    8. Batman: Getting to know DC's Dark Knight in comics, movies, TV, and more
    9. Dead Boy Detectives release date: When does the show arrive on Netflix and how does it tie to the DC universe
    10. How does Stranger Things season 5 end? Finn Wolfhard isn't sure, but not all of the cast is in the dark
    11. The Rick and Morty cast are coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    12. Batman is celebrating his 85th birthday with all of New York City (while supplies last, at least)
    13. Marvel’s X-Men ’97 tie-in comic answers some of the show’s burning questions
    14. The Spiderwick Chronicles release date: When (and where) is the latest adaptation coming out
    15. Monk is one of the top shows on Netflix - here's 5 shows to watch next
    16. Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World season 3 release date is sooner than you might think
    17. Kaiju No. 8 release date: Crunchyroll will air the monstrous anime at the same time as Japanese broadcasters
    18. Disney+ and Hulu enter the next stage in their relationship: living together (but its going to cost extra)
    19. Ryan Coogler's X-Files reboot is still happening says creator Chris Carter (even though he says he's not supposed to talk about it)
    20. Spider-Man: How to watch Marvel's wall-crawler movies from the MCU to the Spider-Verse in release and chronological order
    21. Star Trek reboot cast reuniting for 4th and final voyage, now with a new writer
    1. Disney's D23 Expo tickets are on sale now!
    2. Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a Cabbage Man picture book, and it looks adorable
    3. Hit show ER turns 30 this year, and Noah Wyle and a few ER friends are on call for a spiritual sequel (as a documentary)
    4. Sound! Euphonium season 3 release date: The adorable high school band anime coming back to Crunchyroll
    5. DC reveals AAPI Heritage Month variant covers for May
    6. Amazon will be dropping all eight episodes of Fallout season 1 all at once
    7. DC is giving the Joker a vacation around the globe (in comics) ahead of Joker 2 movie
    8. Win a C2E2 2025 badge, merch, & Popverse annual memberships at Popverse's C2E2 2024 Trivia panel!
    9. X-Men: From The Ashes remakes Marvel's mutants for the future, and here's everything you need to know
    10. One Piece Gear 5 Form: Everything we know about Luffy's latest transformation
    11. How Alien inspired American Horror Story season 12 with its focus on "physical gruesomeness" of pregnancy
    12. The Upshaws part 5 release date: When will season 3 part 2 of the modern family sitcom coming back to Netflix?
    1. Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Owl House, and other voice actors jump into 'I'm a Voice Actor' trend
    2. Alien's Tom Skerritt & Veronica Cartwright are heading to Chicago for C2E2
    3. MCU: The biggest outstanding questions of the Marvel Studios' movies & TV shows
    4. Star Trek: Discovery season 5 release date: When will the final voyage of the Discovery come to an end?
    5. Bill Murray threatened to quit Ghostbusters II when he learned of studio's plans to cut Ernie Hudson's role, according to Hudson
    6. Adam Sandler is reviving Happy Gilmore for the '90s sequel we never knew we wanted, according to co-star
    7. Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver release date: When is Zach Snyder's take on Star Wars coming to Netflix
    8. Star Wars blue milk is coming to a outpost near you
    9. Is Mothra returning from the dead in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire? The film's trailer drops a big hint
    10. Delicious in Dungeon is the best unintentional Dungeons & Dragons anime we've ever had
    11. X-Men '97: a '90s style FAQ on how Professor X died, who voices Cyclops, how Storm got her powers back, why Morph is alive, and more
    12. The Simpsons: How and where to watch the TV show, shorts, movie, and spin-offs in release and chronological order
    13. Spice and Wolf: How - and where! - to watch the classic anime ahead of the new revival
    14. Convention essentials: If you're going to a comic con, you'll need this (and this, and this, and this)
    15. DC: From The Penguin to Teen Titans (and a new DCU!), here are all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows
    1. Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker shares what it was like calling David Tennant before starting on set
    2. Miyazaki's hit film The Boy and The Heron will be streaming on Netflix (but not for all of us)
    3. Spice & Wolf release date: Get ready to be blown away by this classic anime all over again
    4. Why Marvel celebrating LGBTQIA+ "Allies" for Pride Month isn't a surprise
    5. Marvel celebrates Pride Month 2024 by focusing on LGBTQIA+ characters & straight allies
    6. X-Men power couple Rachel Summers and Betsy Braddock to star in new fall Marvel comic
    7. The Dragon Ball theme park opening in Saudi Arabia needs to be as silly as possible
    8. The Penguin's Max series is Bridget Jones' Diary, only darker and about a man who longs from the love of his city (kinda)
    9. When (and where) will we be able to stream Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire on Netflix and beyond?
    10. This year's Olympics opening ceremony is coming to IMAX theaters across the United States
    11. My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and 10 more Hayao Miyazaki greats coming to theaters this year
    12. The Irregular at Magic High School season 3 release date: It's time to re-enroll
    13. Fourth Wing and Iron Flame author Rebecca Yarros reveals what her signet would be
    14. X-Files creator Chris Carter talks about the future (and his future) with the franchise, as well as his fine art career
    15. X-Men '97's Storm actress remembers the racist bullying that inspired her character
    1. The "Juice is loose" as Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder return in Beetlejuice Beetlejuice trailer
    2. Where do we know Paul Rudd from?
    3. Star Wars Rebels are heading to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    4. Five shows to watch after Love is Blind
    5. Ghostbusters: Watch every movie and series in this classic comedy franchise in order
    6. Is DC creating a Suicide Squad version of the Justice League for the Absolute Power event?
    7. Star Wars: To catch exclusive Acolyte footage, you'll have to grab a ticket to see The Phantom Menace in theaters
    8. The truth about comic conventions, in comic form (right now, for free!)
    9. House of the Dragon season 2 release date: Get ready to fly back into battle for the Iron Throne
    10. Every Batcave needs a Batman, and soon comic shops will have a life-size Dark Knight of their own thanks to DC & Jorge Jimenez
    11. Dual House of the Dragon season 2 trailers ask to whom you will bend the knee
    12. What happens when a vampire feeds on the Hulk? Marvel is about to show us
    13. Marvel's Runaways star Nico Minoru is getting a massive revamp for the Ultimate line
    14. Marvel Comics' June 2024 solicitations: X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers and everything else, all in one place!
    15. Marvel's X-Men leave Krakoa and enter the Blood Hunt this June
    16. Marvel's Spider-Man faces the return of the Sinister Six this June (as well as a lot of vampires, and a brand new Goblin, to boot!)
    17. Marvel's Avengers deal with vampire invasions, friendships collapsing, and more calamity this June
    18. Marvel's Blood Hunt event: The 59-part superhero vs. vampire crossover coming this summer
    19. Amazon's Fallout TV show isn't for kids, as mature rating warns us (just like the apocalypse it portrays)
    20. Amazon's Fallout season 1 cast: Who will be bringing this new Wasteland to life?
    21. Amazon's Fallout season 1 release date: Here's when to 'call in sick' for work
    22. Ridley Scott & James Cameron are among first viewers of the new Alien sequel Romulus - and they love it!
    1. X-Men '97's Cal Dodd says Hugh Jackman prepped for Wolverine by listening to his voice
    2. Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown on the pressures of being a solo action star with Netflix hit Damsel
    3. Skyfall's Sam Mendes was once in talks to adapt My Favorite Thing is Monsters
    4. Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker reveals the best lesson she learned as she became the Doctor (and who was her first champion on the show)
    5. Mike Flanagan explains how he & his writers adapted (almost) all of Edgar Allan Poe for Netflix's Fall of the House of Usher
    6. New Cyberpunk 2077 comic spin-off from Phantom Liberty writer will feature newly designed cars not in game
    7. Chip Zdarsky, Alyssa Wong, Jill Thompson, Art Adams, Ryan Stegman, and more: the full C2E2 2024 Artist Alley line-up
    8. X-Men '97 Morph voice actor JP Karliak shares his X-Men origin story
    9. The first Alien: Romulus trailer shows the franchise making a long-awaited return to its horror roots
    10. Six shows to watch after American Horror Story
    11. Marvel just teased the next phase of Spider-Man storylines - Here's what to expect
    12. When Black Sails is coming to Netflix
    13. Godzilla goes pink: There's a "major" reason why the Kaiju is changing colors in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire according to the director
    14. We hope the new The NeverEnding Story movie remake sticks to real puppets and props
    15. New York City is the only city where the Ghostbusters make any sense
    16. The Godzilla x Kong villain Everything we know about the Skar King from The New Empire
    17. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire cast - who are the humans getting trampled in the giant monster fight?
    18. Godzilla x Kong rating - will The New Empire frighten your little monster (and you) given its "Creature violence" warning?
    19. Digital comics platform Omnibus comes to iPhones with new iOS app
    20. That time the Ghostbusters got chased off by Casper the Friendly Ghost and his uncles
    21. X-Men '97 has already been renewed for a season 2, here's when we think the release date might be
    1. The cast of Twilight reveals who the favorite Cullen child is
    2. Marvel Studios confirms Disney+ MCU timeline as "our medium to define the canon"
    3. Star Wars' The Acolyte trailer has arrived - here's its release date, cast list, and plot details
    4. WWE stars Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay are heading to Chicago's C2E2
    5. Marvel's Punisher revamp was never going to quieten the controversy surrounding the character (and made Frank Castle an unlikely martyr)
    6. Dog Man: Scarlet Shedder is out now - here's how to read Dog Man (and all of Dav Pilkey's books) in order!
    7. Star Wars: The Acolyte teases the origin of the Sith, and asks who deserves to use the Force
    8. The Acolyte returns to Star Wars' roots in the best way possible
    9. Popeye the Sailor Man live-action movie is coming, 40 years after the dramatically challenging Robin Williams film
    10. Murder mystery tropes (and reality) are twisted in Profane comic from Peter Milligan & Raül Fernandez
    11. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire streaming - what we know about when and where it'll be
    12. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire release date: When the latest kaiju movie begins rampaging into theaters
    13. How to watch panels from Chicago's C2E2 (and other ReedPop shows) from anywhere
    14. Winx Club returns with Friends, Witches, & Monsters
    1. Netflix's Stranger Things killed my excitement for season five by explaining its mysteries too much
    2. Star Wars: Whatever happened to Skeleton Crew, which was filmed before The Acolyte?
    3. Eat with Popverse at The Bear's Mr Beef in Chicago
    4. Something evil waits in the darkness in this sneak preview of from Devour, a new horror graphic novel from Abrams
    5. Black Butler: How can you best watch the gothic Victorian mystery anime?
    6. A former junior high teacher is now unofficially Marvel Comics' head writer, charting the Avengers and X-Men's future
    7. The Acolyte release date: We now know when the Star Wars prequel is coming out on Disney+
    8. Godzilla vs. Ghostbusters: Which upcoming movie with the word "Empire" in its title are you most excited to see?
    9. Remember The Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Looks like it was a major inspiration for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
    10. Black Butler season 4 release date: When will the Public School arc anime air?
    11. Bridgerton season 4 release date: How long will Netflix make us wait for more regency period drama?
    12. Trap your movie popcorn like a ghost in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire theater merch
    13. Fourth Wing's Rebecca Yarros became a writer to deal with sleepless nights
    14. Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt have been circling a Ghostbusters prequel for a decade
    15. Before Tom Hardy, Heath Ledger was in heavy talks to become Mad Max for Fury Road
    16. Comic conventions: a guide to disability & ADA service, tips & tricks, and more for comic cons from someone who has done it
    17. One Piece manga release date: When will the One Piece chapter 1111 be released?
    1. X-Files: How to watch Mulder & Scully & the Lone Gunmen's stories (and more) in release and chronological order
    2. Where do we know Sandra Bullock from?
    3. Wednesday Addams & Uncle Fester are heading to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    4. Marvel partners with NFT company for new digital comics platform to rival Amazon's digital comics market
    5. Bridgerton spin-offs: Which character could get their own Netflix series in the future?
    6. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie is back in development at Lucasfilm, according to writer/director Patty Jenkins
    7. DC Comics' June 2024 plans for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and everything else in its solicitations, all in one place!
    8. DC's Batman plans for June 2024 include Batman vs Batman Showdowns, Victorian Batmen, and lots of Tim Drake
    9. DC's Absolute Power begins to build in June, as Superman, Batman and other DC heroes see the threat take shape
    10. DC's Superman plans for June 2024 include the fall of the House of Brainiac, the Man of Steel lost in space, and more!
    11. DC's Absolute Power approaches with Amanda Waller building her own super-prison, and recruiting Green Arrow
    12. DC is promising a major retcon of Superman villain Brainiac as we finally learn his "true history" in June
    13. Dick Grayson's harrowing transformation from Robin to Nightwing gets an early anniversary treatment
    14. Stjepan Šejić quit DC (and most of the comic industry) four years ago, but now he's on his way back
    15. Doctor Who: How and where to watch the classic sci-fi show in order
    16. Doctor Who: How to stream the Doctors' adventures from the past, to the present, to the future with May 10's series 15
    17. Bridgerton season 3 release date: When the Penelope and Colin romance will finally bear fruit
    1. After 61 years and 700 comics, Gail Simone is Uncanny X-Men's first solo female writer
    2. Marvel's X-Men revamp plans include three X-Men groups, two spin-off groups, and 4 solo titles
    3. Marvel's X-Men are setting up bases in three US States as part of massive revamp
    4. The unseen heroes of CBS Ghosts, according to Trevor actor Asher Grodman
    5. Ghosts’ Asher Grodman on what place he would haunt if he were a ghost
    6. TMNT: The Last Ronin II - Enjoy a sneak peek at the second issue of the hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series
    7. Chatting with Doctor Who cosplayers at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con
    8. Which book is Netflix's Bridgerton season 3 based on?
    9. The first trailer for The Crow reboot shows off plenty of broody, gothic violence
    10. A Ghostbusters animated movie has been stuck in production for years
    11. X-Men and Iron Man writer Gerry Duggan's new project is a samurai afterlife romance comic, amazingly
    12. Marvel What's upcoming in the MCU, from X-Men to Venom to the Fantastic Four and beyond
    13. Be Batman's boss: DC's hunt for the next Batman group editor
    1. Five shows to watch after you've finished Bridgerton
    2. Chicago's C2E2 2024 welcomes Bandai, Citizen Watch, Silver Sprocket, more exhibitors
    3. Marvel stalwart Al Ewing comes to DC for Starman as part of Pride event
    4. A comprehensive visual history of Princess Peach
    5. Stranger Things season 5 release date: When do we think the Hawkins kids will be back to save the world?
    6. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was an unexpected gift to Star Wars fans (No, really)
    7. Celebrate the silliness of Star Trek with your own Tribble from the original series
    8. Pulp Fiction's iconic gimp cage was part of a larger plan to keep audiences off balance, and now you can buy it for your own home
    9. True Detective season 5 release date: We speculate how long will we have to wait for the next star-studded investigation
    10. Marvel's future Spider-Man Miguel O'Hara is now Venom, too!
    11. Has the Witcher timeline got you confused? Learn a history of the Continent here
    12. Before The Witcher season 4, here's how to watch Netflix's fantasy in release and chronological order
    13. Cosplaying for Comic Con this year? Here are the best online cosplay stores
    14. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiyba Hashira - who are these powerful and colorful Demon Slayers
    15. Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine has to be the centerpiece of San Diego Comic-Con, or they're doing it wrong
    16. Batman returns to the Victorian age in Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age (and more!) this June
    1. X-Men: Watch Marvel's mutants in all of their animated adventures before X-Men '97 is streaming on Disney+
    2. Bridgerton: How to watch Netflix's hit historical romance as Lady Whistledown would
    3. Mr. Beef: What you need to know about the restaurant that inspired The Bear
    4. Daredevil: Born Again - Did Jon Bernthal just tease his return as Punisher?
    5. Six horror movies for St. Patrick's day (that aren't Leprechaun)
    6. Robert Pattinson's The Batman sequel delayed a year, now going head-to-head with TMNT sequel
    7. Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse brings the hit game to comics, courtesy of Oni Press and developers Devolver Digital
    8. James Acaster reaches a new level of maturity in Hecklers Welcome
    9. Tom Hardy's metal mask from Mad Max: Fury Road is made out of stuff every cosplayer has lying around
    10. It's time to expand the operation in this exclusive clip from Paramount/Republic Pictures’ upcoming comedy Snack Shack
    11. Ghosts’ Asher Grodman on losing a beloved cast member this season
    12. Get your hands on Colin Firth's surprisingly authentic looking notes from The King's Speech
    13. Miles Morales co-creator Brian Michael Bendis is building a new future with Phenomena, and we have an exclusive sneak peek
    14. A former The Matrix co-star cast as Mad Max's young Immortan Joe for Furiosa
    15. Upcoming superhero movies: What's coming up and coming soon from Marvel, DC, and all other superhero films
    16. NCIS & spinoffs - how to watch the long-running CBS crime saga in release and chronological order
    17. The comics industry's hottest free agent executive isn't who you think
    1. Shōnen anime love a good training arc and we think we know why
    2. Could a Choose Your Own Adventure revival be the other big con trend of 2024?
    3. Jingle All the Way is the worst good Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and you can own a piece of it
    4. The Addams Family and the Munsters aren't the same thing... except, maybe they kind of are?
    5. 'Calling them X-Men is so 1960s': Chris Claremont weighs in on the X-Men name change debate (and his idea for a replacement)
    6. Poor Things: How and where to watch the Oscar-winning movie at home
    7. Unleash your inner secret agent by picking up James Bond's suit at auction
    8. Slap on your proton packs and visit the Ghostbusters firehouse in real life - with a catch
    9. Oppenheimer: How and where to watch the Oscar Best Picture winner at home
    10. Godzilla Minus One's Oscar win reminds us that though awards don't matter, they also kind of do
    11. Why we think Jason Reitman isn't returning to direct Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
    12. The 2024 Oscars failed to surprise audiences, but that might be a feature and not a bug
    13. And the 2024 Oscar winners are...
    14. Before Barda by Ngozi Ukazu, you need to understand DC's Fourth World
    15. The best superhero games for PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC, and more
    16. The Boys: Season 4 is coming - Here's how to watch it, Gen V, & Diabolical in release or chronological order
    1. Fanfiction binding trend puts fanwork creators in danger
    2. Masters of the Air: 5 TV shows to watch after Apple TV+'s WWII drama touches down
    3. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes age rating: How dark is the series going to get?
    4. The two Star Wars keepsakes that C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels has in his home
    5. DC's Zatanna gets some Black Label magic with a new comic book series launching this summer
    6. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes release date: When is the next monkey movie hitting cinemas?
    7. The Oscars (and all industry awards, as a whole) are nonsense, and it's time we admitted it
    8. Where do we know Ryan Gosling from?
    9. Will we get a sequel to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire? Depends entirely on audience interest
    10. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date: When does Ecto-1 roll out on a new paranormal adventure?
    11. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, has died at the age of 68
    12. Kung Fu Panda 4 ending explained
    13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Everything you need to know about breakout hit The Last Ronin
    1. Our Flag Means Death has "reached the end of the road," showrunner David Jenkins announces
    2. Five shows to watch after Suits
    3. Popverse liveblogs (and liveargues) the Oscars
    4. What's the deal with the puffy shirt from Seinfeld? Its going up for auction, that's what
    5. Netflix already adapted the most heartbreaking scene from Avatar: The Last Airbender in the best way possible
    6. Crowdfunding platform Zoop to launch crowdfund campaign with ownership stakes in the company as perks
    7. Where to read comics and comic books for free online
    8. Adult Swim's My Adventures with Superman cartoon is getting more than just a second season: it's getting a comic book!
    9. A Quick & Easy Guide to Coming Out offers help to anyone struggling to show themselves the way they are this fall
    10. Vault Comics is looking for the next generation of crowdfunding - and its crowdbuilding
    11. Tom Hiddleston reveals his emotional memories as he filmed Loki's final closeup in the MCU
    12. The Alec Guinness homage that C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels tried to sneak into Star Wars' Ahsoka show
    13. Michael Chabon's Fantastic Four: The movie and two comics projects that almost had him write Marvel's first family
    14. Yes, that's a Grogu made of chocolate (and yes, you really want to eat him, he's delicious)
    15. Enter the Flanaverse: How to watch Mike Flanagan’s films
    1. The Traitors season 2 finale is going to be exciting - could it also be good for you?
    2. Netflix changed how Avatar: The Last Airbender's big bad was revealed - and its a good thing
    3. Welcome Beauty and the Beast's Paige O’Hara and Richard White to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    4. Marvel's upcoming Blood Hunt event will be "too explicit" for some readers, leading to uncensored version being withheld from digital readers & bookstores
    5. Marvel goes Dungeons & Dragons... kind of
    6. A Twilight animated show is in development, hopefully reaching its true shoujo potential
    7. For the low, low price of a small house, you could own Gimli's actual axe from the Lord of the Rings trilogy
    8. Netflix renews Avatar: The Last Airbender for a second and third season
    9. Scout Comics to re-launch the company with help from a new corporate business partner
    10. RWBY creator Rooster Teeth shutting down proves that popularity may not equal prosperity
    11. What do Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayers think of the new Netflix show?
    12. Take a small piece of The Big Lebowski home with this checkbook handwritten by Jeff Bridges
    13. What if... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had their own Mount Rushmore?
    1. Superman: Everything we know about the 2025 start of the new DCU
    2. Dune: Part Three isn't greenlit yet, with studio exec saying director needs to "gets the script right"
    3. Dune: Part Two has maxed out IMAX screens so much some fans must wait 3 weeks to see it
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