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August 2022 Archive

    1. Amazon Prime's The Rings of Power - everything on the Lord of the Rings series, release date, trailer, cast, more
    2. Watch Amy Chu, Yoshi Yoshitani, Alys Arden talk about creating compelling characters for YA and middle-grade comics and graphic novels
    3. How Star Wars made San Diego Comic-Con (and vice versa) revealed in exclusive See You at San Diego preview
    4. From One Piece pirate ships to Gene Ha: empowering the next generation of comic creators
    5. Queer As In “More, Please”: Discussing Queer YA at ECCC
    6. Watch Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe lead Outlander cast & crew in talk about show from New York Comic Con 2021
    7. Adapting to an industry that's getting worse: Dave Scheidt on the illusion of 'breaking in'
    1. Gender Queer obscenity lawsuit dismissed by Virginia judge
    2. The Making of Transformers: Beast Wars
    3. The confusing case of DC's Hispanic Heritage Month Kyle Rayner cover
    4. Are You Afraid of the Dark eased a generation into horror
    5. Wonder Woman: The growing legacy of DC’s Amazon superhero
    6. Black Lightning and the crisis of conscience inside the Lex Luthor White House
    7. Netflix movies, TV shows, and comedy specials coming in September 2022
    8. Confronting racism in cartoons: A retrospective of the work of Brumsic Brandon Jr. and Barbara Brandon-Croft at the Billy Ireland
    1. Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme have an appetite for more - including their own TV show
    2. Good Trouble and Entertaining Comics: Celebrating 100 Years of William M. Gaines at ECCC
    3. Stargirl's Yvette Monreal chats Wildcat's new arc, new neighbors, and new teammates in season three
    4. Kat Leyh, LL McKinney, and Margaret Owen talk about how queer stories are here to stay at ECCC '22
    5. Telling new stories in an old-fashioned style: Interview & Exclusive Excerpt from Melanie Gillman's Other Ever Afters
    6. Indie Darlings: What To Know About Working With Independent Publishers
    7. Meet the Marvels - All of the Marvel heroes (and villains) of Marvel Comics
    1. Adapting the Sandman: changes from the DC/Vertigo pages to the Netflix screen
    2. Fish Out of Water: An ECCC Spotlight on Doug Jones
    3. "I kind of live con crunch" YouTube star creator Odin Makes shares his passion for cosplay & conventions
    4. Tapas Media's ECCC '22 panel showcased the strength of webcomics (and the size of webcomics fandom, too)
    5. Superman: Space Age's Mark Russell delves into the DC hero as "the voice of sincerity and honesty about what the world needs from him"
    1. Star Trek: Lower Decks returns with the new season starting today
    2. "Being different is your power": Con O'Neill, Nathan Foad, and Kristian Nairn talk perseverance at Emerald City Comic Con
    3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just one of The Boys (Well, he will be starting next season)
    4. Tangled up in green: How Ram V and Mike Perkins reinvented DC's Swamp Thing
    5. Report: Batgirl to receive 'funeral screenings' on Warner Bros. lot
    6. Jim Zub shares the secrets behind Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons at ECCC '22
    7. Netflix's The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a fourth and final season
    8. The scariest thing in 'The Department of Truth' is us
    1. Warner Bros shifts release dates for Aquaman 2 and Shazam 2
    2. ECCC '22 ends with an eye towards the future
    3. Harvey Guillén was not an overnight success
    4. Celebrate the winners of ECCC 2022's Cosplay Central Championships of Cosplay!
    5. As Marvel's Judgment Day continues, let's revisit the unexpected creative team of Alan Moore and Rob Liefeld
    6. Guillermo and Nightwing: Stepping out of the shadows of others and out of the closet with award-nominated actor Harvey Guillén
    7. Watch the voices behind Pinky & the Brain - Rob Paulsen and Maurice Lamarche - at ECCC '22
    1. Diamond Comic Distributors signs four comic publishers to new exclusive Deluxe Tier deal
    2. All the best cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con 2022!
    3. British convention ICE canceled just weeks ahead of its 2022 event
    4. This cosplayer crochets her cosplays!
    5. Monica Rambeau finally gets to shine in her first solo comic book series this December
    6. Crime writers Alex Segura and Rob Hart team with Joe Eisma for Blood Oath at Amazon's Comixology Originals
    7. TikTok comedian EmptyJunior makes skits about Daredevil, the Bat Family, and their universes
    8. The secret history of DC's Arkham Asylum (and the Arkham family) revealed in Batman's new Detective Comics run opener
    1. The 10 best Batman video games that embody the Dark Knight
    2. SheProp! celebrates female, non-binary, and transgender cosplayers by building a supportive cosplay community
    3. Sandman is the most popular show in the world right now - but it "may not be enough" for Netflix to renew the show
    4. Amazon streaming device users faced difficulties streaming House of the Dragon debut on HBO Max
    5. Watch Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo, and Mike Huddleston's VIP Three Worlds Three Moons panel from ECCC!
    6. Star Trek Day returns, going head-to-head with Disney+ Day
    7. Watch the Remembering Tim Sale panel from ECCC 2022
    8. "Everybody hates something" Peter Bagge describes how he named his classic alternative comic
    1. Watch as YA cartoonists unite! Hope Larson and Liana Kangas talk about the writer/artist/colorist triple threat at ECCC
    2. The Lord of the Rings franchise rights acquired by owner of Dark Horse Comics & THQ Nordic
    3. Watch Jinkx Monsoon & BenDeLaCreme live in ECCC's A Terminally Delightful Monsoon Season!
    4. Watch Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme Q&A panel from ECCC 2022
    5. Brendan Fraser and Oded Fehr reminisce about The Mummy at their reunion panel
    6. A beginner's guide to Yaoi manga - watch Emerald City Comic Con's Boy's Love panel
    7. Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons with Nerds Know at ECCC
    8. Watch wrestling and comics collide with Headlocked with Michael Kingston and the Bollywood Boyz at ECCC 2022
    9. Watch the full ECCC Crown Championships of Cosplay competition from your home!
    10. Follow along with Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston and Mike del Mundo's private ECCC event, live and direct!
    11. Watch live as Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook reunite for She's all That panel at ECCC!
    12. Watch the Ready to Roll cast play D&D from the ECCC 2022 stage!
    13. Watch the How to Survive a Horror Movie panel from ECCC 2022!
    1. Find local artists and makers at Emerald City Comic Con's Homegrown
    2. Watch Emerald City Comic Con's Oh Japan, What Have You Done?! panel
    3. Watch Barry Gordon, Cam Clarke, Rob Paulsen, & Townsend Coleman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reunion at ECCC 2022
    4. Watch Cait May, LL McKinney, Liana Kangas, Lauren Walsh talk about the evolution of queer stories for teens at Emerald City Comic Con 2022
    5. Watch Zack Davisson, G. Willow Wilson, Terry Dodson, Valentine Barker, Jim Zub embark in super comics fun time on stage at ECCC '22
    6. Watch Christopher Eccleston regenerate into a Doctor Who panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2022 live!
    7. Watch the Twisted Toonz panel with Grey Delisle, Rob Paulsen, and Maurice Lamarche from Emerald City Comic Con 2022!
    8. Follow the Remembering Tim Sale panel live from ECCC '22
    9. How to create an Image comic (and the worldbuilding, thematic layout, and structure involved)
    10. Watch the Norse mythology panel Tales from Yggdrasil from Emerald City Comic Con 2022
    11. Jim Zub, Rod Reis, Tini Howard, and Danny Khazem talk about breaking into comics - the Marvel way at ECCC '22
    12. Problem with your cosplay? Don't despair—head over to Cosplay Repair!
    13. Watch Tracy & Laura Hickman and Jim Zub's Tabletop RPGs design panel from ECCC '22
    14. Watch Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, & Max Mittelman bring L.A.V.A. Live show to ECCC!
    15. Watch the Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons panel with Jim Zub from Emerald City Comic Con 2022
    16. Watch Steve Burns chat about why he left Blues Clues live from Emerald City Comic Con!
    17. Learn the art and science behind building worlds and characters from Janet Lee and Amy Chu at ECCC '22!
    18. Watch Hope Larson, Isaac Goodhart, and Kat Leyh talk YA comics at ECCC '22
    19. Watch Funkon 2 invade Emerald City Comic Con 2022
    20. Watch Tracy and Laura Hickman talk Skyraiders of Abarax from ECCC '22 live!
    21. Which is better: dubbed anime or subtitled anime? The Dubs. vs Subs debate goes live from ECCC '22 stages
    22. These are the droids you're looking for-- Lego droids, that is, at Emerald City Comic Con
    1. Watch Genshin Impact's Cristina Vee, Erika Harlacher, Todd Haberkorn live on stage from ECCC '22
    2. Beyondtopia Legends brings Indonesian folklore & heroes into modern superheroics
    3. An exclusive first look inside Marvel's New Mutants 40th anniversary special
    4. Visit Emerald City Comic Con's Brick Nation to see scenes from all corners of pop culture in Lego form
    5. Novelist Marissa Meyer spills the bean on her writing secrets (and secret origin) at ECCC '22
    6. Adam Cesare on his Clown in a Cornfield sequel and why he loves teen horror
    7. Watch Doug Jones' Spotlight panel from ECCC 2022 live!
    8. Watch Tochi Onyebuchi, Alys Arden, Kami Garcia, LL McKinney, DJ Kirkland's discussion of the book censorship from ECCC '22
    9. Iconic comics inker, artist, and painter Tom Palmer passes away at age 80
    10. Jim Zub, Amy Chu, Zack Kaplan, and Jim Krueger reveal the secrets of comics writing at ECCC '22
    11. Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's Japanese creative team for discuss the movie’s art, new characters and more!
    12. Watch Amy Chu, Jim Zub, Zack Kaplan, and Jim Krueger's comics writing workshop at ECCC 2022
    1. Kami Garcia, Alys Arden, LL McKinney, Isaac Goodhart, and Julio Anta talk the Art of Collaboration in YA for ECCC '22 panel
    2. Why do digital comics cost so much?
    3. DC recruits Geoff Johns to usher in a 'New Golden Age' with JSA and Stargirl comic book titles
    4. The Mummy knew what it was - and that's its charm
    5. She-Hulk: The science behind what gamma radiation can do to you in real-life and inside Marvel
    6. WildCATS, Stormwatch, and more are back for DC's Wildstorm revival this November
    7. Creepshow welcomes Francesco Francavilla, Ariela Kristantina, more
    8. Erica Schultz shares family secrets of a Nazi hunter with Image Comics' The Deadliest Bouquet
    1. A bloody puzzle: Inside the DC reinvention of the Riddler from new Batman one-shot
    2. Alfred Pennyworth... alive? Looking at something DC is teasing for Batman vs. Robin
    3. How Milestone Media's Static changed Saturday morning cartoons for good
    4. [Spoiler] returns (or seems to) in new Batman vs. Robin preview
    5. How Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fits in the larger story of the franchise
    6. Marvel relaunches Fantastic Four as a throwback to '60s Star Trek style stories
    7. Marc Silvestri's Batman/Joker adult-oriented comic is re-announced with a late 2022 debut
    8. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law gives us a peek into an MCU that actually talks about other events in the MCU
    1. Garth Ennis revives British comics history with the new Battle Action anthology
    2. Longstanding kids graphic novel publisher Papercutz acquired by Mad Cave
    3. Punk rock paleontologist Jingmai O’Connor digs into the the fact and fiction of dinosaurs at C2E2 2022
    4. Watch Jackbox Games C2E2 2022 panel like you were there
    5. The Contradictions: Sophie Yanow discusses storyboarding, journalism in comics form, and skateboarding
    6. Star Wars' Rogue One returning to theaters, alongside special footage from new Disney+ series Andor
    7. (Not) giving the fans what they want: What Thor: Love and Thunder means for the MCU audience
    1. Inside the Owen Wilson superhero film Secret Headquarters with Michael Peña, Abby Witherspoon, Momona Tamada, Lily O’Bryant
    2. Watch critic, actors, and fans clash over movies everyone disagrees with you on - a panel from C2E2 '22
    3. Is HBO Max turning into HBO Min? As it lays off 14% of staff, looking ahead to the streaming service's future
    4. Watch Comics vs. Politics: The C2E2 '22 panel digging into how comics broach socio-political topics
    5. How the Comics Code Authority made the world safe again for superheroes
    6. Meet the new CW: New owners lay out a vision for network's future (and who it wants to watch it)
    7. Watch Marvel Family Feud - fans test their trivia knowledge in C2E2 2022 panel
    8. Be there at C2E2 2022 from anywhere with Popverse's liveblogs, reports, interviews, and streaming panels
    1. Watch voice actor Erika Harlacher's C2E2 2022 spotlight panel!
    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi follows the footsteps of the Skywalkers to make peace with the past
    3. Watch C2E2's the Future is Queer panel with Kat Leyh, Kelly McKernan, and Blue Delliquanti
    4. Four ways that Dan Slott changed the Fantastic Four for the better
    5. Save the date: The Chicago comic convention C2E2 has revealed its 2023 dates
    6. Watch the puppeteers of Star Wars, Dave Barclay and Mike Quinn, from Chicago's C2E2 2022
    7. Marika McCoola and Aatmaja Panya talk Slip, collaboration, and blueberry hot sauce
    8. Watch the creators behind Image Comics' Massive-Verse dig into the series they describe as "Power Rangers with adult problems" at C2E2 '22 panel
    9. Watch Mike Del Mundo vs. Ryan Ottley in an epic sketch battle from C2E2 2022
    10. Moses Ingram, Rupert Friend, and Vivien Lyra Blair chat Star Wars and love overpowering the "fandom weenies"
    1. Iconic Star Wars replica maker Bryan Ono has passed away
    2. Mitch Gerads reveals how hard he pushed himself with Riddler's One Bad Day (and Tom King's honest reaction!)
    3. Watch Ross Marquand & Dan Fogler talk The Walking Dead from May's MCM
    4. Fans, bans, and comics storytelling: 30 years of the Comics Arts Conference
    5. Tickets for Magic: The Gathering 30th anniversary convention Magic 30 on-sale now
    6. Phoo Action revives a rare piece of comics history from Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett
    7. Gotta catch 'em all!—Tim Allison is on a mission to collect every C2E2 badge
    8. Marvel relaunches Deadpool comic this November promising comedy, romance, murder, and body horror - maybe all at once?
    9. C2E2 staff and fans open up about the weekend, why Marvel and DC were absent, and plans for 2023
    1. As Marvel's Judgment Day continues, let's look back at the Justice League's early 1990s story of the same name
    2. Mass layoffs leave a skeleton crew at Valiant Entertainment
    1. Tom King and Mitch Gerads talk about the Riddler's horrendous very good One Bad Day
    2. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 spoilers: All the shocking twists explained by Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere
    3. The curious case of Jane Foster’s missing son
    4. Eternity: The balance of power in the MCU has just shifted forever
    1. The Flash star Ezra Miller arrested for felony burglary
    2. Watch Harry Potter alum Sean Biggerstaff in his C2E2 2022 spotlight panel
    3. Watch the Mirka Andolfo vs. Ryan Stegman sketch duel from C2E2 2022!
    4. Watch voice actor Steve Blum's full spotlight panel from C2E2
    5. Watch the McElroys' Next Gen Nerds panel with Janet Varney, Joalda Morancy, Kat Leyh from C2E2 2022
    6. Everything you ever wanted to know about Thor and Jane Foster’s romance
    7. Watch Marvel Comics' Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way panel from C2E2 2022
    8. Jeff Smith and Tim Fielder chat Tuki, Matty's Rocket, self-publishing, and Netflix's Bone
    9. Our Flag Means Death's Con O'Neill and Nathan Foad spends an hour with fans in a C2E2 '22 panel
    10. Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg discuss the difficulties of adapting the diner episode of Netflix's Sandman
    1. Rosario Dawson hints at new DC animated project during panel at C2E2
    2. Is the Punisher making his MCU return soon? Jon Bernthal's co-star Rosario Dawson says so (then said 'no')
    3. Watch the C2E2 Cosplay Showcase live like you are here!
    4. Watch Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Ryan Stegman, and Frank Tieri's VIP Monsters After Dark event at C2E2 '22
    5. Watch Janet Varney's C2E2 spotlight panel, talking The Legend of Korra, Stan vs. Evil Dead, more
    6. Watch Marvel Comics' Beyond Amazing – A Spider-Man Retrospective with C.B. Cebulski & Ryan Stegman
    7. Artists Alley is the place to be -- C2E2 Spotlight
    8. Massive-verse's Kyle Higgins goes into how Radiant Black and other titles will "push the boundaries of what a comic book" can be
    9. Mutant and proud! A discussion on the psychology of the X-Men from C2E2 2022
    10. Marvel launches ongoing Mary Jane and Black Cat comic this winter
    11. Image Comics' 30th anniversary celebration comes to C2E2 with Wes Craig, Mirka Andolfo, and Kyle Strahm
    12. Travis & Clint McElroy bring the Adventure Zone to the C2E2 stage with spotlight panel
    13. Watch Marvel's Spider-Man 60th Anniversary panel like you were here at C2E2 '22
    14. The voice actors behind the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles share stories at C2E2 '22
    1. Watch the full C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay competition from your home!
    2. Image Comics celebrates 30-year anniversary with C2E2 panel - follow along!
    3. Donny Cates returns to Venom after a year away
    4. New Spider-Man series to debut in Shonen Jump
    5. Celebrating Spider-Man's 60th Anniversary with 'Beyond Amazing' panel at C2E2 - Follow along live!
    6. From 'Why Not' to 'What If?': Chris Claremont on other projects that never happened
    7. Ryan Browne discusses Chicago as a comic town (and also Eight Billion Genies)
    8. Spider-Man and his amazing Marvel friends Skottie Young and Mike Del Mundo come to a C2E2 panel
    9. Watch Aly & AJ talk music, TV, and more in their C2E2 2022 spotlight panel
    10. X-Men's Chris Claremont delivers a surprisingly raw and controversial hour for fans at C2E2 2022
    11. Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Ryan Ottley, and Frank Tieri hosts a closed-door VIP event at C2e2 - and we're inside!
    12. Watch the full C2E2 Hit the Stage: KPOP Dance Cover Competition
    13. Anime star and VTuber AmaLee spotlighted in C2E2 2022 panel - watch along!
    1. Watch C2E2's Let's Get Shelving: Starting a Graphic Novel Classroom panel
    2. Watch Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, & Max Mittelman bring L.A.V.A. Live show to C2E2!
    3. Marvel Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski and more Marvel staff & creators shares secrets on how to break into comics at C2e2
    4. Watch Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, and Lita's spotlight panel from C2E2
    5. Milestone Comics and its powerful methods of representation
    6. Denys Cowan opens up about the evolution of Milestone from the '90s to now
    1. New Warner Bros. Discovery boss says that DC is "top of the list" in terms of priorities for the new company
    2. Netflix's Sandman actor Vanesu Samunyai discusses her role as Rose Walker and growing alongside her character
    3. Tom King and Elsa Charretier take us inside their meta romance story Love, Everlasting
    4. Lady Gaga confirms she's co-starring in the Joker sequel film
    5. Plus size cosplayers find confidence in cosplaying
    6. Amazing Spider-Man #900 pays homage to Peter Parker’s long road (getting from there to here)
    1. Joker: Folie à Deux gets a release date for Fall 2024
    2. Batgirl directors respond to the movie's surprise cancellation
    3. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law moved to Thursdays, avoiding Star Wars' Andor
    4. Watch Trash Taste's CDawgVA and The Anime Man give their best smolder, race in gaming chairs, more
    5. Prey is a brutal, exciting reboot of the Predator franchise
    6. Did Oni Press fire two of its owners? Inside the complicated ownership and leadership of the comics publisher
    7. Oni Press confirmed to exhibit at Emerald City Comic Con after SDCC cancellation, layoffs, staff exits
    8. Netflix's Sandman actor Mason Alexander Park calls Desire a "dream role"
    9. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness costume designer Graham Churchyard on creating Earth 838's signature look and Wanda's multiversal mold
    1. What is Marvel Studios planning for D23 Expo?
    2. Doctor Strange's alt-universe may return, hints Marvel costume designer
    3. Report: Batgirl movie shelved at Warner Bros. Discovery, with no plans for release
    4. DC's Clockwork Killer revealed as classic Batman family member [REDACTED] as Flashpoint Beyond enters final act
    5. Celebrating Peanuts creator Charles 'Sparky' Schulz at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
    6. Game of Thrones Fan Convention updates its schedule, adds Kit Harrington as guest
    7. Another Oni Press staffer reveals what's going on inside company, and how the public statement "reaped the whirlwind of their failure"
    8. How do I comic shop?
    1. Azrael, DC’s angel of vengeance, becomes a man of peace in Watters & Cizmesjia series
    2. The Flash to end its run on the CW with 2023's ninth season
    3. Netflix's Sandman actor Boyd Holbrook had to get comfortable with confidence to play the Corinthian
    4. Oni Press' top remaining publishing figure exits the company following lay-offs
    5. Raina Telgemeier, Katy Farina, and Gale Galligan discuss the joys of adapting The Baby-Sitters Club
    6. Latest Andor trailer highlights birth of the Star Wars rebellion (and hides a 3-week delay)
    7. August 2022 - This month in comic history, from 75 years ago to now
    8. Netflix's Sandman actor Vivienne Acheampong delves into her character's relationship with Dream