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August 2023 Archive

    1. Marvel launches exclusive Nova Hasbro figure for Unlimited plus members only
    2. Iconic Sandman artist Dave McKean delves into the world of AI art
    3. No, you're not imagining it: One Piece's logo changes with each Netflix episode
    4. Michelle Gomez joins NYCC 2023 line-up (and Popverse Superfans get first dibs on meeting her!)
    5. Chicago's C2E2 2024 tickets are on-sale now!
    6. New York Comic Con: Best places to grab food near the Javits Center
    7. One Piece: What to watch after binging the live action Netflix show
    8. DC's YA leader (and long-time company vet) Jim Chadwick is retiring
    9. The CW Supergirl's Nicole Maines brings her DC character to comics in Enter the Popverse
    10. One Piece's whimsy teeters towards nightmare fuel in live action series
    11. One Piece's Iñaki Godoy brings complexity to a frustratingly simple Luffy
    12. Every difference between the live-action One Piece and the original manga
    13. Netflix's One Piece series fixes the anime's biggest flaw: the pacing
    14. Netflix's One Piece season one ending explained
    15. Netflix's One Piece gives an early introduction to Vice Admiral Garp
    16. One Piece's most important moment is the emotional climax of the Netflix series
    1. Marvel's G.O.D.S. isn't an acronym, it's a word puzzle
    2. Netflix courtroom drama Lincoln Lawyer to approach the bench again for a season 3
    3. Marvel taps Ernanda Souza for Hispanic Heritage Month variant covers
    4. DC's Hispanic Heritage Month variant covers from Pablo Villalobos feature Bane, Blue Beetle and more
    5. Our Flag Means Death leans into bolder aesthetic in teaser trailer for season 2
    6. Stede and Blackbeard find themselves on different tracks in Our Flag Means Death season 2 teaser
    7. Watch the One Piece reunion panel with Colleen Clinkenbeard, Ian Sinclair, Sonny Strait from Seattle's ECCC!
    8. Star Wars: Ahsoka's big bad is the best part of the show, in this padawan's opinion
    9. Marvel's G.O.D.S. father Jonathan Hickman: "I want to only do things that excite me as a creator"
    10. Is Marvel's G.O.D.S. a mini or an ongoing series?
    11. Jonathan Hickman's G.O.D.S. was originally going to be a Marvel TV show
    12. What comes after G.O.D.S.? Jonathan Hickman isn't saying (but he is teasing)
    13. Acclaimed rom-com The Bromance Book Club comes to comics next month
    14. Star Wars: What happened to Sabine's FIRST mission with Ahsoka to find Ezra Bridger?
    15. Star Wars: Ahsoka contains a nod to New Hope... and to George Lucas's Japanese influences
    16. One Piece: Netflix is adding anime TV specials and movies after live action debut
    17. How Iman Vellani went from Marvel Studios actor to Marvel Comics writer
    1. Good Omens 3 will have to wait for Amazon to end the writers strike
    2. Marvel's G.O.D.S.: Everything you need to know about Jonathan Hickman & Valerio Schiti's new comic
    3. Jaws (and family) swims into the Netflix stream this September
    4. Captain America: How to watch the MCU’s star-spangled hero in release and chronological order
    5. DC's Knight Terrors ending explained: How the crossover event goes beyond the nightmares
    6. Is it taking longer to choose something to stream? Here's the data.
    7. Image Comics' Antarctica gets an upgrade with its sixth issue
    1. Star Wars: Can you be a Jedi without using the Force? Surprise you, Yoda's answer might
    2. One Piece anime episode delayed, but Crunchyroll will make it up to US fans
    3. Neil Gaiman almost prevented Terry Pratchett’s unfinished work from being steamrolled (almost)
    4. DC debuts a new Joker-level villain in September's Wonder Woman #1
    5. Why has Disney+ pulled The Spiderwick Chronicles without even airing it?
    6. Jujutsu Kaisen: How (and where) to watch the hit shonen anime as it returns
    7. The actor's actor Chukwudi Iwuji is coming to NYCC 2023 (and Popverse has first dibs on photo ops and autographs)
    8. Zack Snyder's team is thrilled Rebel Moon isn't another Star Wars
    9. Henry Cavill: the actor's top 10 projects, ranked!
    10. Marvel Comics' Captain America ending explained: Inside the finale of Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Carmen Carnero’s run
    11. Chainsaw Man's Denji and My Hero Academia's Rody Soul - separated at birth?
    12. DC's Power Girl reconnects with her roots in new ongoing by Leah WIlliams & Eduardo Pansica
    13. A new DC era begins in Wonder Woman #1 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere
    14. Batman vs. Catwoman: Whose side are you on? Inside the DC crossover event Gotham War
    1. How to reinvent Superman (and Lex Luthor) for the next generation of readers, according to Brendan Reichs
    2. Cosmic wrestling comic The Fourth Rope is being adapted into an anime
    3. Resistance is futile: 5 reasons you should be watching Star Trek: Lower Decks
    4. DC's new Fire & Ice series is a "superhero Schitt's Creek," says writer Joanne Starer
    5. Our Flag Means Death Poll winner: Pirate's choice announced!
    6. Disney+'s Ahsoka is the show for the next generation of Star Wars fans (which may or may not be you)
    7. Dune: Part Two: Everything you need to know about the fight for Arrakis
    8. Dune: Part Two is moved four months because of strikes
    9. Happiness is for sale in new middle-grade OGN The Happy Shop by Brittany Long Olsen
    10. Doctor Who: Your guide to the Doctors
    11. Meet Marvel's most adorable new hero (and goodest doggo), D-Dog
    12. The Flash: How to watch all of Ezra Miller’s Flash appearances in release and chronological order
    13. DC Studios' The Flash ending (and its many mysteries) explained
    14. DC's The Flash movie is silly, slightly muddled summer fun
    1. Marvel wants their own version of Sandman's Endless family - and are creating it with G.O.D.S.
    2. Gran Turismo: The actual facts behind the movie
    3. Percy Jackson: How (and where) to watch the movies and show in chronological and release order!
    4. Zack Snyder has already created a director's cut of his new Netflix sci-fi movie, Rebel Moon
    5. The Barbie movie about to get bigger with an all-new post-credit scene
    6. Ron Perlman is coming home to New York Comic Con (and Popverse Superfans are first in line!)
    7. Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are about to change the Apple Watch (and maybe the world)
    8. What the hell? The Pope's Exorcist ending explained
    9. The Flash movie: A guide to all the cameos and surprise DC superhero appearances in The Flash
    10. Moon Knight artist Declan Shalvey is showing off the bones of his latest project, Old Dog
    11. Animal Farm is rewritten for today's political reality in Tom King and Peter Gross's new comic
    1. Starfield: Five movies, TV shows, and comics to enjoy before/during/after you play the game
    2. NYCC 2023: A first look at the New York Comic Con badges
    3. Ahsoka: Watch Rosario Dawson's full spotlight panel from Chicago's C2E2 FREE!
    4. The rich get creamed in new dark satire Rumpus Room
    5. Where is Thrawn? The central mystery of Ahsoka, explored
    6. Is Star Wars better without the Jedi? Ahsoka makes the case for a new order
    7. Marvel's real motive behind Ms. Marvel's death and resurrection revealed
    8. Get a snarling Geralt on your shelf thanks to CD PROJEKT RED and Dark Horse Direct
    9. ReedPop's Cosplay Central Crown Championships Returns in 2024
    10. Who are DC's Fire and Ice? Joanne Starer tells all on Enter the Popverse
    1. Iron Man: How to watch Robert Downey Jr.’s MCU saga movies in release and chronological order
    2. James Gunn might be building out the DCU with some Marvel heroes
    3. Star Wars: Who and what the Empire's Inquisitors are
    4. Star Wars: The most important planets (and moons) in the franchise
    5. Star Wars' Ahsoka: Who is the mysterious Inquisitor?
    6. DC's Raven and the Teen titans need to move on from her evil dad
    7. Oni Press wants to fight "boring" comics by focusing on art and the comic artists who make them
    1. Santa Claus was a serial killer: Inside the harsh holiday crime thriller by James Tynion IV and Joshua Hixson
    2. Skywalker Sound's Matthew Wood shares what it means to work on Ahsoka: "It’s satisfying, surreal"
    3. Disney offers protection against Disney+ deletions: Buying a physical copy of Marvel and Star Wars shows
    4. Gran Turismo: Jann Mardenborough on how he learned from his real-life engineer
    5. Blue Beetle beats Barbie, but that's not the full story on the DC superhero's opening weekend
    6. $4 movie theater tickets, this Sunday only, as part of National Cinema Day 2023
    7. Star Wars: "There is another" - Could Yoda have been talking about the other Jedi - Ahsoka?
    8. One Piece on Netflix: The release date, trailers, plot, cast, and more behind the live-action show
    9. Time travel in Star Wars? It happened, and Ahsoka did it
    10. Ahsoka: Where does Disney+'s new Star Wars show take place in the timeline?
    11. Lotus Land brings future dystopia and existential heartbreak together on the comic page
    1. San Diego Comic Con's leader is retiring, but returning as a volunteer
    2. Tom King teases a new creator-owned series announcement at NYCC 2023
    3. Wonder Woman is "the hardest mainstream character I've ever had to write," says Tom King
    4. DC's new Penguin title will crossover with the other Bat-books, says writer Tom King
    5. Amazon is jumping into the webtoons game in a big way (and without comIXology)
    6. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    7. Ahsoka: The Star Wars spin-off's trailers, release date, cast & more ahead of its Disney+ debut
    8. Marvel is teasing that Chris Claremont's original intentions for Nightcrawler's parents might be about to come true
    9. DC’s Blue Beetle ending explained
    10. Boom! Studios' Zawa + The Belly of the Beast takes a tasty approach to contemporary fables
    1. Arrowverse rises?: The cast of Arrow speculates on a potential revival
    2. Only Murders In the Building: Who are the songwriters behind Meryl Streep's big song?
    3. Blowing up houses and scaling mountains: Hollywood location scouts share what the job really means
    4. WEBTOON is ready to take on Apple and Amazon (and win)
    5. Venture Bros. watch order: How and where to watch The Venture Bros. (and maybe how not to)
    6. Maia Kobabe's unique tree-based approach to cartooning
    7. Todd McFarlane on the problem with (still) being relevant
    8. Lord of the Rings continues to make more money than you'd think
    9. Barbie: The cosplayers who celebrate Mattel's iconic doll-turned-movie-star
    10. DC's Blue Beetle movie reveals unexpected costar in its marketing - the Spanish language
    11. Scott Pilgrim anime features a reunion cast that is surprisingly superhero-studded
    12. Archie has found its next heroine, dark academia style
    13. Encanto: 9 cosplay costumes from the Disney animated movie to enchant you
    14. Wonder Woman's becoming an even bigger deal in the DCU - Tom King explains it all
    1. Could Masters of the Universe be another Barbie for Mattel?
    2. Marvel Comics' Daredevil ending explained: Inside the finale of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's run
    3. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Everything we know about Netflix's anime adaptation
    4. Susan Sarandon is coming to NYCC 2023, and Popverse has first dibs on Photo Ops and Autographs
    1. The Ken Problem
    2. Barbie is the new Batman, but that's not a good thing
    3. Good Omens season 2: What Aziraphale's plight says about religion and goodness
    4. Argylle: Who is the writer whose novel is behind Henry Cavill's upcoming spy thriller?
    5. Is Rafael Grampá the next Frank Miller? The Batman artist/writer responds to fan comments
    6. Todd McFarlane created a universe of Spawn variants. Now he’s murdering them all, as babies.
    7. Stranger Things: How the Russians got the demodogs could be explained in new comic spin-off
    8. Supergirl: Superman's cousin's tangled history and bright future
    9. Inside the life of the US Revolutionary War hero who was also revolutionary and flamboyantly gay
    1. McDonald's Loki tie-in: Yes, we bought it for the sauce
    2. Ahead of its second season, Disney Channel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur get an all-ages graphic novel
    3. Jason Aaron returns to DC Comics with a new Batman limited series
    4. Aquaman: How to watch Jason Momoa’s ocean-based superhero in release and chronological order
    5. The Marvels might be a central piece of the MCU's Multiverse Saga, teases director
    1. Marvel's X-Men: What the company's seismic changes say about the Krakoan era
    2. To me, my X-Men: Why Tom Brevoort's Marvel job change is a big deal (and not just for comics)
    3. Marvel is super-charging its X-Men franchise ahead of its MCU debut
    4. Heartstopper's use of animation makes the show a success
    5. And the nominees for the 2023 Harvey Awards are...
    6. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    7. Gal Gadot might have just sunk her chance of getting a Wonder Woman 3 movie
    8. Prime Video's Red White and Royal Blue adaptation is not nearly as bad as its trailer
    9. Harley Quinn and the art of giving a f**k
    1. Calvin & Hobbes - coming soon in books you can fit in your backpack (OR your bookshelf)
    2. Loki sneaks his way into McDonald's latest Famous Orders meal
    3. A new Meg book takes everything you love about the Meg movies, and gives you more
    4. Mattel wants to be the new Marvel
    5. Galactic Starcruiser: Even just closing the Star Wars hotel costs Disney $2.5 million per room
    6. How Disney's acquisition of Star Wars rocked the Clone Wars cast, according to the actors themselves
    7. Marvel Studios' Loki is about to introduce a Zaniac to the MCU - but just who is he?
    8. A Blue Beetle comic spikes in sales ahead of movie
    9. Dog Man sees red in Dav Pilkey's next guaranteed best-selling comic from Scholastic Graphix
    10. Baseball star Shohei Ohtani's favorite manga and anime
    11. Marvel set up a bunch of major storylines in Amazing Spider-Man #31
    12. Get the X-Men experience (with or without Marvel's help): Inside the upcoming mutant con The Uncanny Experience
    13. Paramount+'s Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 ending explained
    1. Disney+ raises subscription price (again) this October
    2. Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound: Exclusive sneak peek into Dave Chisholm's newest jazz comic
    3. Succession, but superheroes: How HBO is aiming to break the superhero sitcom curse
    4. Virgin River: Netflix's PNW romance returns with fire and heartbreak (actual fire, proverbial heartbreak)
    5. Will there be a Barbie sequel? Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling have not signed on
    6. After layoffs, IDW backs away from Originals line
    7. What the Paddington Photoshop meme tells us about the Bear himself
    8. The Notorious S.P.I.D.E.Y.: Marvel is revisiting the "most notorious Spider-Man story ever told"
    9. AEW Fight Forever: The game that brings the hottest wrestling franchise into your hands
    10. AEW Fight Forever: Watch as Popverse plays the exciting new wrestling game of the summer
    11. Superheroes and super heels: How AEW embodies comic-book style superheroics
    12. Batman's Rafael Grampá on "bringing in ugliness when trying to make something beautiful"
    13. Watch Jack Black perform Bowser from the Super Mario Bros. Movie live in front of a packed NYCC crowd!
    1. Marvel just made a questionable change to Magneto’s history with the X-Men
    2. Detective Comics' Ram V is talking about his Batman western in this week's Enter the Popverse
    3. Argylle: The release date, trailer, cast, and more to Henry Cavill's new spy thriller
    4. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures' CRC Payne and Red Hood: Outlaw's Patrick Young on writing DC through slice of life
    5. Superman: How the Daily Planet changed the superhero game
    1. The Jurassic Park-themed podcast See Jurassic Right from Steven Ray Morris is returning soon
    2. Marvel's Tom Brevoort teases a new mission that has his head "whirling with ideas and concepts"
    3. From Falcon to Captain America: How to watch the MCU’s Sam Wilson in release and chronological order
    4. Simon & Schuster's latest sale about to be announced
    1. Sloane Leong returns to to the strikingly beautiful and surreal worlds of Prism Stalker with The Weeping Star
    2. Badder blood, even worse planning: how you just can't fault Rob Liefeld for missing his own panel
    3. Watch the Chainsaw Man panel with Ryan Colt Levy, Sarah Widenheft, and Reagan Murdock from Florida Supercon!
    4. The Our Flag Means Death cast reveals what songs they would perform in drag
    5. Is Chainsaw Man for moms? The cast share their experiences
    6. Superman: How to watch all of of the Man of Steel's live-action movies and TV shows in chronological or release order
    7. Big pirate adventure, bigger emotional journey in the sapphic swashbuckler The Pirate and the Porcelain Girl
    1. Support Popverse (and get more Popverse!) for only $5.99 a month
    2. Poll: Who should play Fantastic Four's Reed Richards in the MCU?
    3. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Without Hall H, every SDCC panel became Hall H: A travelog of Comic-Con International: San Diego
    5. Gal Gadot may be the most high-profile survivor of the DC Expanded Universe
    6. Killer shark: Ten horror shark movies that will have you terrified to go near water
    7. Image Comics signs bookstore distribution deal with Simon & Schuster for 2024 and beyond
    1. "Batman is a 15-year-old boy's idea of what a rich guy would do when he was eight," says Howard Chaykin
    2. SpongeBob SquarePants watch order: How (and where) to binge Bikini Bottom
    3. Combined WGA/comic writers picket line shows the connection between industry woes
    4. Vault Comics wants to have the best-selling comic of 2023 - and they're willing to give it away for free to do it
    5. Head back to the 2000s with this excerpt of Kate Leth's Mall Goth
    6. How Spawn’s confrontation with Donald Trump earned Todd McFarlane an angry phone call from Breitbart
    7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' musical episode (and the real singers on the Enterprise crew)
    8. Did Barbie's creator Ruth Handler really commit tax fraud? Yes!
    1. Happy Death Day's Christopher Landon set to direct Scream VII
    2. How will conventions work with actors during the strike? Sean Astin and LA Comic Con set an example
    3. Will there be a Meg 3? The Meg 2: The Trench director hopes so
    4. James Gunn teases big screen animated movies for the new DCU
    5. Marvel wants everyone to forget Ms. Marvel died – literally
    6. Daredevil: Born Again villain rumors lead to spike in sales of a surprising Marvel comic
    7. An afternoon with the archbishop of fun: In conversation with Howard Chaykin
    8. The Transformers: EarthSpark team chat big changes in season 1 finale (no spoilers)
    1. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are coming to prose starting in 2024, thanks to Marvel Crime
    2. A P.I. state of mind: The best detective show in every U.S. state
    3. The Marvels soar into McDonalds with a new Happy Meal tie-in
    4. The Meg creator Steve Alten boards a shark-themed Enter the Popverse
    5. Humberto Ramos reveals his favorite comic book characters to draw
    6. Stephen Amell walks back comments about not supporting striking after pushback
    7. What does the actors and writers strikes mean for New York Comic Con, MCM, and other ReedPop shows?
    8. HBO's Euphoria cast and crew respond to the death of Angus Cloud
    9. Tom Cruise didn't want Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning to end on a cliffhanger
    10. Batman: Dispelling the myth of the loner Dark Knight