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September 2023 Archive

    1. Marvel's Storm is a icon to drag queens according to RuPaul's Drag Race stars
    2. What to expect from Marvel at New York Comic Con 2023
    3. "Toy Story meets Sandman": Inside the new Image Comics series Kill Your Darlings
    4. Chris Claremont is already pitching to be part of Marvel's new X-Men era under Tom Brevoort
    5. Are all Disney villains drag queens? RuPaul's Drag Race choreographer says yes
    6. Writers wanted: Marvel Studios is looking for someone to write the long-awaited MCU X-Men movie
    7. The secret origin of The Boys as a DC superteam to counter Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League
    8. Popverse celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!
    9. Six graphic novels to read this Hispanic Heritage Month
    10. Batman is now Santa Claus (Don't ask, just buy it)
    11. Which Our Flag Means Death actor appeared in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's WAP music video
    12. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend? Rosemary's Baby, The Borrow a Boyfriend Club, more
    13. The OceanGate Titan tragedy is being turned into a movie, because of course there will be
    14. Marvel's new Carnage comic is scarier than the publisher thought, and it's now warning retailers
    15. See who slayed at the pink carpet premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 5
    1. The Amazing Spider-Man is Marvel's most reliable superhero comic
    2. Mortal Kombat: How to watch (and finish) the Mortal Kombat movies & TV show
    3. Watch Adult Swim's new & returning show cavalcade panel from NYCC 2023!
    4. X-Men '97 voice actors had to re-audition for their old roles
    5. Image Comics workers union: Unionizing is "so much more than making an announcement and calling it a day"
    6. Transformers: Five must-read runs from four decades of robots in disguise
    7. Netflix's Fall of the House of Usher release date is almost here
    8. Loki: Yes, Classic Loki gets a worryingly realistic action figure
    9. Attack on Titan season 4 part 4: Everything we know
    10. Why there's no need to play dumb about DC's new movie continuity
    11. Watch the full Crunchyroll’s Chainsaw Man NYCC premiere with Mike McFarland, Ryan Colt Levy, and more!
    12. After Ahsoka, what is the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew release date?
    13. Sex Education: Here's where your favorite cast members are showing up next
    14. Our Flag Means Death season 2 is off to a bizarre, dark, and fun start
    15. Loki: Everything you need to know about the third season of Marvel Studios' time traveling trickster show
    1. DCU: Which actors are coming back to DC? James Gunn told us three of them
    2. What to expect from DC at New York Comic Con 2023
    3. True Detective season 4 release date is (finally) revealed
    4. Neil Gaiman is back to work on Good Omens 3
    5. First Second Editor Kiara Valdez on Frizzy, building a publishing career, and being chronically online
    6. Star Wars' Ahsoka: is that [SPOILER] returning as [SPOILER] in Ahsoka Episode 7?
    7. "Is Loki on Disney+ for kids? Parents guide to Marvel's show
    8. Marvel just made a major change to the God of Mischief ahead of Loki season 2
    9. The real story behind the X-Men's Outback Australian era - why it began, and why it ended too soon
    10. The 2023 movie/tv writers strike is officially over - here's what happens next
    11. Manga publisher Seven Seas "has not expressed any enthusiasm" for its employees union, according to the union itself
    12. Claribel A. Ortega on Frizzy, learning to love your hair, and BookTok
    13. WGA: How the end of the strike could impact comic conventions
    14. Dick Tracy is set to return to comic books in March 2024 from Mad Cave Studios
    1. Uncanny Experience: I spent the weekend at Xavier’s mansion with the X-Men
    2. Sina Grace flies into this week's Enter the Popverse to talk teen Superman and more
    3. The Marvels: How (and where) to watch Photon's MCU adventures in release and chronological order
    4. NCIS: The joys of David McCallum's Ducky and old friends
    5. Superman: How Clark Kent’s day job is his most under-appreciated asset
    6. Masters of the Universe's Skeletor is teaming up with Gary Vee
    7. Popverse is going to Thought Bubble!
    8. Meet Stan Sakai's next major new character, Akemi
    9. Can the new Transformers reboot break the Witwicky curse?
    10. Comic industry unions: The unfortunate, failed history of comic creators and collective action
    11. Inside an actor's life at a convention during the strike with Phil LaMarr
    1. Martin Scorsese and you are on the same page when it comes to superhero movies
    2. Netflix's Love at First Sight is the biggest rom-com right now, but do fans deserve more?
    3. Can the upcoming Doctor Who special change Donna Noble's tragic ending?
    4. It's official: Gen V is the The Boys season 3.5
    5. The surprise thirst trap of Netflix's One Piece is Buggy the Clown
    6. Netflix's One Piece is about the dangers and joys of pursuing your dreams
    7. The double-edged sword of creator-owned comics with comics publishers
    8. MagicCon Las Vegas 2023: The best cosplay from the Las Vegas Convention Center
    9. Are the Hollywood writers about to go back to work? The studios and the writers have a "tentative" deal
    10. The Writers Strike: As the strike nears an end, everything you need to know about why WGA writers are striking
    11. Ryan Ottley prepares for his next big thing - a new creator-owned project at Image
    12. The comics industry is breaking its workers, but is it finally time to change that?
    13. It takes a village: behind the Scenes at the World Cosplay Summit
    14. The surprise song Steven Spielberg associates with his Jaws movie
    1. Dr. Seuss stories to get comics treatment
    2. Spawn (and more!) are coming to Image Comics' horror title Killadelphia this November
    3. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Taylor Swift scared the new Exorcist movie so much it moved release dates
    5. Amazon's Prime Video to add ads next year, because of course
    6. NCIS: How CBS kept the bombshell of Caitlin "Kate" Todd's death from leaking
    7. Mortal Kombat: How to play the games in release and chronological order
    8. Image Comics' workers union: Everything you need to know about Comic Book Workers United
    9. Did Funko accidentally spoil a plot point for Marvel’s X-Men ’97?
    10. The Actors strike: why SAG-AFTRA are striking, and what it means for movies, TV, and conventions
    11. Inside the new Oni Press (and how it's dealing with its past)
    1. The Boys season 4: Everything we know about the next season of Amazon's R-rated superhero show
    2. Daredevil: Born Again comic sells out ahead of upcoming Disney+/MCU adaptation
    3. Hasan Minhaj pivots from comedy controversy to Gotham City crime in new Spotify Batman podcast
    4. Spawn is coming to Call of Duty with a very familiar voice
    5. Our Flag Means Death season 2 rating: Not all pirates are for all ages, even the funny ones
    6. Marvel Studios' Loki season 2: Who is returning, and who is joining the cast
    7. Disney+'s Loki season 2 premiere and episode release schedule, explained
    8. Take a trip to Killadelphia on this week's Enter the Popverse
    9. Miguel O'Hara moves from Spider-Verse to monster hunting in new comic
    10. Watch Netflix's full Wednesday panel with Jenna Otega, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie and more from NYCC!
    11. Legendary fine artist Ai Weiwei to publish graphic memoir
    12. Max's Doom Patrol is back in October with the surprise return of an old cast member
    13. Disney+ Loki season 2 new release date, trailer, posters, and everything else you need to know
    14. Watch Amazon Prime Video's NYCC 2023 presentation!
    1. Our Flag Means Death season 2: Who is confirmed to be in the cast?
    2. Gen V: The Boys spinoff introduces a new class of supes - we take a look at the incoming cast
    3. Marvel is reviving the Ultimate Spider-Man franchise - but who is the Spider-Man this time?
    4. Takashi Miike is bringing hit game Onimusha to Netflix this November
    5. Gen V: Amazon's The Boys spinoff premiere and episode release schedule, explained
    6. Star Wars' newest villain seeks to change the Jedi/Sith paradigm much in the same way Rey ultimately did
    7. The Hunger Games returns to theaters this October (but not for long)
    8. AI is coming to manga, and looking to remove human translators from the equation
    9. Michael Cho talks Jack Kirby, Darwyn Cooke, and the power of two tone coloring
    10. Marvel's Damage Control: Behind the group fixing everything Marvel supervillains (and heroes) destroy
    11. A new Hunger Games trailer doubles down on reminding fans that the Hunger Games are bad, actually
    12. The horror never dies: here's how you can watch Anne Rice's Immortal Universe on AMC
    13. Is Gen V for kids? God no, it's a Boys spin-off. But even you might want to look at the Amazon rating
    14. Something is Killing the Children's reach expands this winter with Book of Butcher
    15. Why are the weapons of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon so archaic?
    16. Marvel reveals its own official Spider-Man fansite - inside the Marvel U
    1. Five shows to watch after you've finished watching Our Flag Means Death
    2. Our Flag Means Death: Queer comics to read after watching the pirate comedy
    3. Marvel is teasing an end to the X-Men's Krakoan island adventures
    4. Marvel's New York City: The five best places to get a slice of pizza
    5. Chris Evans worried that playing Captain America would make him "deeply deeply unhappy" before taking the role
    6. Wonder Woman: The DCU’s ultimate warrior becomes an enemy of the state
    7. Ms. Marvel season 2 fate depends on success of The Marvels, according to show's producers
    8. Inside the surprise revival of the Transformers & GI Joe shared universe with Hasbro, Skybound, & Image Comics
    1. Mitch Gerads and Nicola Scott spill the beans on the reality of being a comic book artist
    2. Marv Wolfman thinks comics creators shouldn’t ask for his permission to do what they want
    3. Making comic universes queer through collaboration
    4. Blue Beetle championed BIPOC coming-of-age stories in DC Comics
    5. Disney's Rogers the Musical's cast album proves that weird ideas can become reality
    6. Good Omens 3: Why it's a good thing Crowley and Aziraphale are split (temporarily)
    7. Loki season 2: Miss Minutes announces new series premiere date two weeks before show's return
    8. 2000 AD's upcoming new issue is perfect for new readers... and has a special something for long-term fans, too
    1. Star Wars: Following Luke Skywalker's entire canon journey in chronological and release order
    2. Joshua Williamson on breaking Duke and the hidden Transformer in plain sight
    3. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Fables: DC says that it will "take such action as DC deems necessary" to protect ownership of the fantasy series
    5. Good Omens: Michael Sheen says David Tennant is "a bit too good to be true really"
    6. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: The first trailer from the new DC movie, and everything else you need to know
    7. Donald Glover's Lando project is now a movie, reveals Stephen Glover
    8. The entire DCU goes ape (and other animals) in December
    9. Life After Yahoo: How the McElroys' My Brother, My Brother and Me survived the death of their platform
    10. Upcoming Spider-Man comic is so scary that Marvel has changed the age rating
    1. Fables, one of DC's biggest new projects of the 21st century, may have just been released to the public domain
    2. Netflix's One Piece season 2 is officially on its way
    3. Our Flag Means Death season 2 trailer teases return of Blackbeard's updo
    4. Our Flag Means Death season 2: The release date, trailer, and everything we know about season 2
    5. Our Flag Means Death: Season 2 official trailer is live!
    6. Indiana Jones actor John Rhys-Davies is making a comic
    7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: How to watch the Buffyverse (including Angel) in release and chronological order
    8. Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 might be confusing for anime-only viewers, but that's not a bad thing
    9. A Haunting in Venice: Ending explained
    10. The face of the Tapas webtoon empire in the US has quietly retired
    11. Which Our Flag Means Death cast member reads the most fanfiction?
    12. Watch the full Leigh Bardugo and Dani Pendergast panel from at NYCC 2022 for free!
    1. Good Omens: Why the Bullet Catch is the perfect metaphor for Aziraphale and Crowley's relationship
    2. Young Ahsoka Tano is a veteran of both Barbie and Avengers: Infinity War
    3. Which classic slasher villain would be the ideal lover... at least, according to author Chuck Tingle
    4. Watch the Buffyverse's Slayers panel by Audible from NYCC 2023!
    5. For All Mankind: Apple TV+'s sci-fi show returns for a fourth season
    6. Loki: Care and feeding of your Alligator Variant
    7. How Scott Bakula's Archer can (and should) return to Star Trek
    8. Kilt malfunctions and homemade fudge - An extra's tale behind the scenes on Outlander
    9. Joshua Williamson talks G.I. Joe, Cobra, and Hasbro's Energon Universe on Enter the Popverse
    10. Lead, ink, and legacy: In conversation with artist Klaus Janson
    11. 2000 AD is killing off a fan-favorite character (for real, this time)
    1. Karen Gillen advises actors and directors to keep going even if their early work is "unwatchable"
    2. Air: The best dad movie of the year is now available on DVD, so grab your dad a copy
    3. Critical Role: How (and where) to watch in chronological and release order
    4. Lessons in fatherhood from Good Dad Goku of Dragon Ball
    5. The mutants of the MCU: Looking at the X-Men's slow permeation of Marvel Cinematic Universe
    6. The Owl House season 3 almost revealed Hooty's "nonsensical" origin
    7. Jaws: The shark series, ranked from worst to best
    8. Batfamily: Which Robin is the true Bi icon?
    9. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew - Here's everything you need to know to get lost in space in the next Star Wars show
    10. Tom Hiddleston is coming to New York Comic Con 2023 (and Popverse can get you early access to meeting him!)
    11. Romance author Chuck Tingle on how his audience "saved" him
    12. Green Lantern: Why Sinestro is DC’s most criminally underused villain
    13. Disney is animating an NFL game in Toy Story style - but who is it for?
    14. Mike Flanagan takes on Edgar Allan Poe with Fall of the House of Usher
    15. Stan's Soapbox: A close reading of racial representation in the Stan Lee era of Marvel
    1. Netflix's One Piece recycled old pirate ships from Starz drama Black Sails
    2. Strange Sports Stories: Five of the greatest comic book cameos from real life sports heroes
    3. James Marsters explains why Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek are basically the same show
    4. Chucky: Get dolled up and watch your friend to the end's movies and TV show in order
    5. DC's Titans are becoming the premiere superteam of the DCU (sorry, Justice League)
    6. The X-Files is my nerd blindspot, and I don't know if that's a bad thing
    7. Heartstopper’s Rhea Norwood discusses the legacy of her “I’m an ally” moment
    8. DC's upcoming Kneel Before Zod led writer Joe Casey to ask "how far should we go?"
    9. The Continental director teases “Needle drops everywhere” in John Wick prequel
    1. Poirot's moustache: I will never forgive Kenneth Branagh for giving it a back story
    1. Kevin Conroy was playing Batman, not Bruce Wayne
    2. Todd McFarlane doesn't care what you think about his comic books (and that's okay)
    3. AEW's FTR, Britt Baker, MJF, Adam Cole, Sting, and Orange Cassidy are heading to New York Comic Con (and Popverse Superfans are first in line!)
    4. Spawn's Todd McFarlane shares his tips for creating new characters fans want to read
    5. Charles Soule is mixing vampires, jailbreaks and sci-fi for new series The Bloody Dozen
    6. Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, and Juliet Landau are heading to New York Comic Con (and Popverse Superfans are first in line!)
    7. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    8. Chris Claremont returns to write Wolverine's 50th birthday miniseries
    9. Disney+'s Ironheart: Cast, release year, episode count and more about the upcoming Riri Williams series
    10. Kneel Before Zod: Joe Casey returns to DC's Superman line to align with the iconic villain
    11. Watch Destination D23 Live: Disney parks, Marvel, and more magical announcements!
    12. The Witcher season 4: The cast, the plot, and more for the next season of Netflix's hit fantasy show
    13. NYCC 2023: The first day of Pro Track panels, signings, and events for industry pros at New York Comic Con revealed
    14. Peach Momoko is in orbit for her new Space Usagi variant cover
    15. Superhero films in concert: a guide to all upcoming concerts including Batman (1989)
    1. DC editor-in-chief Marie Javins to lead first-ever ReedPop Industry Summit at NYCC 2023
    2. It’s Slobberin’ Time: The Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm just got a dog
    3. Scarlet Witch: Is Marvel heading towards a WandaLoki coupling?
    4. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane explains it all on Enter the Popverse this week
    5. Watch the full Star Trek Universe panel with Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Kate Mulgrew, and more at last year's NYCC
    6. NYCC 2023: Watch the Cosplay Central Costume Showcase
    7. Watch the NYCC '23 Cosplay Central Crown Championships here!
    8. Watch Matthew Vaughn's Argylle panel (with Henry Cavill as a super-spy) from NYCC 2023
    9. Watch the Ewan McGregor Spotlight panel from New York Comic Con 2023!
    10. Watch Hulu's Futurama panel from NYCC 2023!
    11. Watch Rhys Darby, Con O’Neill, Nathan Foad, Vico Ortiz, Kristian Nairn, and Matthew Maher's NYCC 2023 panel!
    12. Watch Blumhouse's Blumfest 2023 from NYCC!
    13. Watch Fox's Krapopolis & Grimsburg panel from NYCC 2023
    14. One Piece anime's villains stole the spotlight in NYCC 2023 panel, you can watch it here!
    15. Watch Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, Chukwudi Iwuji & Pom Klementieff from NYCC 2023
    16. NYCC 2023: Watch the Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians panel here!
    17. The horror house Blumhouse schedules Blumfest 2023 (and Popverse is livestreaming it)
    18. NYCC 2023: Discover some of the big panels from this year's New York Comic Con
    19. Who was Steve Ditko? His family will answer that question at NYCC 2023
    20. Yes, Popverse is livestreaming New York Comic Con 2023
    21. Hulu greenlights Futurama for season 12 (but there's a catch)
    22. A survivor's guide to being a working comic book creator
    1. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the latest star coming to New York Comic Con 2023
    2. Batman is heading back to cinemas to fight a new enemy - empty movie theaters
    3. Hayao Miyazaki's new movie The Boy and The Heron finally has a trailer and a US release date
    4. Taylor Swift is going to save cinema this October
    5. Our Flag Means Death season 3 will be its last (if Max renews it)
    6. Final Fantasy: How to play the franchise’s main games, remakes, & sequels in release and chronological order
    7. Magneto has a secret child who's trying to commit patricide
    8. Wolverine is so 2000s - meet Hellverine
    9. DC's Robin is now an A.I., as Ultraman creators revamp the Batman family in Justice Buster
    10. Meet DC's newest Batman villain, Crytoon
    1. Amazon Prime's summer new hit show may mean we'll see more YA on the streamer
    2. Dragon Con's 2024 dates have been announced
    3. NYCC 2023: Marvel's Spider-Man & Friends are the cover story to the New York Comic Con Program Guide
    4. The most popular movie on Netflix in the United Kingdom isn't even on the service in the U.S.
    5. Marvel's Loki season 2 looks more action-packed than season 1
    6. DC is launching a buzzy new hero with ties to the Golden Age
    7. Barbie will be ready to go from the Dreamhouse to your house in September
    8. Marvel Studios' Disney+ MCU TV schedule is changing; here's why
    9. Why Heartstopper's Rhea Norwood won’t read the comic, even though she loves it
    10. DC actor Nicole Maines shares just what evil will be plaguing Dreamer in her upcoming graphic novel
    11. Marvel's Civil War done right: Batman and Catwoman collide in the DC event Gotham War
    12. Saw movies: How to watch (and re-watch) Jigsaw's horror movie franchise in chronological or release order
    1. Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 is now available for free (Yes, really)
    2. Nudity? Smoking? How old do you have to be to hang out with the One Piece pirates?
    1. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    2. Why is the streaming experience so awful?
    3. New Naruto episodes delayed just days before the anime's release date
    4. I Am Groot season 2 cameo adds a cosmic heavyweight to MCU
    5. Spooky season is now two months, thanks to AMC's Fearfest 2023
    6. Wes Anderson is the perfect fit to adapt Roald Dahl's strange stories
    7. The Deadpool Corps are back, and they’ve stolen an artifact from Star Wars
    8. Yo Adrian! Rocky 1-5 is leaving Netflix at the end of September