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September 2022 Archive

    1. Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson, is coming to NYCC ... and is launching an exclusive Funko Pop edition of her autobiography
    2. A "quite important" new part of the MCU to debut in Werewolf by Night, according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige
    3. Jim Lee, Kim Jung Gi, Peach Momoko, Declan Shalvey, more sign on for New York Comic Con Charity Art Auction 2022
    4. Todd McFarlane on three decades (and more!) of Spawn
    5. Marvel teases NYCC announcement for something called "The Sins of Sinister"
    6. AfterShock Comics co-founder and editor-in-chief Mike Marts announces his departure from the company
    7. Coming in 2023: print-on-demand comics, live and direct from your very own internet
    8. Looking into how Bob Olszewski makes his Disney Parks miniatures
    1. Disney+ Armor Wars series starring Don Cheadle will now be a movie
    2. "Give me a pink sky and teal grass any day": Paulina Ganucheau on her use of color and depiction of friendship in Lemon Bird
    3. Werewolf by Night: Everything you need to know about the terrifying Marvel hero ahead of his MCU debut
    4. I am dismayed to inform you that I am losing my mind over a Star Wars: Andor Easter Egg
    5. Watch the My Hero Academia cast pitch their own anime
    1. As Darth Vader's voice is replaced by an AI, we ask: at what point do special effects start being more machine than man?
    2. Lisa Kudrow to go traveling through time for Taika Waititi in Time Bandits reboot
    3. Fan Fiction: How to (and why you SHOULD) read fan fic
    4. Todd McFarlane is considering a post-Spawn life as a philanthropist
    5. Fourth Star Trek reboot movie has been removed from release schedule
    6. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Everything you need (and want) to know about the Disney+ show
    1. Why it hurts to be the Dark Knight
    2. New York Comic Con 2022 panel reservation process goes awry, ending with ReedPop postponing process completely
    3. Does BOOM! Studios' early success with Giant Days Kickstarter signal a new distribution method?
    4. Charles Soule and Ryan Browne chat Eight Billion Genies, how they met, and why desire is narratively interesting
    5. Cardcaptor Sakura: How to watch all the shows and movies in order
    6. Marvel's Miles Morales: Spider-Man comic finale presents an optimistic future and a fitting end for Saladin Ahmed's run
    7. "All I got to do is, what, make Spawn popular? Done!": Todd McFarlane looks back (and forward) at a life in comics
    8. Garth Ennis and Kevin O'Neill revive the forgotten British comics character Bonjo From Beyond The Stars
    1. Superman: Phillip Kennedy Johnson unpacks the Man of Steel’s homecoming return to Earth
    2. Did She-Hulk just introduce a new supervillain group to the MCU (a.k.a. What is Intelligencia)?
    3. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures returns for a second season on WEBTOON
    4. Get early access to exclusive Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, more NYCC '22 merch as a Popverse member
    5. "One for the Whovians": Jodie Whittaker teases her final Doctor Who episode
    6. Marvel's Kevin Feige explains why the studio didn't recast T'Challa for future Black Panther movies
    7. Popverse will present NYCC panel featuring Ram V, Nadia Shammas, Sara Alfageeh, Soo Lee, and Amy Chu
    8. How Marvel's digital comics strategy (including Webtoons) intersects with the mainstream popularity of the MCU
    1. Cover Reveal: Rex Ogle and Dave Valeza’s new Graphix series Four Eyes
    1. Watch Ready to Roll share the secret origin of their live-action D&D gameplay series, as shared during Emerald City Comic Con
    2. Anime in movie theaters: Crunchyroll executive Mitchel Berger explains how Dragon Ball Super and other anime are making it big on the big screen
    3. Watch Janet Varney and Dante Basco talk Avatar, sing the Secret Tunnel Song, more
    4. Who is Mr. Immortal? The latest She-Hulk guest star explained
    5. HBO Max's Doom Patrol catches up to the comics with the addition of Space Case in season 4
    6. What is going on with comic book distribution, and why should fans care?
    7. Who is the ultimate Waifu? Watch Nerds Know & Emerald City Comic Con search for an answer
    1. Watch Wile E. Coyote scamper across these new limited edition animation themed pencils
    2. What is Disney's D23 Expo anyway?
    3. Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown chats about republishing his iconic memoirs, Star Wars, and comedy for kids
    4. Netflix teases details from this year's Tudum global event
    5. Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo to take over DC's Harley Quinn in 2023
    6. Celebrating Bisexual Awareness Week with DC's Wonder Woman, Tim Drake, Jonathan Kent, and Queen Mera
    7. “But it was so cool, and I was so lucky:” Janet Varney discusses the upcoming Avatar movie, and returning to the series in Braving the Elements
    8. The 10 best Daredevil stories you'll find in comic books
    1. Young adult horror writer R.L. Stine turns to darker, more mature stories in the Frankenstein-esque Stuff of Nightmares
    2. Remembering the unlikely cyborg that was Marvel's Terminator 2: Judgment Day comic book
    3. What A.X.E. Judgment Day means for the Marvel Universe
    4. ShortBox Comics Fair announces month-long 2022 digital event
    5. Dark Horse Comics signs exclusive worldwide distribution deal with Penguin Random House
    6. Cosplay and conventions: how being a fan helped me rediscover myself
    7. Everything we learned about Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur from D23 Expo 2022
    8. Marvel's summer crossover event AXE: Judgement Day just hit its big turning point-- let's break it down
    1. Nightwing's revealed secret identity raises a major superhero romance question
    2. Why Judgment Day's narrative feints are the best thing about it
    3. Disney Legend Bob Gurr says his favorite design ever is the Main Street Fire Engine
    4. Disney+'s Andor features the first onscreen use of Star Wars' BBY/ABY timeline. Let's dive into that.
    5. Warner Bros and Uncrate partner for upscale Wayne Enterprises merchandise
    6. Inside Monsters & Dames artbook, a longstanding Emerald City Comic Con tradition
    1. The Charles M. Schulz Museum to offer free admission during their Peanuts Stamp Dedication Ceremony
    2. Joy, beauty, and the absurd: James Kochalka's Dragon Puncher Punches back with interview & exclusive excerpt
    3. Marvel won't be publishing a Stan Lee centenary comic book this December
    4. Everything you need to know about putting on a great fan-run panel for a comics convention
    1. Watch fantasy authors Tracy & Laura Hickman bring their stories to life with Dragonhearth panel at ECCC 2022
    2. How Marvel Studios' She-Hulk sets up Daredevil’s MCU return
    3. Netflix announces spooky panels for NYCC, with Wednesday, The Midnight Club, and more
    4. A history of Moon Knight's Dissociative Identity Disorder in Marvel Comics
    5. Genshin Impact will be getting an anime adaptation; watch the concept trailer here
    6. DC revives the Dead Boy Detectives for a new miniseries by Good Asian writer Pornsak Pichetshote
    7. Creating a universe from scratch: Jonathan Hickman on 3 Worlds / 3 Moons
    1. Alfred Pennyworth returns this week in DC's Batman books, and now we realize how much we missed him
    2. Grant Morrison on the differences between Luda's Luci and The Invisibles' Lord Fanny
    3. IDW's latest financials points at the new direction with new CEO for the comics & film company
    4. Rediscover the lost Day of Judgment from DC's crossover history
    5. Remember when Stan Lee revamped the DC Universe? DC does, and it's bringing it back
    6. “It really changed my life in a lot of ways:” Dante Basco delves into Avatar: The Last Airbender from a new perspective
    1. Cartoonist Jeff Smith chats Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a European-style comics festival in Columbus, Ohio
    2. Marvel at New York Comic Con: Publisher's full plans for panels, events, giveaways at NYCC 2022
    3. Kang the Complicated: Marvel reveals second Timeless special while 2021's remains unresolved
    4. Watch Dante Basco discuss his on-camera and voice acting career, Avatar and its influence over a generation, and more
    5. Marvel, DC, VIZ, HBO Max, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, more lead New York Comic Con 2022 big panels
    6. DC prepares for "a new dawn of the DC Universe"
    7. Marvel's A.X.E.: Judgment Day #4 sets up the death of every character on Earth
    8. With over 14 years of Disney pin trading, this collector has made a whole new family
    1. CB Cebulski and Humberto Ramos share the heart behind the Marvel Comics & Marvel Studios synergy at D23 Expo
    2. Tis the season for horror in Archie Comics' Happy Horrordays special
    3. Legion chooses a side in X-Men vs. Eternals battle in Legion of X #6 preview
    4. Michael Keaton says the cancellation of Batgirl was "a business decision"
    5. Everything Marvel Studios revealed at D23 Expo 2022 - Thunderbolts, Ironheart, Fantastic Four, Black Panther 2, more
    6. "It's a very particular process": Cartoonist Steenz Stewart chats newspaper comics, the Standard Comics Script, and Oni Press
    7. Batman vs. Spawn: new color pages, details, and more on Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo's DC crossover event
    8. Who Watches the Webcomics?
    1. Marvel Studios' latest She-Hulk: Attorney At Law cliffhanger is a callback to a real-life legal concern Stan Lee had at Marvel Comics
    2. DC & HBO Max coming to New York Comic Con plans with a booth panels, world premieres, more
    3. Disney Don't Forget The Lyrics (Nerds Know)
    4. Cartoonist Eric Jones remembered as a husband, friend, and comics advocate after his death at age 51
    5. This is a Spider-Punk playlist
    6. D23 Expo 2022: A recap of our coverage of Disney's marquee event
    7. Vault's The Nasty delayed six months
    8. All the best cosplay from Disney's D23 Expo 2022
    9. SDCC 2023: Learn the story behind San Diego Comic Con with Mathew Klickstein's oral history
    1. Sorcerer's Apprentice collector sells pieces of his legendary collection, so other people can enjoy it
    2. Watch Disney D23 Expo 2022's Walt Disney Imagineering panel live!
    3. A new MCU variant, King Thanos, will be the face of Disney Parks' new Avengers Campus attraction
    4. Grand Marceline roasts coffee in the town that inspired Disneyland's Main Street, USA
    5. D23 Expo - A Boundless Future: Disney Parks Experiences and Products live coverage
    6. Ashley Eckstein's Star Wars: Guided by the Light merch hits the floor of D23 Expo (and is available online!)
    7. Watch Disney Parks' D23 Expo panel live for "exciting news and surprises"
    8. Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts: Our first reaction
    9. Watch D23 Expo's Disney Stars Trivia Showdown with Nina West live!
    10. Follow along to Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios' Disney D23 Expo announcements
    1. Marvel unveils Black Panther: World of Wakanda collection at D23 Expo (and you can buy it now from home!)
    2. Watch Disney’s Epic Entertainment Showcase: The Musical: The Extravaganza! panel from D23 Expo 2022
    3. Watch Marvel's Celebrating 60 Years of the Amazing Spider-Man panel live from D23 Expo
    4. Marvel Studios' Captain America: New World Order has a villain - The Leader
    5. Marvel introduces the Thunderbolts at D23 Expo
    6. Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four director confirmed as Matt Shakman from WandaVision
    7. Marvel Studios' Werewolf by Night revealed as Halloween Special - watch the trailer now!
    8. Ironheart flies into D23 Expo for surprise sneak footage
    9. Watch the Bob's Burgers panel from D23 Expo live!
    10. Indiana Jones and the big reveal of D23 Expo 2022
    11. Watch D23 Expo 2022's Talkin’ Pets with the Vets of National Geographic panel
    12. Come pinhunting with us at D23 Expo 2022!
    13. D23 Studio Showcase with Disney and Pixar Recap: New films, new sequels, and news on Strange World, Peter Pan & Wendy, and more
    14. Pixar reveals a new boy meets aliens film, Elio
    1. Disney's live action Little Mermaid shimmers in first teaser trailer
    2. Mufasa: The Lion King announced at D23 Expo 2022 from Moonlight director Barry Jenkins
    3. Watch D23 Expo's Disney Legends in Conversation live from Anaheim
    4. Are the dark days of Pamela Isley finally coming to an end? Poison Ivy #4 hints at a hopeful future
    5. Paper Girls not renewed for season 2 at Amazon
    6. Watch (and Listen) to D23 Expo 2022's Marvel Cinematic Universe music celebration with Disney For Scores Podcast
    7. Star Wars: Ahsoka brings Ezra Bridger to live-action with new casting
    8. Watch Broadway stars Justice Moore, James Monroe Iglehart, Anthony Rapp, and Nik Walker talk about their biggest fandoms, cosplay, and working with Marvel at their NYCC 2021 panel
    9. Watch D23 Expo 2022's Disney & Marvel Games Showcase live!
    10. Watch D23 Expo 2022's Disney Legends Awards Ceremony live!
    11. Meet the real life inspiration behind A League of Their Own's wannabe cartoonist Clance Morgan
    12. Blue's Clues' Steve Burns is back, and he's still listening
    13. Christy Carlson Romano remembers (and sings!) the classic Even Stevens song 'We Went to the Moon in 1969'
    1. "It's about a way of seeing that transforms the world": Grant Morrison on Luda and everything else
    2. What ever happened to Disney's Class of 2020?
    3. Squid Game star to join Star Wars: The Acolyte, according to report
    4. The first teaser for The Peripheral asks what is reality, anyway?
    5. Image Comics' Massive-Verse expands as Radiant Pink breaks into her own book
    6. There's mystery and mayhem afoot in the first Glass Onion teaser trailer
    7. How to read webtoons on Webtoon, Tapas, and more
    1. Wes Craig’s Kaya is a saga years in the making
    2. The end is nigh for Jason Aaron's Avengers in the new Avengers Assemble crossover
    3. Do YA characters need to be likeable? Watch G. Willow Wilson, LL McKinney, Alys Arden, and Kami Garcia dig into that from ECCC '22
    4. Cursed Commercials From Around The World (Nerds Know)
    5. Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo exit IDW and return to Dark Horse
    6. Titans United: Bloodpact will blur the lines between hero and villain, and Titans TV show and comics
    7. Watch ECCC's YA Trivia game with Kami Garcia, Isaac Goodhart, Alys Arden, David F. Walker, LL McKinney, and Julio Anta
    8. Ice Cream Man creators revisit art history (and their own history, too) with new Image Comics release Art Brut
    9. Disney+ Day: Full list of debut films & TV shows, special discounts, and $1.99/month offer
    10. How HBO's House of the Dragon retconned Game of Thrones and what it could mean for the future of the series
    1. The Hernandez Brothers reflect on 40 years of defining (and redefining) independent comic books
    2. Marvel announces the 2023 class for its Stormbreakers artist program
    3. Watch Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, & Max Mittelman present Super Happy Kawaii Fun Time at ECCC '22
    4. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4: All the twists and turns explained by Joshua Williamson
    5. Comic stores, movie theater chains, TV channels, and more team-up to make the 2022 Batman Day the biggest yet
    6. Unvarnished, truthful convention horror stories from Jim Zub
    7. The CW's Stargirl: Who killed the Gambler? Yvette Monreal reacts to the shocking season premiere
    8. A Knives Out-style murder mystery in space targets the ultra-rich in Know Your Station
    9. Previously On X-Men: History of The X-Men '97 Theme Song
    10. Cringe together as Dragonball Evolution and other live-action films based on anime are lampooned
    11. Alex Ross's Fantastic Four: Full Circle grew out of an unsuccessful 2017 pitch to Marvel
    1. Watch Shawn Crystal, Jim Mahfood, and Matteo Scalera talk about turning your art into a career from ECCC '22
    2. "It was a real-life adventure": A conversation with Brendan Fraser on The Mummy, Leslie Grace, and the joys of being in Seattle
    3. Heavy Metal editor Joseph P. Illidge opens the doors to dark cosmic story of Entropy
    4. Who is the Stranger from Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power?
    5. Marvel releases preview images of Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, & more's 40th anniversary Miracleman one-shot
    6. Brendan Fraser says that Batgirl's Leslie Grace was "dynamic" in the HBO MAX DC film
    7. Get free comics with a library card - how comic creators are partnering with the ALA for Library Card Sign-Up Month
    8. Pro badges now available for San Diego Comic Con 2023 (but you better be quick!)
    9. Drawing the line: The boundaries and joys of YA cartooning
    10. She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion did WHAT?! She-Hulk episode 3 post-credits scene explained
    1. 5 things to know before you watch Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power
    2. Remembering Steve Dillon: How Dillon's family honors their father, brother, and friend with a touring exhibit of his work
    3. Fire style! A Naruto-themed hip hop album featuring English cast members has now dropped!
    4. Watch a showcase of the best cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con 2022
    5. DC makes another big comic store distribution move, and now has three Direct Market distributors
    6. Re-Live Emerald City Comic Con 2022 with 40 filmed panels, over 20 articles, and video interviews with Jinkx Monsoon, Bendelacreme, Harvey Guillén
    7. It's official: DC FanDome 2022 is not happening
    8. September 2022 - This month in comic history, from 100 years ago to now
    9. Will Eisner's A Contract with God is going… to Broadway?
    10. The Sensational She-Hulk: Metafiction in the Mighty Marvel Manner