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January 2023 Archive

    1. Mark Ruffalo to make comic convention appearance at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con '23
    2. The signature word balloons of DC and Marvel characters
    3. Hägar the Horrible to celebrate turning 50 by revisiting his early adventures
    4. CrossGen Comics: The brief life, long death, and surprising return(s) at Marvel and Disney
    5. DC Studios announces their 10-project slate including new Superman, Batman, and Authority projects
    6. DC Studios' Chapter 1 Gods & Monsters: What are the upcoming movies and TV shows, and when are the release dates?
    7. DC’s glass ceiling shattered: How the Dawn of DC steps up for Lois Lane, Renee Montoya, and Iris West
    1. Superman and his secret identity: Should DC really be putting the Man of Steel back in the closet?
    2. What to watch: Best Movies to stream in February 2023, one movie one streamer
    3. Grant Morrison to reunite with Liam Sharp for new creator-owned series
    4. Hayden Christensen, Katee Sackhoff, Mads Mikkelsen, more coming to Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023
    5. Spring in Seattle: What to do when you're in town for Emerald City Comic Con
    1. Annie Wersching of Star Trek & 24 fame has died at age 45
    1. The coming of Superman: Joshua Williamson & Jamal Campbell take us inside DC's relaunch of its flagship title
    2. Emerald City Comic Con 2023: A first look at the Seattle comic convention's big panels for this year's event
    3. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    4. We haven't seen the last of The Last of Us, as HBO renews the show for a second season
    5. Watch the Predicting Future Technology - From Sci-Fi to Reality panel from New York Comic Con!
    6. The winners for the 2023 Angoulême Comics Festival Awards are...
    7. Zachary Levi and cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods pen their own Shazam family comic
    1. Digital comics: A guide to the comic book streaming/all you can read platforms
    2. DC Comics' Aquaman has changed drastically, this is why it matters
    3. Black History Month 2023 at DC: New Static and Icon & Hardware, DC Power, and more
    4. "We have one job to do: to save the world": Shazam shapes up in the new Fury of the Gods trailer
    5. Watch as Brandon Sanderson, Alex Aster, Alina Boyden, Wesley Chu, and GennaRose Nethercott talk fantasy at NYCC 2022!
    6. Mace Windu, Lando Calrissian, more unite for Star Wars' Black History Month covers by Mateus Manhanini
    7. Who is Silk? Diving into the web of the Spider-Man spin-off character before her solo Amazon Prime video show
    8. Titans, Doom Patrol both cancelled at HBO Max
    1. Revisiting the key moments that led to DC's new Titans series
    2. Agatha Harkness just went through a startling transformation
    3. Is the newest Dawn of DC timeline teasing a new Batman event later in 2023?
    4. "We've been training our whole lives for this": Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott unveil their plans for DC's Titans
    1. Murder, sexism, and comics: Alex Segura talks up his latest novel, Secret Identity (and the comic spin-off!)
    2. Why Saga is a triumph of characterization, not plotting
    3. Can we stop pretending that the Oscars hate genre movies?
    4. The DC Comics timeline: How DC just re-framed its history along a canonical history
    5. See Thanos creator Jim Starlin's return to his favorite character, Dreadstar
    1. DC's Lazarus Planet - a full checklist and what to expect from the spring 2023 crossover event
    2. Lazarus rising: Mark Waid launches 2023 with DC’s Lazarus Planet
    3. HBO's The Last of Us: The real life inspiration to the Infected zombies
    4. An exclusive preview of Deb JJ Lee's debut In Limbo: A Graphic Memoir
    5. Yes, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is as good as people are saying it is
    6. Own a piece of The Walking Dead! Skybound Entertainment opens up for public investors
    1. What Makes DC 'DC'? Inside the formula for success for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more
    2. Op Ed: Is it ever okay to work for free as a creator?
    3. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    4. Watch the new Invincible season 2 teaser trailer
    5. The most popular Kickstarter comics crowdfunding projects of 2022
    1. From New Frontier to the Space Age: DC’s fascination with the post-war period as exemplified by Superman: The Space Age
    2. Portrait of a Bastich: Simon Bisley and the longevity of Lobo
    3. If you like Outlander, you'll love these TV shows, movies, and comics
    4. Watch the Outlander panel from New York Comic Con with Sam Heughan, Duncan LaCroix, David Berry, and more
    5. Morning tea with the Outlander cast proves fandom is still thirsty and alive at NYCC 2022
    6. Outlander has been renewed for its eighth and final season, announces Starz
    7. Beano artist David Sutherland dead at age 89
    8. Animal rights take center stage in action-oriented anti-poaching comic A.R.C. from Top Cow & Image Comics
    9. Ellie from Last of Us: Learn more about Bella Ramsey, the breakout star of the HBO hit show
    10. Winter, spring, summer or fall, a new Dan Watters and Sebastián Cabrol comic is going to make you re-examine them all
    11. The best gifts for tabletop gamers
    1. How successful are Substack comics newsletters?
    2. Mexican couture walks the runway in a new season of House of Slay
    3. Digital comics platform Comixology hit by Amazon layoffs impacting more than half the company
    4. Loki stages his biggest trick in Marvel Comics yet
    5. Power shift: How Batman: Fortress introduces a very different Dark Knight of Steel
    6. Comic adaptations of Float, The Primal Hunter, Paranoid Mage, and other webnovels coming to Webtoon
    1. Are the Young Avengers assembling in the MCU? Looking into what Marvel Studios is up to
    2. Watch as VIZ Media, Yen Press, and Kodansha staff talk about the manga industry and your library
    3. Comics vet Cullen Bunn is bringing the horror with his new Outer Shadows imprint
    4. Jason Pearson, Body Bags creator, dead at 52
    1. Wednesday season 2: Everything we know so far about the Netflix hit
    1. 30 for 30: revisiting Vertigo's biggest and best, three decades later
    2. Dave Chisolm's Enter the Blue dives into the world of jazz, performance, creation, and obsession.
    3. Marvel announces a new Storm comic book series, finally (with Ann Nocenti writing!)
    4. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    5. Who is in The Last of Us cast on HBO?
    6. Ezra Miller pleads guilty to trespassing in Vermont court case
    1. Into the psychoverse: Yanick Paquette talks The Incal and euro influences
    2. Lee Bermejo revisits Batman: Damned controversy four years later
    1. X-Men: More Wolverines, more problems (for Wolverine)
    2. Inside the AfterShock Comics bankruptcy - $17m+ owed, staff departures, and the creditor seeking to take over the company
    3. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's new noir graphic novel Night Fever to hit shelves June 2023
    4. Tapas Media founder Chang Kim steps away from the company
    5. Meet Rek-Rap, the bizarro Spider-Man from the Limbo realm
    1. AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: Almost all of the creators, owners, conventions, press, listed as being owed money by the comic publisher
    2. And the winners for the 2022 Harvey Awards are...
    3. The original version of Storm returning to Marvel Comics as part of Sins of Sinister event
    4. Aftershock Comics petitions for access to funds to avoid "operational shutdown" as bankruptcy process begins
    5. Court of Owls: The growing prominence of the Gotham City villains in Batman comics and DC as a whole
    6. Looking ahead at 2023 with Popverse
    7. Watch the Defending Manga panel from NYCC 2022!
    8. Speed kills: Flash’s One-Minute War claims its first casualty
    1. Looking back at Jason Todd’s forgotten, red-headed beginnings with his creator Gerry Conway
    1. Batman ‘89 creators unpack their return to the world of Keaton’s Dark Knight
    2. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    3. Avatar: The Way of Water has broken even, so expect more Avatar movies
    4. Sink your teeth into an exclusive preview of Blacula: Return of the King
    1. What to expect from DC in 2023
    2. DC has seemingly avoided the layoffs and cuts Warner Bros. Discovery doled out for other parts of its business
    3. An exclusive preview of Top Shelf's new children's graphic novel Skull Cat and the Curious Castle
    4. The bible of comic books based on the Bible
    1. Exploring the '90s era Star Wars Expanded Universe with Kevin J. Anderson
    2. Who are Marvel Comics' top writers and artists?
    3. The Evil Dead live again in the first Evil Dead Rise trailer
    4. All's well that's Rockwell: Mitch Gerads on the weight of midcentury influences
    5. Disney paid $4 billion dollars for Marvel Entertainment - we look into how their investment paid off
    6. Power to the people: The Human Torch has started a union inside Marvel Comics
    1. Putting the mask back on: how comic book characters have regained their secret identities
    2. Ronald Wimberly chats Planet Ardbeg, form and function, and whisky cocktails
    3. Superman #1 to be used as part of California representative Robert Garcia's swearing into the US House of Representatives
    4. Marvel is ending Donny Cates & Ryan Ottley's Hulk run early
    5. What to expect from Marvel in 2023?
    6. Who is Veranke? Meet the Queen of the Skrulls
    7. Netflix: The most popular TV shows and movies on the streaming service in 2022
    1. “This is a scary show with murders”: Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy talk HBO Max’s Velma
    1. This Month in Comics History for January 2023 - Uzumaki, Bucky-as-Cap, Invincible, Nubia's origin and more