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October 2022 Archive

    1. Watch: Judge Dredd writer Arthur Wyatt talk Best of 2000 AD at this year's NYCC
    2. DMC and Amy Chu headlined the NYCC Darryl Makes Comics panel - stream it here!
    3. The Death of Superman: Dan Jurgens reflects on the event’s legacy with a new story
    4. Wonder Woman Historia's Gene Ha talks his creative process and favorite art tools
    5. SPAWN turns 30! Watch this year's NYCC celebration panel, featuring Todd McFarlane!
    6. Watch the Yen Press industry panel from NYCC on Popverse
    7. Stargirl comes to an end at The CW
    8. Molly Mendoza discusses toxic nostalgia and their latest book STRAY
    9. Watch Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells record Intentionally Blank podcast at NYCC!
    1. Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and Laura Vandervoort are talking Smallville in London - watch it here!
    2. Dancing Ledge presents How to Breakthrough as a Screenwriter at MCM Comic Con - watch it here!
    3. Top fun things to do at MCM London
    4. Check out the best cosplay at MCM London 2022 so far!
    5. Sega lets MCM fans play Sonic Frontiers and Like A Dragon: Isin before they're released
    6. Michael Sheen takes the MCM Main Stage - watch the panel here!
    1. Troy Baker is at MCM London Comic Con - stream his panel here!
    1. Cassandra Peterson talks Elvira's history and the welcomeness of the horror community
    2. Disney to "have a creative input" in BBC's Doctor Who, going forward
    3. The complicated real world backstory of Marvel's Miracleman, explained
    4. Preeti Chhibber, Samira Ahmed, and Swapna Krishna share the joy of writing their favorite Marvel characters
    1. Watch - Lucasfilm Publishing presents Star Wars: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
    2. "This is the dream; this is the astronaut job": David Pepose talks the critic-to-creator pipeline at NYCC 2022
    3. WEBTOON to end Creator Rewards Program in February 2023
    4. DC Comics Presents… Jim Lee! Watch the panel here
    5. IDW announces a Dungeons & Dragons movie prequel in graphic novel form
    6. Watch Webtoon’s Publishing Roundtable on Popverse
    7. Alyssa Wong teases body horror and a love interest in Deadpool #1
    8. Outlander creator Diana Gabaldon holds court in packed NYCC 2022 panel - watch the entire thing!
    1. Watch Omar Epps speak about Nubia: The Awakening at this year's NYCC
    2. The final Judgment Day is upon us, with a vision of humanity's future via its recent past
    3. Todd McFarlane takes NYCC into the McFarlane Toys multiverse!
    4. Comics are under attack. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund shows us how to fight back.
    5. Comics pioneer Denis Kitchen talks comics, history, and censorship at NYCC 2022
    6. Exclusive excerpt: Searching for the man behind the genius in Jim Ottaviani and Jerel Dye's Einstein
    7. Watch Peter Davison, Paul McGann and Colin Baker take the stage at MCM Comic Con’s Doctor Who panel!
    8. BookTok is at London Comic Con - watch the panel here!
    9. HBO Max's Green Lantern series to start over, as John Stewart takes over as the title character
    10. Watch: MCM Comic Con highlights neurodivergent creators in Sunday panel
    11. Costumers Unite! The 501st UK Garrison comes to Comic Con, stream the panel here!
    12. WATCH: Webtoon and DC come together for an unmissable NYCC panel
    13. What does it take to make movies in today’s new age? The Sunday Film Club is at MCM Comic Con to answer
    14. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox charmed Back to the Future fans at New York Comic Con
    15. Watch the finals of the Cosplay Central Crown Championships live from MCM Comic Con!
    16. Spider-Man has unmasked the new Hobgoblin – but there’s a twist
    17. Watch MCM's Genshin Impact panel with voice actors Cristina Vee and Todd Haberkorn live!
    18. Watch the Baldur's Gate panel from MCM with Jennifer English and Neil Newbon live!
    19. Anime and Chill is in London to conduct the Great Anime Debate - and you can stream it here!
    20. Watch MCM's Spy x Family panel with Megan Shipman and Natalie Van Sistine live!
    21. Do I look like a gamer? Watch the MCM Comic Con panel challenging gender stereotypes in gaming
    22. Stream MCM Comic Con’s Elite of British Pro Wrestling Panel from anywhere in the world!
    23. Watch John Rhys Davies' MCM Comic Con 2022 panel live!
    24. Catch all the Pokémon talk at MCM with Shelby on Safari's panel livestream!
    25. Watch MCM's Yaya Han - Beyond Social Media: Long Term Success in Cosplay panel live
    26. Watch MCM Comic Con's A Behind the Screens Look: Game Master's Roundtable panel live!
    1. Watch: Popverse’s own Tiffany Babb host NYCC 2022's Traps, Tropes, and Tribulations: The Genre Comics panel
    2. Avery Hill's Spring 2023 Kickstarter campaign is live, featuring comics by Nicole Goux, K. Briggs, and Ellice Weaver
    3. Selina’s Last Score: A Reflection on Catwoman: Lonely City
    4. Warner Bros Discovery names James Gunn and Peter Safran as new heads of 'DC Studios'
    5. What should you read and watch this Spooky Season?
    6. Disney+ drops the first look at The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
    7. Writing Tips from Brandon Sanderson
    8. Doctor Who to stream exclusively on Disney+ outside of the UK, as BBC and Disney join forces from next year on
    9. James Tynion IV talks about his recent Eisner Award win
    10. Fans at NYCC reacted enthusiastically to the premiere of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War
    1. New York Comic Con 2022: Watch 30+ filmed panels, read numerous interviews and news reports, and hear conversations with celebrities
    2. Doctor Who teases fans with a surprise cliffhanger ahead of 2023 specials
    3. Returning to FF, Jonathan Hickman's forgotten great superhero work, ten years later
    4. DC's Batwheels cast and crew makes a pitstop at New York Comic Con - watch their full panel conversation!
    5. Damon Lindelof and Ms. Marvel director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to develop a new Star Wars movie
    6. "It was kind of the start of my career:" Nick Dragotta looks back on the ten-year anniversary of the end of Marvel Comics' FF
    7. Kang, Bill Murray debut in new Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer
    8. Henry Cavill confirms that he's definitely back as DC's Man of Steel
    9. Black Adam outperforms expectations with a $67 million opening weekend, according to estimates
    1. IDW has a humble mission: to be the best publisher in comics
    2. Vault Comics teases a new line of titles on the horizon as part of NYCC 2022 panel
    3. Re-live the best of New York Comic Con 2022 with NYCC Insider from Popverse
    4. A visit to the Society of Illustrators in New York City
    5. The lessons learned from, and the questions never asked at, New York Comic Con 2022's Q & A panel
    6. Watch Paramount+'s Significant Other panel conversation with Jake Lacy, Maika Monro, Dan Berk, and Robert Olsen from New York Comic Con 2022
    7. Watch the full NYCC staff talkback panel as fans and ReedPop staff discuss New York Comic Con 2022
    8. Watch the full Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler panel from New York Comic Con
    9. Superman's Phillip Kennedy Johnson plans to transform Metropolis into a real City of Tomorrow in 2023
    1. Watch NYCC 2022's DC Gotham City panel with Paul Dano, Ram V, more
    2. Tom King talks DC's Danger Street: "This is the meanest thing I could've done to an artist" (Sorry, Jorge Fornés!)
    3. Watch Peacock's full One of Us is Lying panel from New York Comic Con 2022
    4. Watch as Batman: The Audio Adventures' other dynamic duo - Bobby Moynihan and Dennis McNicholas - delight fans with NYCC 2022 panel
    5. Courtroom calamity: She-Hulk’s wildest cases
    6. NYCC: ICv2 gives comic professionals a glance at the state of the comic book industry by the numbers.
    7. Sara Alfageeh and friends are building One More Multiverse
    8. Did DC's social media just spoil Black Adam before the movie arrives in theaters?
    9. The MCU just introduced Hulk’s son Skaar
    1. Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons has very little to offer anyone outside of its target audience
    2. In the city that doesn't sleep (or mask): A travelog of New York Comic Con
    3. Watch NYCC's full George Pérez remembrance panel with Dan DiDio, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Constance Eza, Alex Segura
    4. An X-Men themed convention wants to immerse fans in the world of the Xavier School, even though Marvel isn't involved
    5. Flashpoint Beyond: How Batman took the ultimate risk
    6. NYCC’s Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away give us a glimpse at what’s to come from the publishing world of Star Wars
    7. A cosplayer's guide to MCM Comic Con
    8. Lupita Nyong'o says that T'Challa's death in the MCU is "not the death of the Black Panther"
    9. Shang-Chi competes in the Game of Rings
    10. In the run-up to Black Adam, Walter Hamada is out as the president of DC Films
    11. Firing on all cylinders: Matthew Rosenberg on bringing WildCATS back (and into the DC Universe)
    12. Marjorie Liu unpicks the mysteries behind The Night Eaters: She Eats The Night
    1. Watch Mason Alexander Park's full Endless Nights concert from NYCC 2022
    2. Pokémon and One Piece-designed Fashion Debuts at NYCC
    3. The end of DC's Flashpoint Beyond teases a return to the world of Watchmen, let's take a look at what that might mean
    4. Black Cloak mixes magic and sci-fi for the first big comic of 2023
    5. Celebrating mentorship, creativity, and kickass women at NYCC’s Women of Marvel panel
    6. Discover the best cosplay from New York Comic Con 2022!
    7. Black Adam was almost an R-rated movie, producers reveal
    8. Ram V dishes on his comic book origins and evolution
    9. Hamish Steele's DeadEndia returns to print (with an all-new third volume, as well!)
    10. What made the Riddler? The Batman's Paul Dano tells us in Riddler: Year One
    1. Sleepy Hollow reimagined as a supernatural queer romance by Lumberjanes co-creator
    2. It's official: Harrison Ford really will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    3. Image Comics to debut James Tynion IV's new ongoing horror comic in the 30th anniversary Image! anthology
    4. Exclusive: Bestselling YA series The Raven Cycle to be adapted to graphic novels
    5. Meet the Cosplay Central Crown Championships 2022 Finalists
    6. Every twist, turn, and surprise cameo in the She-Hulk finale
    1. Mason Alexander Park serenades New York Comic Con after dark
    2. “We definitely need more” light-hearted moments, Says Titans’ Brenton Thwaites (and maybe we’ll get some)
    3. Peach Momoko and her husband/manager open up about the overwhelming issues surrounding her New York Comic Con 2022 booth
    4. Z2 Comics unveils new leadership team after the departure of founder/co-owner Josh Frankel
    1. Inside the success of Pokémon with the person who literally wrote the book on the monster-hunting franchise
    2. "Let's create it": Dwayne Johnson suggests that a Marvel/DC crossover on the big screen could happen
    3. The end is here-ish: The last Walking Dead Panel
    4. I Am Batman's John Ridley on what makes Jace Fox different, and why GCPD: The Blue Wall matters
    5. 2022's most terrifying tales to read this Halloween season
    1. Daredevil and Elektra just got married
    2. The High Republic Phase II takes us back to an even further into Star Wars history
    3. Doom Patrol actors promise interdimensional travel! A musical episode! Sex ghosts! (And the return of ???)
    4. At NYCC, Shadow and Bone's Leigh Bardugo has rediscovered that books are important
    5. Titans executive producer, actors promise payoff in “juicy” Season 4, plus #TimBer!
    1. Watch Oscar Isaac's panel from New York Comic Con 2022 live!
    2. Watch the His Dark Materials Panel, featuring James McAvoy and Dafne Keen from New York Comic Con 2022 live!
    3. Calling all Sassenachs: My Night with Sam Heughan
    4. Marc Silvestri shares the unexpected origin (and classic inspirations behind) Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo
    5. “But at the heart of it is the story of a kid trying to figure out his identity”: Inside the American Born Chinese panel at NYCC '22
    6. One Piece Film RED is a celebration of "the greatest story ever told"
    1. Abrams ComicArts Talks Publishing in 2022 and Beyond at NYCC 2022
    2. The best Black Panther stories in all of comics
    3. Scott Snyder and Jock Talk About Their New Book 'Book of Evil'
    4. NYCC: All the surprise announcements from Marvel's Next Big Thing panel
    5. If you like Pulp's This Is Hardcore album, you might need to read these comics
    6. The Winchesters take on New York Comic Con, sharing their pilot and some surprises
    1. Clan Outlander is in the House at NYCC
    2. All the news and announcements from the Marvel’s Voices panel at NYCC
    3. Oscar Isaac teases more Moon Knight in the MCU at New York Comic Con 2022
    4. What's next for webtoons at NYCC
    5. Rejoice, X-Romance lovers: Rogue & Gambit have a new miniseries arriving this March
    6. Betsy Braddock headlines a brand new Captain Britain miniseries this February
    7. Laura Kinney claws her way to the top in a new X-23 miniseries announced at New York Comic Con
    8. Swing into DC's Gotham City panel at NYCC '22 with Ram V, Frank Tieri and Tim Drake writer Meghan Fitzmartin
    9. Marjorie Liu Gets Real (and Real Scary) about Her New Horror Series the Night Eaters
    10. FX brings Mallori Johnson and the cast of Kindred to NYCC for Q&A and exclusive footage - watch it on Popverse
    11. Nickelodeon’s The Tidal Zone panel features Spongebob Squarepants' Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, and more - stream it here!
    12. Watch WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story is at NYCC with Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Rachel Wood and Weird Al himself!
    13. Brendan Fraser and Brenton Thwaites are at HBO Max’s and DC’s joint Doom Patrol/Titans panel - watch it here!
    14. Livestream it now: Jensen Ackles and more are at the NYCC Winchesters Pilot Screening and Q&A
    15. L.A.V.A. is live at NYCC - and you can watch it here!
    16. WATCH: Genndy Tartakovsky and Michael Ouweleen rep Cartoon Network and Adult Swim at NYCC
    17. Diedrich Bader leads Nickelodeon’s Transformers: EarthSpark panel - watch it live here!
    18. Watch Lilly Singh leading an all-star panel for upcoming Disney+ The Muppets Mayhem!
    19. Avatar Legends, Abrams Books, Dark Horse Comics continue the Avatar legacy
    1. Daredevil does the walk of shame on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
    2. NYCC: Marvel Comics announces Fall of X event
    3. “Only Observe”: Remembering the life and lessons of Kim Jung Gi
    4. NYCC: Marvel Comics announces Summer of the Symbiotes event
    5. A new trailer and a chance to see Star Trek TNG's crew reunited? NYCC '22 had one answer: "Make it so"
    6. Could Star Trek's first female captain be headed back to the screen?
    7. "Never a dull moment!" NYCC' 22 audiences watched the very first teaser for Star Trek: Discovery's 5th season
    8. Mr. Sinister's dreams come true (and we leap a decade into the X-Men's future) in 2023's The Sins of Sinister
    9. Stream the Cosplay Central Crown Championships here!
    10. Steve Burns on his life after Blue’s Clues: Watch the panel here
    11. Ice-T and Coco lead the Death for Hire panel presented by Z2 - watch it here!
    12. Romance, sports, cats, and elves: The best and worst manga panel at NYCC'22
    13. The Batman/Spawn crossover is for anyone who's ever been 15 years old (and those of us that want to revisit those days) according to Todd McFarlane
    14. DC reloads the flagship Superman title with a new creative team of Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell
    15. Superman, Lois, and Jon reunite with Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks inside Action Comics in 2023
    16. Jon Kent leaves the Superman nest in 2023 with new Adventures of Superman series
    17. Marvel brings giveaways, props, photo ops, and more to their NYCC booth
    18. Fly into tomorrow with the man of tomorrow at NYCC '22's Superman panel, with Josh Williamson, Dan Jurgens, Mark Russell, and Philip Kennedy Johnson
    19. The Walking Dead panel featuring Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan is at New York Comic Con - watch it here
    20. Watch the Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind live from the New York Comic Con 2022 stages!
    21. Traps, Tropes, and tribulations: the New York Comic Con 2022 genre comics panel
    22. VIZ Media’s Urian Brown leads the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War panel at NYCC - stream it live right here!
    23. Shadow and Bone author Leigh Bardugo speaks with the cast of the Netflix series - stream the panel here
    24. New Daughter of Blade comic announced at New York Comic Con
    25. Silver Surfer gets rural (and even more mysterious) in new Marvel story called Ghost Light by John Jennings and Valentine De Landro
    26. Marvel's Bishop to lead all new X-Men student squad in War College
    27. DC Universe Infinite Ultra launches, making DC's comics available one month after they hit stores
    28. Brandon Sanderson is at NYCC for a reading and Q&A, watch it here!
    29. Explore the final frontier that is IDW's Star Trek comic plans live from NYCC '22, featuring Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Liana Kangas and more
    30. Manga giant VIZ Media reveals Summer 2023 print releases at New York Comic Con 2022
    31. Watch the Harvey Guillén Spotlight panel from New York Comic Con live!
    32. Smallville stars Tom Welling, Erica Durance, John Glover, and Kristin Kreuk reunite at NYCC - and you can watch the panel here!
    33. Watch Brandon Sanderson, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Brooks, Shawn Speakman from NYCC's Titans of Fantasy panel live!
    34. Chloë Grace Moretz leads Amazon Prime Video’s Peripheral panel
    35. Watch the Violent Night panel with a bad Santa played by David Harbour live from NYCC '22
    36. Watch Paramount’s Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack panel live from New York Comic Con 2022
    37. SYFY makes NYCC a bloody good time with Reginald the Vampire panel, featuring star and producer Jacob Batalon! Stream Popverse’s coverage here
    38. Watch Amazon Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and Wheel of Time panels, moderated by Felicia Day!
    1. WEBTOON and DC Promise New Genres, More Slice of Life
    2. NYCC 2022 Cosplay is Starting Strong
    3. Broadway is Back at NYCC, and it is hilarious
    4. Experience Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and Greg Capullo live on stage from NYCC '22
    5. James McAvoy and His Dark Materials EPs on courting controversy
    6. Jim Lee surprises NYCC '22 by bringing Joe Quesada back to DC Comics
    7. Follow Jim Lee and his amazing friends taking the stage at NYCC '22
    8. Enjoy C.B. Cebulski and special guests revealing all at the Marvel Fanfare panel at NYCC '22, live
    9. NYCC: Are New York's Trash Taste podcast fans as feral as Florida's?
    10. Owl House Shares the Love (and Six Minutes of New Footage!)
    11. The Owl House NYCC Panel featured exclusive look at Season 3
    12. Vox Machina announces release date and season 3 renewal at New York Comic Con
    13. Watch Showtime's Let the Right One In New York Comic Con '22 panel ahead of its TV debut
    14. Watch Karate Kid & Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio get the spotlight at New York Comic Con '22
    15. Watch the Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons panel from NYCC '22 live!
    16. Ultraman’s Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi Join NYCC’s VIZ panel - watch it here!
    17. Chucky Season Two terrorizes NYCC; view the panel discussion with creator Don Mancini and actor Jennifer Tilly here!
    18. Watch Disney’s The Mysterious Benedict Society panel, featuring Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, and more, on Popverse now
    19. Check out Disney’s American Born Chinese Panel, featuring Gene Luen Yang, from NYCC right here!
    20. Shadow and Bone's Leigh Bardugo takes the stage at NYCC ‘22
    21. Dan Harmon is at NYCC to promote Krapopolis - livestream the panel here!
    22. Crunchyroll hosts industry panel at NYCC; Watch it here, anime fans!
    1. ReedPop responds to failure of mask enforcement of NYCC '22: “It was clearly not enough. You can see that for yourself.”
    2. Sneak into DC's Special Batman Conversation with Tom King, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Lee at NYCC '22
    3. Mamma Mia! The new Super Mario Bros. movie debuts its first teaser at NYCC '22!
    4. Chill with Captain America's Cold War panel at NYCC '22 with writers Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Tochi Onyebuchi
    5. Follow along with DC's big Multiverse panel from NYCC 22, including Dan Mora, Stephanie Williams, Mahmud Asrar and more!
    1. Watch Dav Pilkey make (and paint) Cat Kid Comic Club's Frogzilla in exclusive video
    2. Marvel's End of Spider-Verse begins with a death, a return, and several wrestling-style surprise heel turns in Spider-Man #1 by Dan Slott and Mark Bagley
    3. Artist Kim Jung Gi dies at age 47, on way to his planned convention appearance
    4. Oni Press has hired a executive search firm to find its next president/publisher
    5. Enjoy Popverse without any ads
    6. Sony's Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto movie signs up Alfonso Cuaron's son to direct
    7. The rise and fall of Millie the Model, Marvel Comics' most prolific female character of all time
    8. Watch the AMC Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches panel, featuring Alexandra Daddario, live from NYCC 2022
    9. Watch the Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm NYCC '22 panel live, featuring the Aqua Teen voice cast!
    10. Livestream NYCC’s Paloni Show Halloween Special
    11. Livestream the NYCC '22 Koala Man panel with creator Michael Cusak
    12. Watch as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra return to NYCC with Janet Varney & Dante Basco!
    13. Hulu's Solar Opposites invade Room 405 at NYCC ‘22 - watch it here!
    14. Watch Disney's Big City Greens panel live from New York Comic Con 2022, featuring creator Shane Houghton
    15. The Trash Taste boys take over NYCC '22 with Main Stage panel
    16. Watch Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu, and Sam Richardson take the NYCC Main Stage for HBO Max’s Velma!
    1. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5: All the Shocking Twists Explained by Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere
    2. With the petition deadline now passed, Virginia's Gender Queer obscenity lawsuit dismissal stands
    3. Watch the full 2021 Harvey Awards ceremony, including the amazing acceptance speeches from Trung Le Nguyen, Rachel Smythe, more
    4. Brian Cunningham and Chris Ryall join AfterShock Comics
    5. From single-panel to long-form: How Maybe An Artist is Liz Montague's Mount Everest
    6. Robin: Tim Drake’s return is a long time coming
    1. How often have Daredevil and She-Hulk teamed up in the comics?
    2. DC reveals the Joker's identity as Jack White (No, not that one) in surprising Flashpoint Beyond event
    3. MCU introduces its first vampire in She-Hulk (no, it’s not Blade)
    4. Disney signs on to air Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime series
    5. Mike Marts signs on as editor-in-chief and executive vice president of Mad Cave Studios
    6. After several layoffs and exits, Oni Press loses three senior-most employees
    7. Hocus Pocus 2: Easter Eggs to watch for from Popverse's resident Sanderson Sisters superfan Ashley V. Robinson
    8. Watch Namor fly into the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer
    9. October 2022 - This month in comic history, from 100 years ago to now