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June 2024 Archive

    1. How Marvel Studios' successes hurt the Star Trek revival movies, according to Chris Pine himself
    1. Every new movie and TV series coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu in July 2024
    2. Brandon Routh shares some words of wisdom for the next cinematic Superman, David Corenswet
    3. Dawn of DC, 2023-2004: An Obituary
    4. The Batman's Alfred Pennyworth Andy Serkis says the sequel is to begin filming in early 2025
    5. House of the Dragon just introduced its first Stark - eight generations before Ned
    6. Watch the full Maya Hawke C2E2 panel talking Stranger Things, Inside Out, and more
    7. The Nosferatu trailer is here, just in time for "Hot Rodent Man" summer
    8. How Marvel changed Avengers: Twilight to avoid comparisons to the January 6 attacks (even though it was written a year before)
    9. Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian release date: When the bilingual romance anime is set to debut
    10. One Piece release date: Keeping track of when episode 1110 of the anime will come out
    11. The complete list of MTG Arena Codes June 2024
    12. Doctor Who release date: Here is when the next episode of Doctor Who comes out on Disney+ and BBC
    13. Here's all the upcoming WWE, AEW, NJPW, and more major wrestling events - be they PLEs, PPVs, or streaming spectacles
    14. Anime Last Stand codes June 2024 for the Roblox hit game
    15. From Caped Crusader to Creature Commandos, here are all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows
    16. Marvel Studios & Marvel Comics are now working "much more closely" this year to get MCU fans into comic stores says publisher
    17. Powerpuff Girls' new creators aim to "honor" the franchise while "injecting some tiny creative pieces of ourselves in there too"
    18. The best Kevin Costner movies and TV shows to watch as Horizon begins & Yellowstone ends
    19. Demon Slayer release date: Here is when the next episode of Demon Slayer season 4 comes to Crunchyroll
    20. When the next episode of House of the Dragon season 2 is coming to HBO and Max
    1. All of the upcoming major comic cons and shows coming in the US and abroad
    2. More characters from Rogue One are returning for Star Wars prequel Andor season 2, says Diego Luna
    1. House of the Dragon season 2 is about to get "tasty," as King Aegon II actor Tom Glynn-Carney teases his "unpredictability"
    1. Doctor Who: Sutekh and Ruby both laid traps that worked, and 'Empire of Death' reveals some mystery payoffs as a result
    2. Godzilla and other (Teen) Titans lead the way for dream projects from MCM Artist Alley Asks
    3. One company has revolutionized comic con snacking...
    4. Inside the pioneering LGBTQIA+ comics non-profit Prism Comics
    5. Marvel Studios' one-time Dominic Fortune Delroy Lindo has been dropped from his second MCU project, Blade
    6. IDW undergoing more changes as majority owner changes, its Editor-in-Chief leaves, and one of its publishers moves to a different position
    7. IDW Publishing former EiC Jamie S. Rich speaks for the first time on his exit, and the "know-nothings" who twisted the story
    8. Scrapped Blade script focused on Mia Goth's Lilith hunting down Blade's daughter in the 1920s
    9. Marvel Studios built a "massive train set" for an upcoming movie that it'll never use, but Disney hopes someone else will
    10. The Yellowstone patriarch Kevin Costner has changed his mind, and quits the show (and any spinoffs or movies)
    11. Mahershala Ali is so frustrated with Marvel Studios' Blade delays that even his lawyer says it's the "craziest thing" he's ever seen
    12. Why director Yann Demange left the Blade movie and what it means for the MCU's most elusive film ever
    13. Watch the casts of Star Trek: Discovery, Baldur's Gate 3, One Piece, Ted Lasso, and more with full panel videos from MCM Comic Con 2024!
    14. Watch the Baldur's Gate III Tavs, Dark Urge Characters and Cast panel from London's MCM!
    15. Dexter watch order: Indulge your Dark Passenger with Dexter's journey from start to finish now that its streaming on Netflix
    16. Star Wars: Why did Anakin ignore Kenobi’s ‘high ground’ warning? Hayden Christensen has an answer
    17. Yes, the Twilight cast is aware of the infamous Twilight Sewerposting Facebook group
    18. “There are so many different ways to be gay!” Our Flag Means Death's Kristian Nairn & Nathan Foad share their connection with the queer community
    19. The 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film was almost a DIsney movie - here's how
    20. Imagine Gimli on a boat! Lord of the Rings' John Rhys-Davies shares his secret hobby – boating
    21. The Hazbin Hotel cast want to do a live concert, but they need your help to make it happen
    22. What would a Hazbin Hotel movie be like? The cast has an offbeat idea involving the Egg Boiz
    23. All 34 DC Comics' animated series, ranked from best to worst!
    24. One Punch Man manga goes on two month hiatus so artist can make "various adjustments and preparations"
    1. Doctor Who: Who is Ruby Sunday's mother?
    2. What links Rick Astley, Bazil from Star Wars: The Acolyte, and the Justice League Snyder Cut? The iron will of the internet, for better or worse
    3. Donald Sutherland, 1935-2024
    4. M3GAN is getting a deadly SOULM8TE as Blumhouse and Atomic Monster announce a new spin-off movie from the 2022 killer robot hit
    5. Doctor Who: Finally, the truth behind the old woman who keeps appearing in every single episode is revealed, thanks to Sutekh
    6. Upcoming superhero & comic-based TV release dates for Marvel, DC, Prime Video, Netflix, and more
    7. Eats for Geeks: Jarrett Melendez brings Pokémon, Percy Jackson, & Wednesday recipes to Miami's Florida Supercon
    8. Marvel ends both Star Wars and Darth Vader this fall - and teases new comics set in a different part of a galaxy far, far away, instead
    9. Horizon rating: How grown-up is Kevin Costner's new four-film Western saga?
    10. Horizon cast: Who is joining Kevin Costner on his four-film an American Saga
    11. Netflix's Bridgerton season 4 isn't coming until 2026 according to the showrunner
    12. Horizon release date: When is Kevin Costner's new Western movie saga coming out?
    13. How to enjoy Disney After Hours: Tips and tricks to get the most out of the theme parks' nighttime extravaganza
    14. The Mandalorian owes its success to Boba Fett, according to the actor behind Din Djarin's helmet
    15. The Boys was originally a DC Comics superteam: Inside the secret origin of the r-rated superheroes created to stop the Justice League
    16. How to watch Battlestar Galactica in release and chronological order
    17. "One Piece is like a clown show," explains Usopp actor Sonny Strait, and that's what makes it great
    18. Inside Warner Bros.' aborted Buffy the Vampire Slayer cartoon that would have staked the franchise
    19. WATCH: Ru Paul's Drag Race UK star Choriza May on unleashing your inner queen at MCM London
    20. That time Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston switched their MCU Daredevil & Loki roles, with Marvel Studios' full support
    21. Fallout star Ella Purnell is coming to Miami's Florida Supercon!
    1. Queer romance novels to read this summer
    2. How and where to watch the Solo Leveling anime before season 2 finally arrives
    3. Monstress artist Sana Takeda dives into the emotions, the origin, and yes, the monsters of her and Marjorie Liu's hit comic
    4. THANK THE DARK GODS! Dark Horse Comics announces The Headless Horseman Halloween Annual 2024
    5. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder release date: Here's when Wednesday co-star Emma Myers' new show will debut on Netflix and BBC
    6. LIVE ON KICKSTARTER: Epiphany Engine brings together 33 publishers for single, multiverse-spanning event
    7. The most famous, infamous, and forgotten Marvel Studios casting choices that never happened, from Emily Blunt to Joaquin Phoenix
    8. 11 times LGBTQ+ superheroes made national headlines (and where they are now)
    9. Chill LGBTQ+ movies for a chill Pride Month celebration
    10. Should Marvel restore Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage? The pros & cons, according to Marvel itself
    11. At MCM London, cosplayers Shinorisu and Rose Magpie talked fans through passion to profession... and we filmed it!
    12. Prepare to watch the Anime Ltd Industry panel from MCM Comic Con in London
    13. Prepare to witness the Great Anime Showdown of MCM Comic Con 2024!
    14. Prepare to watch YouTube's Anime Freshmen and their Arguelympics, filmed at London's MCM
    15. Prepare to watch Elarica Johnson and Richard Perry discuss how to write your own graphic novel from MCM May 2024!
    16. Get ready to watch Geekdom and Hip Hop collide in Super Cypher at MCM London!
    17. Ren the Girl with the Mark's creators tell you how to make a big fantasy series on a tiny budget at MCM May 2024
    18. Get ready to watch Vox Machina voice actor Robbie Daymond's full panel from London's MCM
    19. Muslim nerds and geeks gathered at MCM London Comic Con for Super Salaam! - and we filmed the entire panel!
    20. London's Elite Wrestling Entertainment group appeared at MCM - and we filmed their entire panel!
    21. Prepare to watch The Nerd Council 's full podcast episode from MCM London
    22. Watch the Neurodiverse Creator panel from MCM Comic Con!
    23. Take a trip to The Dark Room with Popverse's MCM London coverage
    24. All of Spider-Man's girlfriends at Marvel Comics, ranked from worst to best!
    25. Four episodes in, who is actually The Acolyte in the latest Star Wars show?
    26. Four episodes in, who is The Master in the latest Star Wars show The Acolyte?
    27. When is the next episode of the Acolyte? The Star Wars prequel show episode 5 release date and time
    28. Artist's Alley Asks: Tim Seeley reveals his quest every convention (Clue: it involves the Power of Grayskull)
    1. Come meet Popverse at Miami's Florida Supercon 2024!
    2. Spaceballs is getting a sequel from the people behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, HBO's Avenue 5, and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Really)
    3. The 2024 Harvey Awards are coming...
    4. Star Wars is inexplicably Anti-Horny, and we need to talk about it
    5. Cult show Resident Alien is moving to the USA (Network, that is) with a surprise fourth season renewal after finding success on Netflix
    6. All the upcoming TV shows on streaming and broadcast television
    7. Watch BBC & Netflix's A Good Girl's Guide to Murder official panel, filmed at London's MCM
    8. Will your favorite Star Wars character be on The Acolyte? Here's who is alive during the High Republic
    9. Smile 2 is coming, and this time, it's all about grinning and bearing the music industry (before, you know, the killing)
    10. Pixar's first Inside Out "changed my life," declares Anxiety (Well, voice actor Maya Hawke, at least)
    11. A Spider-Man superfan is building a $2.5 million wallcrawler-themed home theater and WE HAVE PICTURES, PARKER!!!
    12. Lord of the Rings: one special effect was crucial to Gimli actor John Rhys Davies
    13. Star Wars: The Acolyte's inconvenient truth: the Jedi are the cops (for all the good and all the bad that comes with it)
    14. Want a twisty-dark reinterpretation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Try She Loved Blossoms More
    1. Green Arrow and Batman & Robin are losing writer Joshua Williamson this fall (but the heroes will fight on)
    2. 10 High energy LGBTQ+ movies for an energetic Pride
    3. House of the Dragon got you waiting for more? Here's how to read every Game of Thrones book in order
    4. Hulu's The Bear: The cast, plot, release date, trailer, and even a look at the real restaurant the show is based on
    5. The Bear recap: Everything you need to know aboout the FX on Hulu series before season 3
    6. House of the Dragon: How (and where) to watch HBO's hit show (and the entire Game of Thrones saga) in order
    7. From Beyond the Spider-Verse to Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, here's every upcoming Marvel TV show and movie (plus their release dates!)
    8. Will Deadpool & Wolverine save the Marvel Studios slump? Disney boss Bob Iger says it'll be the biggest MCU movie "in a long time"
    9. Marvel's "reset" of its comics division includes a new logo, new social media, and bad typeface decisions
    10. Watch the Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and John Rhys-Davies reunite to share memories, on-set jokes, and more
    11. Marvel's OFFICIAL timeline of its canon comic universe is... maybe not as important as fans might think, says top editor
    12. Moana herself Auliʻi Cravalho is bringing poi to Nick's The Tiny Chef Show - and we have a free first taste!
    13. Game of Thrones dragons: A complete guide to the 13 dragons including those from House of the Dragon
    14. Want a fun (and creepy) Ocean’s 11 take on the multiverse? Try The A-Frame
    15. All 38 of Stan Lee's Marvel and MCU movie cameos, ranked from best to worst!
    16. DC's best Batman actors, ranked
    17. Watch: Domino Day's Percelle Ascott, Babirye Bukilwa, Alisha Bailey, & creator Lauren Sequeira at MCM May 2024
    1. Doctor Who leans into the misdirect and teases, but refuses to reveal, the Legend of Ruby Sunday
    2. DC Studios is developing a follow-up to the Blue Beetle movie - as an animated series
    3. The Bear season 3 release date is less than two weeks away on Hulu - time to prep your menu for your binge-a-thon
    4. The TMNT comic revamp by Paramount & IDW is doing double Last Ronin's numbers, leading to calls for pizza parties
    5. How DC is reviving The Authority's Jenny Sparks with the September 11 attacks (and how its personal for writer Tom King)
    6. Poll: What's the best Pixar movie of all time?
    7. The best Pixar movies, ranked worst to best - from WALL-E to Up, Lightyear to A Bug's Life, Toy Story and Turning Red
    8. Image Comics' most unkillable comic returns, as X-Men writer Gerry Duggan revives Dead Eyes in new series The Empty Frames
    9. Bluey release date: A new episode debuts this week, but it'll be hard to watch
    10. Ranking the best 90s horror movies, best to worst - from JNCO Jeans to murdered teens
    11. Five shows to watch after you've finished Amazon Prime Video's The Boys
    12. The Great Houses of Westeros: A Guide to the important families of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon
    13. Time travel and multiverse stories... what are they REALLY about? The upcoming horror film She Loved Blossoms More tells us
    14. The Animaniacs's Jess Hartnell and Rob Paulson make MCM May 2024 zanier - watch it here
    15. How to watch Ultraman in chronological and release order as the new movie debuts on Netflix
    16. Five shows to watch after Netflix's Bridgerton
    17. Watch the official Doctor Who Q&A from MCM May 2024, wherever and whenever you are!
    18. Popverse is coming to 22 conventions in 2024 - where will we see you at?
    19. Love Baldur's Gate 3? Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets & jokes with the cast & casting directors
    1. The first animated Watchmen trailer is here, and for better or worse, it looks pretty much exactly like the comic
    2. The Bear season 3 cast featuring return of Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and more, chef!
    3. HBO officially renews Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon for a third season, even though George R.R. Martin kinda spoiled us
    4. Marvel Studios' Blade loses its second director in two years as the Mahershala Ali vehicle continues to stumble
    5. Bridgerton season 3 ending explained (plus such a tease for season 4!)
    6. Netflix's The Imaginary is the perfect anime movie for those of us who can't wait for Miyazaki's next final film
    7. With The Boys season 4 out now, here's how to watch the whole series (and spinoffs including Gen V and Diabolical) in release or chronological order
    8. Don’t You Let Me Go is the time-traveling queer romance we need right now
    9. Something is Killing the Children prequel is coming from James Tynion and Werther Dell'Edera on five-year anniversary of BOOM! hit's debut
    10. Marvel Studios has quietly recast Kingpin's parents ahead of Daredevil: Born Again
    11. DC is taking Plastic Man into an adults-only David Cronenberg body horror angle with Halt & Catch Fire co-creator Christopher Cantwell & Alex Lins
    12. The Acolyte has arrived, heralding the end of the High Republic and the future of Star Wars
    13. Marvel has turned Spider-Man Miles Morales into a vampire (and they tell us it may be permanent)
    14. Spider-Man isn't the first Marvel hero turned into a vampire... Storm, Wolverine, Jubilee, Captain America, and more beat him to the blood punch
    1. Superbad director Greg Mottola has been recruited into James Gunn's new DC cinematic universe for Peacemaker
    2. Disney has found their live-action Moana for the upcoming movie - but it's not the voice of the animated movie
    3. No-No Power Rangers: New Mighty Morphin' show dead at Netflix
    4. Every Bridgerton couple (PLUS A FEW!) ranked from best to worst
    5. A Scooby-Doo anime is in the works - but without Velma, Daphne, or Fred
    6. Doctor Who, The Acolyte, and the lessons of Lost: Let's have more mysteries on television, please
    7. Watch the Critical Role cast talk about their upcoming plans and your favorite moments
    8. Ranking the One Piece anime's arcs, from best to worst
    9. June 13, 2024 is Boydgerton Day here at Popverse as new seasons of Bridgerton and The Boys are released
    10. A canceled nautical The Game of Thrones prequel is un-canceled according to George R.R. Martin
    11. Amazon is working on multiple The Boys spinoffs, but has finally agreed with showrunner to end main show with season 5
    12. The Crow release date: When Bill Skarsgard's long-awaited reboot is swooping into cinemas
    13. C'mon, grab your friends: the Adventure Time universe is expanding, and Stephen Universe's creator is helping
    14. Empire Records' Johnny Whitworth offers a satisfyingly retro take on the mad scientist in The A-Frame
    15. Forget about your troubles, because Paddington is back (and even better, he's bringing Olivia Colman with him)
    16. The Acolyte's third episode is a big swing, and whether you liked it or not might say what you want from Star Wars
    17. Homelander vs. Superman - who wins? The Boys cast answer one of fans' most persistent questions
    18. Is A-Train redeemable? The Boys cast debate the answer ahead of season 4
    19. Miles Morales and more Marvel heroes are vampires now! Everything you need to know about the Blood Hunt event
    20. Watch as The Boys cast talk about Prime Video's season 4 & finding new "ways to kill people that no other show or superhero character has ever touched"
    21. Florida Supercon 2023: Yes, we filmed Our Flag Means Death, Chainsaw Man, and more panels
    22. How to watch the magical girl anime Pretty Cure (or PreCure) in order
    23. Dear gentle viewer, here is how to watch Bridgerton in order
    24. The most famous, infamous, and forgotten MCU food scenes from Marvel Studios
    25. The Acolyte's reveals Mae and Osha's backstory, and asks a really big Star Wars question that might tie the show to Darth Vader
    26. How trustworthy are the Jedi, really? The latest Star Wars: The Acolyte episode brings the controversial question to light
    27. From The Clone Wars to Ahsoka to The Acolyte, here is what we know about The Force, Witches, and Star Wars lore
    1. Upcoming comics, manga, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, VIZ, Scholastic, and more
    2. Mark my words: Blumhouse's Fear the Spotlight, Grave Seasons, & The Simulation will win the gaming wars
    3. How to watch the Miami's Florida Supercon 2024 big panels including Critical Role, Hazbin Hotel, & Baldur's Gate 3
    4. Amazon Prime Video's Criminal: Everything we know about Charlie Hunnam and the cast, plot, and possible release date
    5. Are new Star Wars twins Osha and Mae the Rey and Kylo Ren of The Acolyte?
    6. Doctor Who's Bridgerton episode was an accidental but perfectly loving advertisement for Netflix's period romance
    7. What is the One Piece? The English Dub Cast including Colleen Clinkenbeard and Ian Sinclair give their theories
    8. The Penguin: The Batman prequel's cast, release date window, trailer, plot, and more
    9. The Penguin release date: The Batman spin off series is just around the corner on Max
    10. If Stand by Me, ET, and The LEGO Movie had a baby it would be Julian Glander's Boys Go to Jupiter (and that’s a good thing)
    11. The entire Handmaid's Tale timeline explained
    1. How to watch Kentaro Miura's Berserk anime in order
    2. How to watch One Piece in order (including the movies, tv show, and more)
    3. Are Marvel's X-Men too powerful? X-Men boss warns of "power-creep" and quotes The Incredibles' villain
    4. The producer behind Barbarian, Late Night with the Devil, and It is teaming with the editor of Preacher and Hellraiser to create the future of horror
    5. For our latest trick, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock might get back together again for Practical Magic 2
    6. Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and other new MCU heroes' future is no longer at Disney+ with new seasons - it's in movies
    7. Superheroes live in concert: How to watch Batman, Superman, & Spider-Man backed by real orchestras
    8. Spy x Family season 3 release date: The Forgers are finally coming back to Crunchyroll - but when? Our best guess
    9. DC's Supergirl flaunts My Adventures with Superman's anime influence in a Dragon Ball-inspired outfit
    10. MaXXXine release date: Here is when you can catch Ti West's sequel to X and Pearl
    11. MaXXXine cast: Find out which actors are joining Mia Goth in the latest instalment in Ti West's hit horror franchise
    12. Bless Bill Cipher! Disney is talking to Alex Hirsch about reviving Gravity Falls, says House of Mouse exec
    13. The first Wake Up Dead Man pic is here from Rian Johnson, and Daniel Craig smolders as Benoit Blanc
    14. Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again cast features the return of Charlie Cox, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, and more
    15. Censorship in anime: The most baffling and infamous moments in anime from Naruto, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, more
    16. Christmas horror movies: 9 films that'll give you a silent night, scary night
    17. Watch Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Patricia Summersett, Cristina Vee and Sean Chiplock from MCM!
    18. The Acolyte is the show that dares to ask 'What is Star Wars without a war?' (And then answers that question, too)
    19. How to watch The Fruit of Grisaia anime series & movies - in order, even
    1. The Bridgerton episode of Doctor Who has arrived, and it's the most fun (and loving) episode of the show this year
    2. Evangelion studio Gainax files for bankruptcy and its current director aired all their dirty laundry to explain why
    3. Wistoria: Wand and Sword release date: Here is when the new fantasy anime is coming to Crunchyroll
    4. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie release date: Netflix is releasing the two-part film this year
    5. Oni Press reveals plans for San Diego's 2024 ALA Annual with Subzero, Night Mother, and Eat Your Heart Out creators
    6. How to watch the Marvel movies in order (The MCU, release and chronological)
    7. Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again - The cast, release date expectations, plot, and how it connects to the MCU
    8. Critical Role's Matt Mercer reveals Ruidus history goes all the way back to the group's first campaign
    9. Wanda Sykes & Kim Fields' hit show Upshaws on Netflix is ending - but they get one more season to go out on their own terms
    10. What is the best Star Wars TV show or series of all time? Tell us!
    11. Good Guy Steve actor Joe Keery shares his feelings of leaving Netflix's Stranger Things behind after season 5
    12. Watch the new horror film Witch's full MCM May 2024 panel here!
    13. How to watch all the Sailor Moon anime shows and movies in order
    14. Ted Lasso's Toheeb Jimoh & Kola Bokkini reveal their secret plan to steal as much of the show props & merch as possible during series finale
    15. The secret to screenwriting for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, according to Commando writer Jeph Loeb
    16. 6 honestly underrated horror movies I am begging you to watch
    17. House of the Dragon season 2 release date: Get ready to fly back into battle for the Iron Throne
    18. Bridgerton books reading order: What order to read (or re-read) all the books that inspired the Netflix hit
    19. Alison Bechdel's influence on comics & pop culture, explained
    1. John Wick, The Killer's Game, Netflix's Hit Man: why are we so into movies about guys who kill people for a living?
    2. The 48 most-anticipated new movies coming up in 2024
    3. Miami horror: Looking at the horror movies filmed in Miami to make your vacation a little scarier
    4. Watch House of the Dragon's master armor, costume designer, and more talk about the Game of Thrones prequel's season 2
    5. All 17 modern DC movies in order, across the DCEU from Superman's Man of Steel to Aquaman's Lost Kingdom
    6. The 10 best Naruto arcs, ranked best to worst
    7. Anime saves the day as man helps stop knife attack on Taiwanese subway, inspired by Himmel from Frieren
    8. The final two issues of DC's Justice Society of America have been delayed again
    9. Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine Rated-R rating promises "strong bloody violence and language throughout” as well as “gore and sexual references"
    10. Heartstopper season 3 cast: Here's who is joining Kit Connor & Joe Locke as the Netflix show returns this fall
    11. Bridgerton season 3 release date: When the Penelope and Colin romance will finally bear fruit
    12. Will Yoda show up in Star Wars: The Acolyte? The showrunner has already put that theory to rest
    13. A new Hunger Games book (and movie) is coming out centered on Woody Harrelson's Haymitch - and it already has a release date!
    14. When Marvel Studios invited Charlie Cox to return as Daredevil for Born Again, the actor thought it was a Kevin Feige prank call
    15. The Mandalorian & Boba Fett were like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, but Star Wars veteran Temuera Morrison has strong opinions on which was whhich
    16. Upcoming scary movies: All The new horror films coming in 2024, 2025, and beyond
    17. How and where to watch the Hunger Games movie as you prepare for 2026's Sunrise on the Reaping
    1. How to watch Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, and more from Vivienne 'VivziePop' Medrano
    2. The Traitors season 3 cast: Big Brother & Survivors stars meet Real Housewives & Bachelorettes, plus the token British politician, from Peacock
    3. Jude Law's Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is coming this Christmas 2024 from Lucasfilm, here's the plot, cast, trailer notes, release date speculation, and more
    4. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr leading candidates for the Beatles cinematic universe movies reportedly revealed
    5. Marvel's X-Men: From the Ashes era starts early with not just one, but TWO, comics out now (which might not be good news for Cyclops and Jean Grey)
    6. Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho is doing his first US project... and it's horror
    7. With Atlas, Jennifer Lopez and Netflix prove you don't have to make a good movie to build an audience
    8. Image Comics' Petrol Head gets optioned for a movie from the company behind X-Men: Days of Future Past's VFX
    9. Captain America has assembled his own team of Avengers - including Night-Thrasher, Photon, She-Hulk and a Power Pack kid all grown up
    10. The reason why the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga are different is Toriyama's level of involvement in each
    11. How to watch Godzilla, King Kong, and Rodan's MonsterVerse movies & TV shows in order
    12. How & where to watch Dragon Ball in order
    13. Star Wars: The Acolyte presents the Jedi as a looming threat - and it is the best part of the series so far
    14. The most famous, the most infamous, and most forgotten Marvel Studios' MCU recastings
    15. Marvel: X-Men Krakoa Era ending explained from X-Men #35 / Uncanny X-Men #700
    16. Look out, All Might: Kaiju No. 8 has dethroned My Hero Academia as the best superhero anime on Crunchyroll
    17. Former Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb says the company discouraged him from writing comics while he was there
    18. The Boba Fett and Mandalorian Armorer actors have an idea for Star Wars next big TV show hit: The Great Boba Fett Bake Off
    19. The Ted Lasso cast reveal the 'Hell Week' filming period during the first season
    20. A guide to the new Queer Classics of movies
    21. Disney+'s The Acolyte dives into the past of Star Wars mythos to show the way forward for the franchise (plus, lots of Jedi!)
    22. How & where to watch the Star Wars movies & TV shows in order (chronological and release)
    23. Star Wars timeline: From The Acolyte to the Rise of Skywalker, here's your guide to the long, long time agos of Disney's space opera saga
    24. Okay, so you've watched the new Star Wars show, The Acolyte - what next?
    25. Star Wars: The Acolyte season 2 planning is already underway, with showrunner teasing some familiar faces
    1. Now we know why Jeremy Renner wasn't in the last Mission: Impossible movie (and why that might've been a good thing)
    2. Marvel's X-Men Krakoan Age 2019 - 2024: An Obituary
    3. Where to watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother and its spinoff
    4. Max increases monthly subscription costs just before House of the Dragon season 2, because dragon war is expensive
    5. Olive Garden's Garfield-inspired menu dishes up a safe but forgettable marketing ploy
    6. The first full-length Alien: Romulus trailer is here and, once again, the real bad guy is capitalism
    7. Ewan McGregor is first of four major celebrities coming to Los Angeles Comic Con
    8. Heartstopper season 3 release date: The teenage romantic comedy is set to return to Netflix this October
    9. Oshi no Ko season 2 release date: The pop idol murder mystery deepens as the popular anime returns this July
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