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April 2024 Archive

    1. NCIS Season 21 finale date: The final episode of the CBS staple's new season is fast approaching
    2. The X-Men get the party they've always deserved with Portland's Homo Superior this May
    3. Hayao Miyazaki: Is the Studio Ghibli director working on a sequel to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?
    4. What would a Disney version of the X-Men look like? A Marvel artist is showing us
    5. Is Rebel Moon critic-proof? Zack Snyder’s sequel tops Netflix charts, and he proposes 4 more (Really)
    6. A hoard of books based on Netflix's Wednesday will be haunting bookstores this summer
    7. Comics are getting some Chemical X as a new run of Powerpuff Girls comics are on their way this July
    8. Buffy’s Michelle Trachtenberg got ‘Psychosomatic Tonsillitis’ when she had to sing in musical episode
    9. Comic conventions: a comprehensive guide of all of the upcoming major comic cons
    10. Chicago, get ready: the C2E2 2025 dates are here
    11. Stan Lee once drew Usagi Yojimbo in a Spider-Man costume as a gift for Stan Sakai
    12. Ryan Gosling's The Fall Guy is a love letter to action movie romances and the stunt people who make them amazing
    13. Join Popverse this weekend for C2E2 in Chicago
    14. Hannibal Lecter franchise in order: How to watch the movies and TV shows
    1. Is TRUFF's $40 Star Wars hot sauce worth it?
    2. The Pope's Exorcist star Russell Crowe is making an Adaptation-style meta movie about exorcism movies
    3. American Horror Story: Delicate - What should you watch after the finale? Let us help
    4. Marvel is preparing a new Deathlok project for 2024
    5. Ah-ah, this Flash Gordon kids comic will save every one of us!
    6. Riverdale High plays Truth or Dare with a horror twist in new Archie Comics special
    7. Here are the top 20 anime songs of all time, as chosen by non-Japanese anime fans
    8. Ghosts season 3 finale release date: The supernatural wedding of the century approaches on CBS
    9. Funko at C2E2: See what exclusives are landing in Chicago this weekend!
    10. Meet your newest Pokémon friends in the new line Monpoké
    11. MCM Comic Con and EGX are teaming up for a massive Fall 2024 event in London
    12. Birmingham, England - prepare for MCM's return in 2024
    13. Amazon's Fallout show was written for people who somehow missed the anti-capitalist messaging of the games
    14. Clancy Brown showed up to his Gargoyles audition in full character as Goliath
    15. Doctor Who release date: When exactly the 2024 season of the iconic sci-fi show debuting on Disney+ & BBC
    16. And the finalists for 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships' Global Finals are...
    17. Meet Jinxie Cosplay, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    18. Mike Flanagan doesn't like the Flanaverse name, but its inspired a series of on-set jokes
    19. Best of the scariest: The top 10 horror movies of all time
    20. The best way(s) to watch Dragon Ball anime shows & movies
    1. Marvel hopes to launch one new X-Men series every single month starting July 2024
    2. If Deadpool & Wolverine isn't the centerpiece of San Diego Comic-Con, they're doing it wrong
    3. When Stan Lee met Chuck Norris, & more to be revealed in stunning new San Diego Comic-Con documentary
    4. Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants: 6 voice actors you DIDN'T know voiced these characters
    5. Naruto's family tree explained: Everything you need to know about Naruto's connection to the ninja world
    6. The 3 big challenges facing Marvel Studios in 2024 (and what they could learn from Marvel Comics)
    7. The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer proves that we never needed to be afraid of the classic yellow costume
    8. Ryan Reynolds wants to save Fox's X-Men Cinematic Universe from the MCU in new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer
    9. Meet Yugoro, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    10. How the Marvel's Invisible Woman inspired the New Teen Titans’ female superheroes, according to Teen Titans co-creator Marv Wolfman
    11. Batman writer Chip Zdarsky shares his unlikely story of breaking into the comic book industry
    12. This Wolverine comic keeps selling out, and that's before Hugh Jackman's return in Deadpool & Wolverine
    13. What is Blood Hunt? Marvel's superhero vs. vampire crossover, explained
    14. One Piece release date: Keeping track of when episode 1102 of the anime will come out
    15. Naruto: Want to watch every single anime episode and movie in order? Here's how
    16. A guide to disability & ADA services to expect at comic conventions
    17. Win a C2E2 2025 badge, merch, and Popverse annual memberships at our C2E2 2024 Trivia panel!
    1. Free Comic Book Day 2025: When, where, and what DC, Marvel, and other comics to expect from next year's event
    2. Upcoming horror movies: Where and when to watch werewolves, vampires, and assorted monsters, oh my!
    3. DC's Blue Beetle is ending in July
    4. Star Wars: Come to the Dark Side, we have hot sauce
    5. A guide to comics landmarks in New York City
    6. Sweet Tooth season 3 release date: Set out on a final adventure in the Netflix fantasy series
    7. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's We3 returns for a big anniversary edition (with a new cover)
    8. Upcoming comics, manga, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, VIZ, Scholastic, and more
    9. DC's Absolute Power grows to a 34-part summer event epic
    10. Batman hits a milestone (and has to deal with the consequences) in DC's big July 2024 plans for the Dark Knight and family
    11. DC's Dark Knight is celebrating a milestone this July with Batman #150
    12. Absolute Power grounds Superman in DC's plans for the Man of Steel this July (oh, and Action Comics gets a makeover, too!)
    13. DC says they're going to kill Poison Ivy
    14. Batman, Superman, and DC's biggest heroes go to war as Absolute Power launches in DC's July 2024 comics
    15. DC's ongoing The Penguin comic is no longer ongoing - it's ending this July
    16. Batman, Wonder Woman, and other DC superheroes lose their superpowers (and more) in DC Comics' July 2024 solicitations
    17. How to watch Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse in release and chronological order
    18. HBO's Silicon Valley is 10 years old. Here's why it's still one of the best comedies ever.
    19. Deadpool & Wolverine: Read the comic book stories that Marvel recommends
    20. The Fall Guy live show coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, celebrating the unsung heroes of film
    21. The new Yuri!!! on Ice movie has been cancelled, breaking the hearts of us & other anime fans everywhere
    22. Amazon greenlights Fallout season 2, showrunners excited for more "cannibalism, incest, and jello cake"
    23. The Chucky reveal that gave Jennifer Tilly ‘chills’ is one you might’ve missed
    24. Marvel's Punisher revamp was never going to quieten the controversy surrounding the character (and made Frank Castle an unlikely martyr)
    25. Watch as Star Wars' Billy Dee Williams shares stories, cheats a kid at Sabacc, and more
    26. If you're going to a comic con, you'll need this (and this, and this)
    27. Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes celebrate 30 years of Clerks at C2E2 '24 - and you can stream it live
    1. Quentin Tarantino has abandoned what was supposed to be his final movie; other directors should do the same
    2. Marvel Comics' July 2024 solicitations: X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers and everything else, all in one place!
    3. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, and more get new costumes for DC summer event Absolute Power
    4. Take an inside look at the TCM Warner Bros Classic Films Studio Tour
    5. How you sign in to Popverse is changing ever so slightly
    6. Transformers has a new secret origin for Optimus Prime & Megatron - they were buddies, and are starring in a new movie all about it
    7. Can anyone stop the Disney synergy train?
    8. Space Battleship Yamato watch order: How & where to watch one of the most influential anime series of all time
    9. DC Comics returns to Wednesdays: After four years, we know when DC will restart shipping comics on Wednesdays
    10. What to watch after Suits (and before Suits LA)
    11. Meet Rav, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    12. The real reason Francesca Bridgerton was recast ahead of Netflix's third season
    13. Wolf Man release date: Blumhouse's remake of the classic Universal monster movie gets pushed back to 2025
    14. What was George Lucas's Star Wars Sequel trilogy really about?
    15. Star Wars: How George Lucas almost gave Obi-Wan Kenobi a twist as big as Darth Vader's 'I am your father' reveal
    16. "They always come back to life:" Jennifer Tilly discusses Chucky season 3
    17. Were My Chemical Romance's most iconic outfits inspired by the DC superhero the Ray? We think so (and hope so)
    18. Free Comic Book Day 2024: When, where, and what DC, Marvel, and other comics to expect from this May's event
    1. Curb Your Enthusiasm is over - has Larry David paid for his sins?
    2. DC's Teen Titans: Which team should get their time in the big screen spotlight?
    3. Bridgerton: The story behind the musical tribute that was too popular for Netflix's lawyers to enjoy
    4. After years of disappointment, The Acolyte is the first Star Wars entry that I've been excited about
    5. Christian Slater's Spiderwick Chronicles performance was inspired by The Shining
    6. Stranger Things will "stick the landing" for the Netflix show's finale, says Deadpool & Wolverine director
    7. Death of the Author('s opinion on adaptations)
    8. Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon is writing the One Punch Man movie script - and that kind of makes sense
    9. Fence Challengers: Long Shot sees Boom!'s popular sports romance level up once again
    10. Jujutsu Kaisen's Yuji Itadori just snuck into the DCU
    11. 3 Body Problem is a huge hit for Netflix, but the hard science might stop it getting another season
    12. The reason Marvel is changing the name of X-Men's Oya is surprisingly honest, direct, and all business
    13. Velma season 2 release date: The controversial animated series is back for more mysteries on Max
    14. Follow along to the Josh Brolin spotlight panel from Chicago's C2E2 2024 live!
    15. Marvel's Thor sells out, MCU Madisynn makes her comics debut, and more in this week's Watcher's Report
    16. Black Sails is the best pirate show of all time, and it's streaming on Netflix now
    1. TCM and Warner Bros Studio Tour's new tour highlights My Fair Lady costumes, James Dean apartment, and more
    2. Marvel sees green with 'red band' comics, and dives into more Rated-R projects
    3. Follow James Tynion IV and BOOM! Studios' C2E2 2024 panel here
    4. DC is hosting a murder mystery horror comic for the end of the world that will make Fallout jealous
    5. Did Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige personally ask for the comic book death of Ms. Marvel? One writer says yes, but Marvel denies
    6. Marvel and VIZ Media are coming together to bridge the manga/superhero divide (and promote their digital services)
    7. Revisit Casablanca, My Fair Lady, and more in new classic film tour by Warner Bros. & TCM
    8. Mad Cave Studios' Soul Taker brings a new face to independent horror
    9. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime watch order: How best to dive into the beloved isekai anime
    10. Spice and Wolf: merchant meets the wise wolf English cast list: Crunchyroll brings back some familiar voices
    11. Amazon's Fallout: Something is coming Thursday, November 28 - but what is it?
    12. The Acolyte episode list: Here's many episodes of the new Star Wars show will be on Disney+ and when
    13. Wait, Chris Evans's brother was in Barbie? Yes, he was!
    14. Disney says the Star Wars prequel The Acolyte isn't for kids in new Disney+ rating decision
    15. Here's how The Acolyte fits into the larger Star Wars timeline
    16. How two comic con fans found true love (and each other) at New York Comic Con
    17. Follow Funko's C2E2 2024 panel 'Future Flight of Fun' here for news, sneak peaks, and more
    18. With Captain America 4coming, here's how to watch Sam Wilson's MCU appearances ahead of his turn with the sheild
    19. Meet Marvel Comics' defacto new head writer: Jed MacKay (Avengers, X-Men, and its summer event Blood Hunt)
    20. The comic book industry has a variant cover problem, and the upstart publisher Magma proposes a solution
    1. DC turns 90 years old in 2024... 39 years after celebrating its 50th anniversary
    2. Marvel Studios and Marvel's NYC comics offices loses 15 people in a new round of layoffs
    3. Check, Please! heads to WEBTOON as cartoonist Ngozi Ukazu announces chapter-by-chapter release
    4. Why Amazon Prime Video's American Rust broke from the book for season 2 Broken Justice, according to the cast
    5. C2E2's gaming area gets an upgrade as Side Quest: TTRPGs, an Escape Room, LARPing, video games, and more
    6. The DCEU timeline: A complete chronology of DC’s cinematic universe
    7. The Acolyte cast: The actors and roles who are bringing the Star Wars: High Republic era to life on Disney+
    8. Steven Spielberg has seen your tornado videos, according to Twisters director
    9. Fallout TV show fallout: More people are playing the games thanks to the Amazon series
    10. Hasbro's former G.I. Joe and Transformers publishing boss launches his own creative development company
    11. All the upcoming TV shows on streaming and broadcast television
    12. Coheed & Cambria's Amory War saga is ending - and we have a first look
    13. Upcoming movies: All of the major films coming soon to theaters & streaming services
    14. Our best guess on which book Netflix's Bridgerton season 4 be based on?
    15. Poll: What's the best Spider-Man movie of all time?
    16. Solo Leveling character and cast guide: Who is the voice behind your favorite Solo Leveling characters?
    17. Upcoming Space Ghost reboot to "reclaim" the franchise "for a brand-new generation of fans"
    1. Margot Robbie's Monopoly could be just the beginning - here are the next big board game movies
    2. Star Trek: Lower Decks is ending with its fifth season (and for us fans, we knew it was coming)
    3. Rewrite the laws of physics with this sneak peek of new graphic novel Essentials
    4. Do comics still have the power to shift popular culture?" new outfit The Lab Press think so
    5. Marvel Studios' has changed the title of 2025's Thunderbolts movie, and we want to know why
    6. Wicked: We got up & close with the movie's costumes (and now so can you!)
    7. Robert Downey Jr. is up for returning to the MCU... if someone can convince Kevin Feige to bring him back
    8. We're finally ready to love dystopian future movies, TV shows, and comics again... aren't we? (I hope so)
    9. Fallout: 25 years before the Amazon show, there was almost a '90s Fallout movie (and we have the script)
    10. Netflix's Bridgerton season 3 age rating promises nudity, sex, and "substances"
    11. Stranger Things was initially going to be "a four-season thing" according to Duffer Brothers
    12. "We're back": Moana 2 debuts new song at CinemaCon
    13. Nicole Kidman's original AMC ad has been seen around 400 million times, according to AMC CEO
    14. Five shows to watch after you watch Silicon Valley
    15. Watch the full Sailor Moon anime panel with the Cast Reunion from C2E2 '21 free!
    16. Meet Hermione, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    17. All the upcoming Star Trek movies, TV shows, and cartoons in the universe
    18. Ultraviolent and wacky was the plan from the start for Boy Kills World, as cast tells us
    19. Sam Raimi says Boy Kills World is a "new direction" for action movies
    20. From Ape to Zombie, which dystopian horror story feels the most likely to happen?
    21. How Godzilla Minus One achieved its unexpected success, according to Toho President
    22. How & where to watch Demon slayer in the correct order (TV series and movies)
    23. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 2 release date: When to expect the TV show to return
    1. Marvel Studios' new Deadpool & Wolverine sneak peek features Kevin Feige jokes, the TVA, and Wade Wilson as a car salesman
    2. Harrison Ford calls for Avengers to assemble in Captain America: Brave New World first look
    3. Marvel Studios aims to outdo Dune 2's Sandworm popcorn bucket with Deadpool 3
    4. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes early footage debuts at CinemaCon, and it's pretty spectacular
    5. Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have filmed a R-rated 'turn off your phones' movie theaters video, in character
    6. What is CinemaCon really like? Popverse takes you to this closed-door Hall H style event
    7. Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker shares what she thinks is the "best thing" about the Doctor
    8. X-Men con no more: The Marvel fan convention MutantCon has been cancelled
    9. Netflix's 3 Body Problem season 2 release date: When will we find out if we're getting more episodes
    10. COVID-19 “destroyed" the movie industry says AMC boss (but there's hope)
    11. Early Gladiator 2 footage shows Paul Mescal charged by rhino, baboons, and Pedro Pascal
    12. An R-rated TMNT movie is coming, and we couldn't be more ready
    13. Damien Chazelle's new movie will debut in 2025 from Paramount
    14. New Avatar The Last Airbender movie nabs official title and will star Dave Bautista as villain
    15. Transformers and G.I. Joe are coming together on the big screen in a new crossover movie, says Paramount
    16. Top Gun Maverick's Glen Powell will star in Edgar Wright's adaptation of Stephen King's The Running Man
    17. Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees is building to a quiet, devastating end (and we have the pages to prove it)
    18. CinemaCon 2024 coverage: All the news from one of the biggest weeks in film
    19. Netflix's Parasyte: The Grey surprise ending opens door for sequels, prequels, and a franchise based on the manga
    20. Kengan Ashura: How (and where) to watch the intense sports anime
    21. A new Baki the Grappler anime is coming as an adaptation of 2014's Baki-Dou is green-lit
    22. Netflix brings us the ultimate battle as Baki Hanma vs Kengen Ashura crossover anime gets June release date
    23. Overlord movie release date: When we think Crunchyroll is taking us to The Sacred Kingdom
    24. Mickey 17: The sci-fi novel Bong Joon Ho and Robert Pattinson's new movie is based on
    25. Choose your post-apocalyptic adventure: Which future dystopia from pop culture would you like to live in?
    26. Meet Kirilee Cosplay, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    27. All of Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars movies and shows releasing in 2024 and beyond
    28. Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker's big fear was letting future Doctor Who actors down
    29. Inside the vault of the live-action Fallout show with the showrunners
    30. Chucky vs. his Syfy TV show cast: Zackary Arthur, Alyvia Alyn Lind, & Bjorgvin Arnarson talk about trying to finally kill the murderous doll
    31. How & where to watch the Baki anime in order (chronological and release)
    32. Henry Cavill promises to outdo his Witcher swordwork with Highlander reboot
    33. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is "the story of one woman’s relentless commitment", says Anna Taylor-Joy
    34. Chris Hemsworth calls his Furiosa character "twisted"
    35. Wicked debuts exclusive first look at new footage CinemaCon. Here's how it differs from the musical.
    36. A sneak peek of Robert Eggers' Nosferatu debuted at CinemaCon. Here's what you missed
    37. Blumhouse's Wolf Man reboot first look debuts at CinemaCon
    38. Trina Robbins, comics creator and historian, has died at age 85
    39. Five Nights at Freddy's sequel is officially announced for 2025
    1. How motherhood prepared Halle Berry for her new psychological horror Never Let Go
    2. It took 24 years, but Hugh Jackman finally looks like Marvel's Wolverine (with white eyes even!)
    3. Spider-Man’s clone redeemed: Is Zeb Wells about to fix Marvel’s Ben Reilly problem?
    4. John Wick spinoff Ballerina trailer debuts at CinemaCon, here's what you missed
    5. Fallout: How a category-5 hurricane and its aftermath soured me on dystopian stories... until, maybe, now
    6. Keanu Reeves stars as a guardian angel in a pickle in Aziz Ansari's new class comedy, and we've seen a clip
    7. What is Fallout 5 and when will we finally get a release date?
    8. Is Stephen King ever nervous about movies adapting his books? Mike Flanagan can tell you
    9. The best dystopian TV shows: Plant zombies, regular zombies, & robots with a plan bring about TV's many endings for humanity
    10. Dave Bautista movie The Killer's Game debuts early trailer at CinemaCon - here's what you missed
    11. Meet Matthew, one of the 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships finalists
    12. The Blair Witch is making a comeback, thanks to the producer of M3GAN and Five Nights at Freddy's
    13. Is Amazon's Fallout series in the same continuity as the games? Here's the latest on the question of canon
    14. Margot Robbie to work with Lionsgate on Monopoly movie
    15. Guy Ritchie's new movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Henry Cavill finally has a title and release date
    16. Where is DC's Justice League?
    17. How the shape of your movie theater affects clarity of sound, and other notes from CinemaCon
    18. Invincible season two's ending was a bit of a let down - but I loved it more because of that
    19. Beetlejuice's Michael Keaton on how Jenna Ortega instantly fit into the world of the sequel
    20. Amazon hasn't ordered a Fallout season 2 (yet), but the showrunners already have ideas
    21. Mickey 17: Why director Bong Joon Ho cast Robert Pattinson as the lead to his upcoming movie (and why Pattinson signed on)
    22. Doctor Who trivia nuts prove their Time Lord bonafides at MCM Birmingham's Timey Wimey Pub Quiz
    23. Santa brought the gift of a pub quiz to MCM Birmingham's Big Festive Trivia!
    24. Cosplayers give it their all at MCM Birmingham's Cosplay Karaoke!
    25. Quadball UK was at MCM Birmingham 2023 - catch up on the action here
    26. Watch Marc Ellerby teach you how to draw Rick and Morty (and explain the importance of patience for creators, too)
    27. Who is Ella Purnell: Where have you seen the star of Amazon's Fallout series before?
    28. Watch Baldur's Gate, Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, and 22 more panels from MCM BIrmingham for free!
    29. How & where to watch the Star Wars movies & TV shows in order (chronological and release)
    30. One Piece: How & where to watch all the anime episodes and movies in order
    31. Star Wars: We tried the TruMoo Blue Milk, and here's what we think
    32. Joker: Folie à Deux's first trailer arrives in a whirlwind of theatricality (and scary laughs)
    33. Christopher Reeve Superman documentary to be released in theaters
    1. Don't panic, but 2024's movie schedule *kinda* syncs up with the Book of Revelations
    2. Mad Max director George Miller explains why he keeps returning to the action franchise
    3. Dune: Part Two home release date: When Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic will be available to stream and buy
    4. Haikyuu! movie release date: When Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump releases in the US
    5. Marvel's comic book X-Men relaunch continues with the return of 1990s favorite X-Force
    6. Rebecca Yarros explains how Fourth Wing transitioned from books to a live-action Amazon Prime Video TV show
    7. Demon Slayer season four release date: Find out when the Hashira Training arc starts in earnest
    8. Fallout: why the Amazon Prime Video show is set in the game's continuity (and not rebooting the whole thing)
    9. Is Lost's Michael Emerson back to his old tricks in the Fallout series?
    10. Tarot release date: When the new horror film is set to hit cinemas and streaming services
    11. See the geek inherit the earth at MCM Birmingham 2023's Nerd Bingo!
    12. Superhero logos: Examining DC and Marvel's very different approach towards branding
    13. Fourth Wing author Rebecca Yarros reveals THIS SCENE almost didn't happen
    1. Which DC superhero comics are still missing as 'Dawn of DC' comes to a close?
    2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Sime Season 4: How many seasons of the isekai anime have been released?
    3. Livestream the Cosplay Central Costume Showcase live from C2E2 2024!
    4. Watch Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy live from Chicago's C2E2 2024
    5. Fallout: How the COVID-19 pandemic shaped Amazon Prime Video's show
    6. Stranger Things need to give Hopper and Eleven a happy ending
    7. How Emmy winner Andy Riley's tweet led to action parody comic Action Dude
    8. The Arizona ice tea collaboration with Amazon's Fallout show is certainly no Nuka-Cola
    9. Marvel's Blade creator Marv Wolfman has still never seen a Dracula movie (or most horror movies)
    10. 2024 is the year Marvel Studios & Marvel Comics rebuilds and is reborn, with Kevin Feige fully in charge for the first time
    11. The New Gate anime release date: Get ready for a double isekai experience
    12. Upcoming superhero & comic-based TV release dates for Marvel, DC, Prime Video, Netflix, and more
    13. Livestream Josh Brolin, One Piece, Brandon Sanderson, & more C2E2 2024 panels live from Chicago!
    1. Fallout: How to play the games and watch the Amazon show in order with this handy guide
    1. Moana, The Mandalorian and more are leaving Disney+ for the big screen, but is this a trend?
    2. Thor: How to watch Marvel’s God of Thunder in release and chronological order
    3. We now know the next Star Wars movie and its release date: Mandalorian & Grogu
    4. Marvel is cutting the prices of its comics collections for comic shops in a rare, big sale
    5. Cults, murders, and grief take the spotlight in this excerpt from upcoming horror graphic novel Loving, Ohio
    6. The next issue of DC's Justice Society of America is now going to be at least 23 weeks later than planned
    7. Watchmen release date: When is the animated adaptation of the iconic comic coming out?
    8. Wynonna Earp: The supernatural gunslinger returns with revival film, Vengeance. but there's no release date (yet)
    9. Interview with a Vampire season 2 release date: A new season of gothic horror and romance is coming soon
    10. Solo Leveling season 2 release date: Crunchyroll set to Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadows when it airs - but when?
    11. Teen Titans Go! season 9 release: The next set of wacky adventures from everyone's favorite teen heroes is on its way, but no one knows when
    12. Blue Lock: Episode Nagi release date: When will those of us outside of Japan be able to see it?
    13. Watch the full X-Men: The Animated Series Cast Reunion from C2E2 '23
    14. Netflix's Ripley season 1 ending (and that big question) explained
    15. Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender gets its third set of showrunners before we get a sniff of season two
    16. Want to DM but don't know where to start? Try the Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide to Worldbuilding
    17. Watch MCM Birmingham's CJ Allan host the greatest game show on a Comic Con stage
    18. It's FANily Fortunes at MCM Birmingham Comic Con!
    19. Watch Eurogamer's Liv Kennedy and Zoe Delahunty-Light talk Worldbuilding at MCM Birmingham
    20. Watch the 'How to be a Pro Wrestler' panel from MCM Birmingham
    1. EC Comics is coming back - here's why it's important that anthologies are returning to American comics.
    2. Star Trek: Discovery's final season looks to the Next Generation for its last mission
    3. Immaculate vs. The First Omen: Who's your favorite Antichrist?
    4. Marvel's Fantastic Four will take on DC's Superman... at the summer 2025 box office, at least
    5. Where do we know Lucy Liu from?
    6. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is writing a memoir about his history with comics (and his own 30+ year career)
    7. Invincible season 3 release date: How long we think Amazon will make us wait for the next batch of episodes
    8. The biggest problem in Netflix's 3 Body Problem is hiding the bodies (of the crew, that is)
    9. John Romita Jr., Terry Dodson, and more sign on for Lake Como Comic Art Festival's new podcast series
    10. Star Trek: Boldly go and pick your favorite Star Trek TV show of all time
    11. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is 10 years old today, and Chris Evans is telling us why its his favorite Marvel movie yet
    12. Invincible season 2 post-credits scene explained
    13. Amazon Prime Video's Invincible Season 2 ending explained (and what it means for Season 3)
    14. Ted Lasso's Phil Dunster and Cristo Fernández are headed to C2E2 - watch it here!
    1. A love letter to WonderCon
    2. Ted Lasso's Phil Dunster and Cristo Fernández are coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    3. Turtles All the Way Down release date: We finally know when (and where!) John Green's new movie will come out
    4. Marvel is rewriting Spider-Man’s first meeting with Gwen Stacy (and some Green Goblin history)
    5. Netflix is already expanding the Sandman Universe with Dead Boy Detectives
    6. As the Funimation era officially ends, the company's legacy looms large in the anime industry
    7. Robin Lives in a new DC comic series that revisits an alternate part of real comic history
    8. It looks like Jon Bernthal is back as Punisher in Daredevil: Born Again, even if Marvel don't want to admit it
    9. X-Files creator Chris Carter reveals the one thing that'd bring him back to the franchise
    10. Amazon's Fallout gets its release date moved up for a second time
    11. My Hero Academia season 7 release date: The hit anime will air on Crunchyroll at the same time as Japan
    12. A frank explanation of why Marvel's X-Men is being revamped (and why the Krakoan era must end) from the man in charge
    13. Uncanny X-men relaunch revamps it as a creepy Southern Gothic tale set in Louisiana
    14. Bridgerton: Netflix's new showrunner explains why they are skipping adapting book 3 for season 3
    15. Tom King opens up about the creation of DC's Trinity, daughter of Wonder Woman
    1. The Pope's Exorcist could be horror's John Wick - hear me out
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