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November 2023 Archive

    1. Furiosa races onto the screen in the first trailer for the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel
    2. First look at Anya Taylor-Joy's Furiosa (and a subtle title change)
    3. Barbenheimer: Barbie's Margot Robbie and Oppenheimer's Cillian Murphy finally face off, in person
    4. Saltburn: Are Jacob Elordi's wings a callback to Clare Danes in Romeo + Juliet? We asked the costume designer
    5. Ethan Hawke & other key castmembers answer the call to return in The Black Phone 2
    6. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is going international with the launch of Skybound Japan
    7. The two big things wrong at Marvel Studios right now, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger
    8. Godzilla Minus One is a reminder that action movies can be good, actually
    9. Rhys Darby says "you’re dreaming" if you think Our Flag Means Death's Stede and Blackbeard will have a happily ever after
    10. Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable anime release date: When is the cozy romantic comedy airing?
    11. The MCU's US Agent actor Wyatt Russell says "it's time to make a good Marvel movie" with 2025's Thunderbolts
    12. Comics aren't dying, they're only changing says Marvel's executive editor Tom Brevoort
    13. Grant Morrison has Marvel MCU movie pitches for Dr. Stange, Moon Knight, X-Men's Warlock, and more
    14. Our Flag Means Death’s Vico Ortiz and Samson Kayo on being fearless while acting
    15. Dr. Stone season 3 finale: When is Dr. Stone: New World coming to an end?
    16. Inside the D&D Dragonlance themed cosplay of Patterner Mage Cosplay, Needlework Category Winner at NYCC's Crown Championships
    17. Inside the Gears of War armor cosplay winner from NYCC Crown Championships with Supadezz
    18. Five Nights at Freddy's cosplayer ToxieKat talks about winning NYCC's Cosplay Central Crown Championships' FX category
    19. Neon Genesis Evangelion (and its creator) get a monument - a 22-foot tall Spear of Longinus - in Japan
    20. Inside the deft surprise that kicked off DC Comics' big event Titans: Beast World (and what it could mean for DC in 2024)
    21. The Conjuring movies are leaving Max (despite it being owned by Max's owners)
    1. Netflix's The Crown isn't as enticing as it used to be according to streamer's viewership numbers
    2. There is now a Dwayne McDuffie Genius Grant Award (as there should be!)
    3. What does the Sandman sound like? Tom Sturridge explains how he created Morpheus' voice (with Neil Gaiman's help, of course)
    4. The Super Mario Bros. takes a warp pipe to Netflix next week
    5. The one scene from Dr. Stone: New World that the animators hated to do
    6. The new Willy Wonka doesn't actually like chocolate bars, apparently
    7. Marvel just made a seismic change to the origin of the X-Men's Nightcrawler and Mystique
    8. Zack Snyder wants to do Daredevil, Elektra, & Batman movies for Marvel & DC - but only the Frank Miller versions
    9. Netflix's Sandman season 2 is back in production in time for 35th anniversary of classic comic
    10. We get our first look at Shadow the Hedgehog('s feet) in first teaser image for Sonic 3
    11. Amanda Waller is shaping up to be THE big bad of DC Universe in 2024
    1. Seal credits Batman and director Joel Schumacher for saving his career
    2. Diego Luna & Gael Garcia Bernal are reuniting for The Boys spinoff set in Mexico
    3. What's wrong at Disney? Too many Disney projects, says its CEO Bob Iger
    4. Meet Say No To Scrunchies, NYCC's Cosplay Central Crown Championships' third-place winner
    5. Would you watch a Superman movie by Grant Morrison? We do, but apparently Warner Bros. don't
    6. Code Geass: How to watch every movie and series of the anime franchise in order
    7. Netflix has performed a meta Money Heist by making the new Berlin prequel look just as good as the original
    8. Alien: Romulus's Cailee Spaeny reveals just when the new movie takes place inside Aliens lore
    9. Funko is coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024 in a big way
    10. Disney's Alien TV show recruits our favorite (space) cowboy Timothy Olyphant
    11. The first official look at Amazon's Fallout series is here
    12. Spirited Away: Live On Stage is coming to Max just in time for Christmas
    13. Dr. Stone isn't like other shōnen anime and manga, according to show creators
    14. Christmas 2024 will see Jordan Peele & Robert Eggers trying to outscare each other
    15. The first behind-the-scenes look at Agatha: Darkhold Diaries is here
    16. Maybe we shouldn't be too surprised that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Agents of SHIELD aren't MCU canon (yet)
    17. Max is losing the Adam West Batman movie in December, and it's a bit of a confusing situation
    18. Taika Waititi reveals the main reason he took on Thor: Ragnarok
    19. Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge is the dystopian reality thrill that you've worried about
    20. Cat Kid Comic Club is the perfect gift for the kid (and adult) in your life who wants to make comics
    21. Marvel & Lucasfilm heard you, and are lowering the price of Star Wars: Mace Windu comics
    22. IHOP has hired Willy Wonka as its new chef - and the menu is as wild as you'd expect
    23. The next Dr. Stone episodes will be even "bigger" says team as they prepare for season 3 finale
    24. Meet Vee Cosplay, the NYCC 2023 Cosplay Central Crown Championships second-place winner
    1. Watch The Witcher 3 cast spill (some amount of) tea at MCM Comic Con 2023
    2. Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials rating guide
    3. Marvel Studios has a new plan for the Avengers: Kang Dynasty movie, beginning with a new writer
    4. Dune: How to watch the epic sci-fi movie (and soon to be TV) franchise in chronological and release order
    5. Our Flag Means Death cast reveals which shows they would like to crossover with
    6. Will James Gunn’s DC Universe include the Smallville cast? Michael Rosenbaum has hopes
    7. Peanuts' Snoopy puffer jacket and my search for Christmas' hottest toy
    8. Meet Sarcasm-hime, Champion at NYCC's Cosplay Central Crown Championships
    9. Is Scream’s Stu Macher still alive? The cast (including Matthew Lillard) share their theories
    10. Netflix's Hilda is ending - but not before one last season about to drop
    11. Liam Neeson's Taken franchise is coming to Netflix in December
    12. Twilight director would cast Jacob Elordi and Jenna Ortega for current day Twilight
    13. Of course a live-action Naruto movie is coming from a big Hollywood studio
    14. Daredevil actor Charlie Cox wants to team-up with (and geek out on) Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man
    15. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 2 would take "50 different miracles" says creator Bryan Lee O'Malley
    16. "I'm a dead person" - Willem Dafoe on his upcoming Beetlejuice 2 role
    17. Doctor Who's return nearly doubles viewership in UK from previous Doctor
    1. The Bear season 2 lacks the trademark restraint of season 1
    1. Doctor Who: The Star Beast ending explained
    2. Marvel & DC need more "experimentation" and "flexibility" to take "big swings" says Scott Snyder
    1. Marvel's Avengers: How to watch the MCU superteam in release and chronological order
    2. $15 off a Popverse Superfan membership, which includes NYCC, MCM, ECCC, C2E2 ticket, photo-op, autograph first access
    3. Stream endlessly with Black Friday deals for Disney+, Hulu, Max, Peacock, Paramount+, and more
    4. Become the ultimate Spider-Man reader with two amazing Black Friday book deals
    5. Get started on The Sandman comics with this magical Black Friday deal
    6. X-Men: Days of Future Past is getting new attention from Marvel Comics & fans after The Marvels easter egg
    7. Marvel Studios is hinting at X-Men's Days of Future Past storylines for the MCU (and you might've missed it)
    8. Snap the boredom away with this golden Black Friday deal on the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet set
    9. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live release date: when Rick and Michonne return to our TV screens
    10. Marvel Studios just officially pushed Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Agents of SHIELD, and other pre-Disney+ out of continuity
    11. Watch AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon NYCC 2023 panel now!
    12. Poll: What's your favorite Disney Villain song?
    13. The complete Chucky movie collection's price is nearly as small as he is this Black Friday
    14. Suit up with the complete Neon Genesis Evangelion series - now half price on Black Friday
    15. The Back to the Future trilogy in 4K gets '80s pricing on this Black Friday in the year 2023
    16. The James Bond Collection on Blu-ray sees its price cut in half for Black Friday 2023
    17. A fantastic hardcover edition of Watchmen has hit a ridiculously low price this Black Friday
    18. Get all the Twilight Saga books without sucking your wallet dry in the Black Friday Sale
    19. Saddle up for savings on these Yellowstone DVDs in Amazon's Black Friday sale
    20. Some of the best Batman comics are on sale this Black Friday
    21. I'm not saying the Succession complete set on DVD is the better holiday gift. That's unsaid.
    22. Funko Pop! advent calendars are on sale for Black Friday
    23. Batman: Get the Dark Knight trilogy or some massive cartoon collections without Bruce Wayne's budget
    24. Get The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection for better than half price this Black Friday
    25. Metallic Rouge release date: When can we expect the new mecha anime to drop?
    1. Sengoku Youko release date: when is the fantasy anime finally coming to Crunchyroll
    2. The first big Christmas rom-com is here - and #1 on Netflix, despite critics hating it
    1. Why the Punisher still works in 2023 according to Marvel (and why Frank Castle was replaced)
    2. What would Our Flag Means Death be like without Taika Waititi?
    3. X-Men watch order: How to watch all of the X-Men movies in chronological and release order
    4. ND Stevenson is "afraid" (and excited) with the idea of telling trans stories
    5. Jenna Ortega quits the Scream franchise (in reportedly much the same way Neve Campbell did)
    6. Miss Netflix's Sandman? Watch Tom Sturridge and Mason Alexander Park's MCM London panel while we wait for season 2
    7. Violet Evergarden watch order: How to watch all the heartbreaking episodes and films in order
    8. Weird holidays: The best Christmas sci fi movies
    9. Disability isn't evil: Why Doctor Who is changing one of its most iconic villains, Davros
    10. How the Avengers and X-Men are celebrating Thanksgiving
    11. The next big Dragon Ball anime recruits One Piece and Dragon Ball Super directors
    12. Laughing all the way: The best Christmas comedy movies around
    13. Batman gift guide: Presents from Gotham City for Christmas 2023
    14. The next Scream movie director is just as upset as you are about Melissa Barrera's sudden firing
    15. Hunter x Hunter ending revealed as creator comes to term with his mortality
    16. Is Doctor Who finally going to become a huge franchise across the world? With David Tennant returning & Disney involved, fans hope so
    17. Marvel gift guide: Super-powered presents for the 2023 holiday season
    18. Disney's Wish ending explained
    19. James Gunn's Superman movie reboot is banking on the legacy of the comic books - and DC is responding
    1. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Every balloon to expect in 2023
    2. Taika Waititi hints he may not return for potential Our Flag Means Death season 3
    3. Scream star Melissa Barrera fired from the next movie after Israel-Hamas War comments
    4. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Norman Reedus wanted his wardrobe to be "as old man as possible"
    5. Check your watch history, and share with us the best TV shows of 2023
    6. Inside DC Comics' aborted 2019 plans that would have revolutionized superhero industry's writing practices
    7. Wax on, wax off: How to watch The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai in chronological and release order
    8. Ralph Macchio is returning for a Karate Kid movie... with Jackie Chan (yes, you read that right)
    9. Napoleon director Ridley Scott is doing a wild press tour, and the Internet loves it
    10. Black Mirror season 7 has (finally) been approved by Netflix
    11. Five Nights at Freddy's movie is coming to your house like an evil animatronic Santa before Christmas
    12. The Yu Yu Hakusho live-action series is for mature audiences, warns Netflix
    13. DC Comics gift guide: Caped presents for Christmas 2023
    14. Naruto: The release date, plot, and more of the new 20th anniversary episodes
    15. Mark Millar mulls return to Marvel & DC for one more run
    1. Superman: Legacy gets its Lex Luthor with Nicholas Hoult
    2. How to read Goosebumps in order
    3. The 5 best Christmas anime to get you in the holiday mood
    4. Doctor Who: "The Star Beast" really is based on a 1970s comic book drawn by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons
    5. Star Trek: How and where to watch the movies, live action TV, and cartoons in chronological and release order
    6. There's already talk of a sequel to The Hunger Games prequel given how many of you watched it this past weekend
    7. Netflix's Scott Pilgrim Takes Off isn't for kids or preteens, according to the FCC
    8. Two new Star Wars Squishmallows are available online now (and yes, one is Grogu)
    9. Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Release date, official trailer, posters, and plot
    10. Yes, David Tennant can tie his shoes (we have proof)
    11. Poll: Who is your favorite actor from the Twilight Saga?
    12. Inside the Rebellion Vault: Rediscovering the secret history of British comics
    13. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2023: When and where to watch it, and all the balloons to look forward to
    14. Marvel's Blood Hunt will be "a big deal for the Marvel Universe" promises Avengers writer Jed McKay
    15. The Marvels is about to debut on Disney+
    16. Titans: Beast World - inside the one-time teen heroes and their first DC event ever
    17. Watch Andrew Scott in conversation with Popverse and fans from London's MCM Comic Con
    1. Comic book price stunts: Do they work?
    2. How Monarch: Legacy of Monsters found their breakout star, Mari Yamamoto
    3. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is what happens when creator Bryan Lee O'Malley rethinks the story, he reveals
    4. Best anime on Netflix: your guide to what to watch or binge as you see fit!
    5. Star Wars gift guide 2023: The perfect gifts for the fan of a galaxy far, far away
    6. Shohei Ohtani documentary: Where and when to stream Beyond the Dream
    7. Poll: What is your favorite Hunger Games book?
    8. LA Comic Con announces Lord of the Rings panel, The Boys, Matt Smith spotlight and more
    9. When is Netflix's live-action YuYu Hakusho release date?
    10. When does One Piece season 21 start? Everything we know about the upcoming anime season
    11. The Crown season six part 2 release date: when will The Crown's final season come to an end?
    12. Thought Bubble is the most important comic convention around
    13. Godzilla Minus One star wants everyone to know that those ocean scenes were NOT VFX
    14. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes ending explained
    15. After The Marvels mid-credits scene surprise, we revisit all 3 actors who have played X-Men's the Beast
    1. Miss Minutes and the TVA are fixing Marvel’s continuity errors. Here's how.
    2. How did Marvel's Punisher get replaced? New sold-out series explores the transition from Frank Castle to Joe Garrison
    3. Drawn & Quarterly workers vote to unionize
    4. Spider-Man writer Dan Slott warns readers off internet (and Popverse) to avoid Superior Spider-Man spoilers
    5. The Joker: Year One - The Joker's origins get revisited (and expanded!) in DC's main Batman comic in 2024
    6. DC's Black Label Superman book by Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch is back on the schedule
    7. Fate/strange Fake TV anime release date: When will the next Holy Grail War begin?
    8. The Boys cast reveals which shows they'd like to crossover with
    9. Will Arnett gears up to smash car and sub in this LEGO Masters clip with a twist (Exclusive)
    10. Hollywood is honing in on the Millennial market with Elf, Mean Girls, and Hunger Games back in cinemas
    11. AHS: How to watch American Horror Story in release and chronological order
    12. What is The Hunger Games: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes age rating and why
    13. Daniel Radcliffe's new Broadway project now has a cast album you can listen to
    14. Jason Aaron teases movement on the long-awaited Southern Bastards TV show
    15. Godzilla Minus One director on why he chose a "difficult" time period for his Godzilla story
    16. The best essay you'll read about The Lord of the Rings around
    17. The Hunger Games: Every district of Panem explained
    18. The Star Wars Holiday Special turns 45 this year - why isn't it on Disney+ yet?
    1. Netflix's The Killer: David Fincher's assassination thriller ending explained
    2. Amazon shutters the ComiXology app; what now for digital comic readers?
    3. Pedro Pascal in talks to play Fantastic Four's Reed Richards
    4. Saltburn: Emerald Fennell's upcoming movie is not for kids
    5. What every indie comic creator needs to know according to Joseph P. Illidge
    6. Emerald Fennell's Saltburn is a thriller full of A-listers; here's who they are
    7. Thought Bubble: Dispatches from what might be the kindest, most comic convention of all comic conventions of 2023
    8. What to watch after Netflix's The Fall of the House of Usher
    9. What If... Marvel's Cinematic Future was a 2019 CW TV event?
    10. A whole host of new Wonka merchandise has been announced and there isn't nearly enough chocolate
    11. A "Twilight Zone-style sci-fi mystery" in the heart of Oshawa is coming from Ed Brisson and Luca Casalanguida
    12. One Piece gift guide: Treat an aspiring pirate king with these great gift ideas for the 2023 holiday season
    13. Batman is the World's Greatest Dad in new trailer for upcoming animated film, Merry Little Batman
    14. Madame Web: Cast, release Date, trailer, and everything we know so far about the upcoming Dakota Johnson movie
    15. Dakota Johnson's voiceover sounds as bored as the viewer is in the new Madame Web trailer
    16. Marvel makes more heroes worthy of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir
    17. Imagine Iron Maiden's 'Quest of Fire' as a comic, then read how Brian Posehn & Mike Oeming outdid your imagination
    18. Totoro gift guide: The perfect merch for the Totoro fan in your life
    19. Love Dr. Stone, Full Metal Alchemist, and Blue Lock? Voice actor Aaron Dismuke talks about 'em all at MCM - and you can watch the whole panel!
    20. The Walking Dead's Khary Payton was at MCM Comic Con; watch the panel here
    21. Dicebreaker brought some of the biggest names in the UK TTRPG community to MCM; you can watch it right here
    22. Love Netflix's Bodies? The creators of the show talk about it (and the chances of a sequel)
    23. Watch Hasbro's full London event revealing new GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and Marvel products
    24. Watch as Jujutsu Kaisen actors Adam McArthur, Kaiji Tang, and Kayleigh McKee dish on the anime and what's next
    25. Are you a UK anime fan that couldn't come to MCM? Watch the Anime Limited Industry panel right here
    26. Comedian TomSka held a hilarious panel at MCM's 2023 Comic Con, and you can watch it here
    27. Watch the London Action Festival's Punch Above Your Weight panel from MCM here!
    28. The woman of 1000 franchises, Felicia Day, was at MCM Comic Con in London; watch her spotlight panel here
    29. TMNT: How to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies & TV shows in chronological and release order
    1. Bill Griffiths talks the life and legacy of Ernie Bushmiller
    2. DC's Super Sons, but evil - as Zod and Sinestro's bratty kids unite for Sinister Sons
    3. Timey-Wimey get in line-y: Doctor Who herself, Jodie Whittaker, will be at ECCC '24
    4. Naruto gift guide: the best and most unique presents for the 2023 holiday season
    5. Netflix is better for filmmakers than Warner Bros. and Paramount, says David Fincher
    6. Avatar: How to watch James Cameron’s epic in release and chronological order
    7. After Barbie's success, Amazon is looking to revive the long-simmering He-Man & Masters of the Universe live-action movie
    8. The Marvels' box office isn't so marvelous - in fact it's the worst MCU opening weekend ever
    9. DC Studios asked a Euphoria star about playing their next Superman, but gets turned down for it being "too dark"
    10. Five Nights at Freddy's: Take an exclusive look at the first chapter of the FNAF movie novelization
    11. How Marvel Studios broke Captain Marvel
    1. These are the Thanksgiving movies to stuff into your pie hole this holiday season
    2. David Tennant would love to do a musical!
    3. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: The episode that has one of Bryan Lee O'Malley's "favorite things in the season"
    4. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is filled with new ideas, say showrunners
    5. John Cena's Coyote vs. Acme movie lives! Or, at least, it's for sale
    6. With the strike over, one of comic cons' quintessential joys is returning: actors talking about their projects
    7. Audible's Moriarty podcast understands what makes Arthur Conan Doyle's arch-villain survive
    8. Chris Pratt's first Garfield movie trailer is here - and we feel about it like Garfield feels about Mondays
    9. We already can't wait for the John Wick anime
    10. How soon until One Punch Man season 3? Everything we know (and what we expect)
    11. Why Netflix isn't doing a The Crown season 7 - The complicated answer why season 6 is the finale
    12. Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho live-action shows looks action-heavy but a little too serious, doesn't it?
    13. Welcome To Arbys, the new home Of The Good Burger
    14. Marvel's Civil War writer has a solution to "save" Marvel & DC Comics: pay creators more for successes
    1. Gotham City's Spider-Man? Marvel & DC almost did a company-wide origin swap in the early '00s
    2. Love Netflix's Nimona? Creator ND Stevenson has "all these sequel ideas" they want to make for you
    3. 'Defund the Police' style story coming to Judge Dredd and Mega-City One in 2024
    4. Jeff Lemire's Essex County TV show coming to US and UK (finally)
    5. All of the Brie Larsen movies, ranked from best to worst!
    1. Jeff Lemire reaffirms his love for comics and says "I'll never do TV again" after Essex County
    2. Marvel's former Star Wars writer Jason Aaron is still "surprised" Lucasfilm let them create such "big moments" in canon in comics
    3. DC and Jason Aaron are cooking up a "darker and scarier" version of Bizarro for 2024
    4. A Marvel reboot of The 'Nam? Jason Aaron wanted to, but Marvel said no (so he did it anyway)
    5. Inside Invincible season 2 part 1 and the "ramifications" of those surprises, according to co-showrunner Simon Racioppa
    1. It's official: Captain Marvel is now a Disney Princess
    2. The Marvels movie buzz prompts sellout of a quintessential Captain Marvel comic (but more is coming!)
    3. Why Captain Marvel co-creator Kelly Sue DeConnick wasn't in the 'special thanks' credits section for comic creators
    4. Our Flag Means Death's Rhys Darby says fantasy stories give us a place where “we can all love each other.”
    5. Loki season 3: the MCU show's head writer is already talking about the possibility (or lack thereof)
    6. Disney’s Hercules inspired Rachel Smythe to create Lore Olympus
    7. The Rock Dwayne Johnson just won't stop talking about running for President
    8. The actors strike is over, and we can't wait for actors to talk about their work again
    9. The Marvels confirms that (SPOILER) is coming to the MCU
    10. Jason Todd returns to fight for Gotham's suburbs in Red Hood: The Hill
    11. Thunderbolts: Everything we know about the new release date, cast, creators and more
    12. Deadpool 3: Cast, new release date, images, and everything else we know about the third Deadpool movie
    13. Captain America: Brave New World - the cast, new release date, and connections to the MCU
    14. Rewatching The Lord of the Rings? Take this Gandalf the White rubber duck with you
    15. TV and Film ratings explained: What do they all mean?
    16. Just how big will Marvel's upcoming X-Men relaunch be? Editor Tom Brevoort outlines the number of titles to expect
    17. Who is Ncuti Gatwa: Where have you seen the new Doctor Who actor before?
    18. Marvel abandons a major superhero movie tradition as it removes its annual May movie
    19. Marvel Studios' Loki season 2 ending explained
    20. So, those The Marvels mid- and post-credits scenes were... I can't say here, SPOILERS!
    21. Marvel Studios' The Marvels ending explained
    22. The Marvels: The inside story on the new MCU royalty Prince Yan, played by Park Seo-joon
    1. You can now buy Darth Vader and Family Mickey ears (and the matching Christmas sweater) online
    2. Ultraman: Rising - Trailer, plot, cast and everything you need to know about the upcoming Netflix animated movie
    3. Chris Evans reveals his favorite season and holidays
    4. Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender trailer introduces a world of fantasy, action, and adventure
    5. Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson made a Christmas movie, but what happened to it?
    6. Find out what the Dark Side smells like with these Star Wars branded scented oils
    7. Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer calls out “cringe culture”
    8. David Tennant insists on calling The Scottish play by name, defying 400 years of theater tradition
    9. Shrek 5 is rumored for 2025, and fans who've been waiting for this movie for 13 years are into it
    10. A new Suicide Squad dream team is being recruited by Amanda Waller for a new 2024 comic
    11. Critical Role is doing even more Bells Hells - with a prequel!
    12. Lord of the Rings: How to watch the whole LOTR saga in chronological or release order
    13. Meet the new emotion in Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2: Anxiety
    14. Deadpool: Dogpool may not "save the day," according to Ryan Reynolds, but she's certainly brightening it up
    15. The 2023 actors strike is over
    16. Band of Brothers fans will be looking to the skies with Apple+'s new air force series Masters of the Air
    17. An unfinished One Piece manga chapter was released to stick to deadlines
    18. First Blood of Zeus season 2 footage from Netflix shows Heron calling the lightning
    19. Venom 3 retreats from summer blockbuster competition for more familiar turf
    20. The Star Wars movie by Marvel boss Kevin Feige has been canceled
    21. There's not enough "viable black male characters" in the X-Men, according to new Marvel Comics boss
    22. Disney rolls out plans to make Hulu part of Disney+ (But only in the US)
    23. Venom: How to watch Tom Hardy's Marvel anti-hero in release and chronological order
    1. Farewell to Smithsonian's Giant Panda Cam: the best lo-fi entertainment for more than a decade
    2. Jane Austen fans will fall in love with these new Puffin In Bloom covers
    3. Marvel Studios' biggest villain is its own reputation
    4. How did Taylor Swift influence The Fourth Wing? Rebecca Yarros tells us all about it
    5. Succession's Brian Cox needs to learn to read job offers more closely
    6. Treasury of British Comics Annual 2024 celebrates the past, present, and future of British comics
    7. Chestnuts roasting, open fire! The top 5 Christmas action movies
    8. Meet Marvel’s secret weapon, Ellie Pyle
    9. Doctor Who isn't just for Brits anymore - hello world!
    10. Disney's Wish: The songs, the posters, release date, cast, and more about Disney's new animated film
    11. Ghostbusters old and new team-up in first trailer for 2024's Frozen Empire
    12. Marvel's former publisher is teaming with IDW's former editor-in-chief to launch a new comic company
    13. Inside the new comics and hybrid publisher PUG Worldwide with editor-in-chief John Barber
    14. Who should play iconic video game characters Link and Princess Zelda in the upcoming Legend of Zelda movie?
    15. Godzilla vs. TV: Apple TV+'s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters poster, trailers, and cast
    16. Marvel's upcoming X-Men relaunch has a writer, an artist, and some "non-traditional choices"
    1. Finally, a Legend of Zelda live-action movie is coming
    2. She-Hulk: Marvel Studios hopes you'll like her art book even if it's almost two years after the show
    3. Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2024 centers on Dracula & vampires vs. Avengers with Blood Hunt
    4. Doctor Who: A guide to the seasons (and series) numbering of the time-travel show
    5. What is the biggest American comic convention? It's not what you think
    6. Somehow, the three-hour pre-show before the Critical Role panel was a highlight of the entire MCM Comic Con
    7. Black Hole creator Charles Burns is creating 80 new comics (but is leaving the story up your imagination)
    8. Immortal Hulk sells out, with more Marvel reprints on its way
    9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to get an unexpected but fitting monument in a city sewer entrance
    10. Will there be a John Wick 5? The producers hope so, but they don't know what it'd actually be about
    11. Batman and the Joker’s latest showdown invalidates a DC classic
    12. Gene Luen Yang on Books of Clash, identity, and finding your community
    13. Millie Bobby Brown finds herself in trouble in her next Netflix project's first poster
    14. The Marvels director won't discuss the purported X-Men tease, but will talk about the X-Men movie she wants to see
    15. Marvel Studios will fight continuity fatigue with a new line of MCU releases
    16. The Marvels: Release date, trailers, cast and more from the Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon team up movie
    17. It's official: The Marvels is Marvel Studios' shortest movie yet
    18. Attack on Titan series finale end credits scene explained: What does it mean?
    19. Netflix's Stranger Things goes kid-friendly with new Fisher-Price Little People sets
    20. Matthew Vaughn says "reboot" Star Wars to tell the Skywalker Saga again
    1. Godzilla Minus One trailer works better when we can barely see Godzilla
    2. A new Peanuts movie is coming, based on a story by Charles Schulz's sons
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