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July 2023 Archive

    1. Fast & Furious watch order: How to watch the car action series in order
    2. Spy x Family: How to watch and read this adorable action-comedy anime & manga franchise
    3. The beloved and complicated Paul Reubens (AKA Pee-Wee Herman) dies at age 70
    4. Kraven the Hunter: The new release date, the cast, and everything you need to know about the movie
    5. Todd McFarlane's Spawn is coming to "one of the biggest games on the planet" - but which one?
    6. Indiana Jones and the magic of the Macguffins: Ranking 'em all!
    7. Cartoonshow: An exclusive look into Derek M. Ballard's debut graphic novel
    8. Loki: Miss Minutes is mad in the first trailer for Season 2
    9. Loki season 2 trailer teases darker storyline, with Loki pulled (painfully) through time
    10. The Marvel U has just changed the future of the X-Men
    11. Loki season 2 trailer introduces Ke Huy Quan to the MCU
    12. How Henry Cavill said 'goodbye' to the Witcher (and what it says about his replacement)
    13. Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Andy Lanning wants to see Nova in the MCU
    14. Did Lucius survive his demise on Our Flag Means Death? Nathan Foad & his castmates share their theories
    1. SDCC 2023: Kate Beaton asks for "more diverse perspectives" from working class and industrial voices in comics
    2. Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, American Booksellers Association, and more sue over new Texas rating law
    3. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Spider-Verse success rushes two sold-out Spider-books back to press at Marvel
    5. The Witcher season 3 Volume 2: The release date, the plot, the cast, episode titles, and more
    6. Daniel Warren Johnson's Transformers #1 ashcan was the hottest book of SDCC 2023
    7. Jason Aaron on consulting for Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder
    8. The Witcher season 3 (volumes 1 and 2) ending explained!
    1. SDCC 2023: Was Hall H's loss everyone else's gain?
    2. The song at the center of Good Omens Season 2 (and how Terry Pratchett made the connection)
    3. Congressman Robert Garcia on the Popular Arts Caucus, SDCC, and Superman
    4. Big Spawn movie news is coming, Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane are just waiting for the strikes to end
    5. US Congressional Popular Arts Caucus: Everything we know about Congressman Robert Garcia's new initiative
    6. Secret Invasion failed to deliver at an uncertain time for Marvel Studios
    7. Blue Beetle doesn't just have an upcoming movie - he's got an horchata-flavored coffee, as well
    1. San Diego Comic-Con says it "never worried about the strike," and fan feedback on-site seems to agree
    2. SDCC 2023: Artist Alley becomes main street for San Diego Comic-Con after movie & TV dropouts
    3. Marvel's Secret Invasion ending explained
    4. The secret reason Iron Man and Emma Frost are getting married
    5. Investors look past ComiXology to fund an alternate future for digital comics
    6. The McElroys are coming to Enter the Popverse!
    1. Wondering what to do after seeing the Barbie movie? Go to the official Barbie cafe (in select cities)
    2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: How (and where) to watch the outrageous anime series
    3. Bungo Stray Dogs: How to watch the action-packed anime in order
    4. Watch The Witcher's Eamon Farren talk about the upcoming season
    5. Barbie donuts are at Krispy Kreme... just not for US
    6. The Pizza Wars are over? TMNT have chosen their favorite pizza (and pizza place)
    7. Harley Quinn: How Dr. Harleen Quinzel went from background character to become a pillar of the modern DC Universe
    8. Guardians Vol. 3: When can you buy it, stream it, or Disney+ it?
    9. SDCC 2023: All the big news, magic, and moments from San Diego Comic-Con
    1. Zoe Thorogood is living up to her reputation as the future of comics
    2. Wonder Woman: How to watch all of Diana's live-action projects in chronological and release order
    3. There’s a Crisis coming to DC animated universe, and here's how it began
    4. It’s time to have an honest talk about the comic book industry
    5. Inside Our Flag Means Death fan fiction and SMAUs
    6. MCM Comic Con: Watch Our Flag Means Death, Star Trek, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other panels from the London May 2023 event!
    7. It's official: James Tynion IV is the best comics writer in modern times
    8. Congressman Robert Garcia is bringing Free Comic Book Day to the US Capitol
    1. SDCC 2023: What happens when you announce a Rob Liefeld panel but forget to invite Rob Liefeld?
    2. We found Barbie at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    3. The most amazing cosplay from San Diego Comic Con 2023
    4. SDCC's Her Universe Fashion Show: Inside the contest, the camraderie, and the costumes with Ashley Eckstein, Hot Topic, and the winners
    5. DC has recruited Sherri L. Smith for a solo Jennifer Pierce / Lightning comic
    6. Jeffrey Brown's adorable Batman graphic novel is getting a sequel (as it should)
    7. Chef Duff Goldman bakes Kung Fu Panda almond cookies for fans at San Diego Comic Con
    8. Marvel celebrates the winner (and the losers) in third annual X-Men Vote with their own series
    9. Marvel's newest LGBTQIA+ hero Nightshade is getting her own solo comic this year
    10. Marvel's Spider-Gwen and the Mary Janes are going on tour this fall
    11. Marvel's Echo returns to the rez for new comic ahead of her Disney+ show
    12. Rogue & Gambit are back in a new comic (and a new heist!)
    13. Love Marvel? Love cats? You'll love news they're publishing more of Marvel Meo by Nao Fuji
    14. No Hollywood? No problem! A vacant hall H leads to a packed (and profitable) show floor for comics & other retailers
    15. DC Studios is developing Watchmen and Crisis on Infinite Earths animated feature films
    16. Follow's DC's Young Readers panel talking about Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Dreamer, and more
    17. There's a new Snoopy float coming to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year (and we just met him!)
    18. Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley reflect on the past, present, and future (!!) of the Invincible comic book
    19. Invincible season 2: The cast, trailer, release date, and more about the Amazon Prime Video superhero show
    20. NYC mayor Luke Cage to dispense street justice to save his city in new solo series
    21. Marvel Comics' Gang War crossover event: Spider-Man, Elektra, Luke Cage, and more team-up to save NYC
    22. Shang-Chi returns to Marvel for Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
    23. Marvel's Thunderbolts return to comics in a new series launching this December
    1. Follow the Women of Marvel panel live from San Diego Comic-Con 2023!
    2. Spider-Woman stars in a new solo series from Marvel
    3. Ms Marvel the new Mutant: The plot, the creators, and the covers to the next big X-Men title
    4. Marvel's Timeless #1 introduces powerhouse warriors from a dark future
    5. Star Trek: Lower Decks gets release date, Strange New Worlds gets a... musical?
    6. For the love of dogs (and tacos!), Tom King and Peter Gross are working on a big book for BOOM! Studios
    7. SDCC 2023: Burnt food triggered fire alarm Friday night, but everyone's okay
    8. Is it still cathartic if no one cares? Kevin Smith at the Masters of the Universe panel at SDCC 2023
    9. The John Wick TV spinoff The Continental has a release date, and its coming quick
    10. TMNT: The Last Ronin sequel coming soon from Nickelodeon and IDW Publishing
    11. Assassin’s Creed jumps to 1970s Brazil and the future in new comic spinoffs
    12. Get ready, the 2024 San Diego Comic-Con dates have been confirmed (and its a busy weekend)
    13. And the winners of the 2023 Eisner Awards are...
    14. Ode to the happy weirdos: fans of The Owl House say 'Thank you' at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    15. Wonder Woman is to become the center of the DC Universe, according to series writer Tom King
    16. How Marvel Value Stamps led one brother to beat up another, then apologize decades later
    17. “You’re not going to find orgies in a Scooby Doo movie”: Harley Quinn’s producers on the show's adult nature
    18. Return of Superman 30th anniversary special revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2023
    19. Surprise! There's a new Invincible episode coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight!
    20. Watch the amazing first trailer for Netflix's live-action One Piece right now
    21. "A long time coming": This year's Eisner Hall of Fame inductees (and their family) honored in a SDCC ceremony
    1. Barbie takes San Diego Comic-Con - through cosplay!
    2. Star Trek: The Animated Series is returning with new shorts featuring Riker, Quark, and Saru
    3. Move over, Frank Castle - Marvel has a new Punisher now
    4. A new Zombie Ghost Rider is blazing into Marvel Comics
    5. Marvel's Captain America enters a new era with JMS and Jesus Saiz
    6. Netflix's She-Ra writer is developing a new Wonder Woman comic event called Amazons Attack
    7. SDCC 2023: Join Marvel EiCs past and present as CB Cebulski and Joe Quesada take the stage
    8. For Sale: Image Comics' convention booth from San Diego Comic-Con (serious offers only)
    9. Greg Capullo draws an amazing Wolverine (but we should've known that by now)
    10. Deadpool, this is a week in your life with new Seven Slaughters comic special
    11. Happy 50th birthday, Howard the Duck! Marvel has a present for you!
    12. There's more secrets behind the '80s event Secret Wars, and Marvel is about to share
    13. Marvel has asked Peach Momoko to create new nightmare fuel for us (Thanks!)
    14. Daredevil is digging his old armor out of the closet for a new series at Marvel
    15. Marvel's Spider-Man ongoing ends, to make way for an all-new Superior Spider-Man ongoing
    16. SDCC 2023: Geeky clothes for geeky women found (and bought) at Elhoffer Design booth
    17. SDCC 2023: Indian star power, pomp, and performance on display in Hall H's Kalki 2898 - AD panel
    18. Touring Nickelodeon's 90s-themed SDCC 2023 booth (and how we avoided being slimed)
    19. Nightwing and the battle over his plump butt inside the DC animated series Harley Quinn on Max
    20. Aquaman 2 and Dune 2 might be delayed due to marketing worries over the actors' strike
    21. Marvel Studios debuts sneaky, exclusive X-Men '97 footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    22. Keith David joins the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution
    23. Rafael Grampá returns to the Dark Knight for a new mature readers Batman series
    1. Marvel is about to reveal an astonishing new X-Men line-up, and is teasing it extra-hard
    2. The origin of Marvel's Nightcrawler and Mystique are getting BAMFed in a new X-Men comic
    3. Move over Professor X, Doctor Doom has recruited his own X-Men team
    4. SDCC 2023: Indian sci-fi epic Kalki 2898 AD brings Hall H into the 'Spice Punk' future
    5. The original '80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon returns (finally)
    6. The hit anime Bleach is done it all - and now has a coffee shop in LA
    7. The '60s UK Marvel & DC comic Smash! returns with some classic heroes thanks to Paul Grist & Rebellion
    8. Marvel Comics warns comic stores to not sell comics early (or else)
    9. SDCC 2023: A Batman western, an all-new Outsiders, and more announced during DC's Gotham City panel
    10. DC's Outsiders returns as a superhero archeology comic
    11. Marvel or DC? Comics writer Ram V has signed a multi-year 'exclusive' deal with DC
    12. Burger King now has a Barbie Burger (complete with Pink Sauce), but you'll have to travel to try it
    13. SDCC 2023: Funkoville is an entire "town" dedicated to collectibles here on the San Diego show floor
    14. Jigsaw is back in first Saw X set photo
    15. SDCC 2023: Inside the Lodge, a Paramount+ experience with Spongebob, Star Trek, Transformers, 1923, and more
    16. So, apparently Marvel's Black Widow is a Venom now
    17. Batman: One Dark Knight creator Jock is venturing into space (and creator-owned space) with Gone
    18. Jock is redesigning Diamond Comics' Previews catalog (or the cover, at least)
    19. DC's Justice League is going to fight Godzilla and Kong in new crossover epic
    20. SDCC 2023: Marvel's booth is town square in the massive San Diego Comic-Con showfloor
    21. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - The beginnings of a beautiful friendship
    22. Marvel has big plans for Moon Knight, but first it has to kill him
    23. Neon Genesis Evangelion: How to watch the mecha anime series in chronological and release order
    24. Nick Fury's dirty MCU secret revealed in Marvel Studios' latest Secret Invasion episode
    25. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is getting sequels and spin-offs in comics
    26. SDCC: Blockbuster nostalgia hits San Diego Comic Con with two major booths inspired by the video store
    1. No, Kenneth Branagh isn't directing a live-action Gargoyles movie according to creator
    2. Gwen Stacy is President of the United States in the Marvel U (and it’s about time)
    3. San Diego Comic-Con is expanding in 2025 - to a cruise ship headed to Cozumel
    4. Ahsoka voice actor Ashley Eckstein reveals her reaction to fans' first reaction to her Star Wars character
    5. Pro basketball star Johnny O'Bryant talks about his manga/anime empire on this week's Enter the Popverse
    6. Barbie will feature a joke about the Snyder Cut
    7. SDCC 2023: Where in the world is Popverse at San Diego?
    8. Across the Barbie-Verse: The many false starts in getting Mattel's iconic doll to the screen
    9. Watch the full Good Omens season 2 panel from New York Comic Con free!
    10. Barbie: What is Kenergy? We ask the experts
    11. Finally, the My Favorite Thing is Monsters sequel has a release date
    12. David Tennant: The actor's top 10 scifi & fantasy projects, ranked!
    1. The Lincoln Lawyer tops The Witcher at Netflix for second week in a row
    2. The first Deadpool 3 image has fans searching for the little-known comics origin of Wolverine's yellow-and-blue costume
    3. The pulp hero Zorro returns with a Batman-esque origin (and a muscle car)
    4. Comics' next major star Zoe Thorogood is going down the "disturbed/sexy/gory/sentimental" route with a Hack/Slash prequel
    5. The 29 movies that built a better Barbie: Singin' in the Rain, The Godfather, and more
    6. SDCC 2023: What is Marvel's Next Big Thing? Find out here
    7. SDCC 2023: Star Trek Universe panel features Discovery, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds
    8. SDCC 2023: DC's World of Metropolis panel flies Superman to Comic Con
    9. SDCC 2023: Amazon brings Invincible to Comic Con ahead of Season Two
    10. SDCC 2023: Marvel's Heroes, Hulks, and Super Soldiers panel teases what's ahead for Punisher, and more
    11. SDCC 2023: The Dawn of DC is here, but not before some Knight Terrors
    12. SDCC 2023: A bright future for superheroes in the Dawn of DC panel
    13. The secret origin of one of the most beloved comics in history is making a comeback, and you can help
    14. Barbie movies in order: how to watch her animated adventures before the 2023 live action film
    15. The coming of Hawkgirl: The Superman: Legacy hero gets the well-deserved spotlight
    16. Ashley Eckstein prepares us for a Disney-themed Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con
    17. How our Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was almost in Margot Robbie's Barbie
    1. Barbie vs. Oppenheimer: What are you seeing this week?
    2. SDCC: Sleepy San Diego gets ready for a busy week
    3. Artist Gabriele Dell'Otto is taking over DC's variant covers in October
    4. Marvel's Halloween hero Hallows' Eve returns this fall - but is it for tricks or for treats?
    5. What to expect from Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    1. SDCC: An introvert's guide to navigating San Diego Comic Con
    2. My Hero Academia watch order: Explore the superhero anime and manga saga in order with our easy guide
    3. Inside the secrets and lies of Marvel Comics' Secret Invasion with its creator Brian Michael Bendis
    4. Barbie: Meet the many Barbie variants in the new big screen movie
    1. Does the new movie use Aqua's anthem 'Barbie Girl'? Yes, and No
    2. Barbie: is the movie's love of its origins the key to its success?
    3. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Read an exclusive excerpt from Frontera, the supernatural borderland adventure out next week
    5. Hawkgirl is coming to comics, movies, and our live showEnter the Popverse
    6. Gatchaman returns with new stories set in the classic continuity
    7. SDCC 2023: What to expect at San Diego Comic-Con this year
    1. Marvel confronts the Avengers’ Affirmative Action past
    2. Secret Invasion: One of the Avengers has been replaced by a Skrull – but when did the switch occur?
    3. Comic cons for sports? Two former ReedPop execs are aiming for that with Fanatics & IMG
    4. Good Omens 2: Everything we know about the second installment of the apocalypse-based show
    5. Inside the Spock's love triangle at the heart of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
    1. SDCC 2023: Popverse's guide to making the most out of San Diego Comic Con
    2. One of Marvel’s most bizarre Spider-Man variants has returned
    3. Does DC's recent film misfires set-up a better stage for for James Gunn's new era to succeed? Scott Snyder thinks so
    4. Barbie is the big political heavyweight movie of the summer, not Oppenheimer
    5. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One: The ending explained!
    6. Blue Beetle: Release date, new trailer, cast and more about the upcoming DC superhero movie
    7. Superman: Legacy adds three new heroes, and James Gunn teases even more for the new DCU
    1. Prime Day Star Wars deals 2023: The best offers for the movies, the toys, and more (including Grogu!)
    2. Prime Day Marvel deals 2023: The best offers for MCU movies, Marvel books, and more
    3. SDCC 2023: Vault Comics Vault Comics reveals full plans including guests, panels, and exclusives
    4. Mission: Impossible has recruited the hit manga & anime Spy × Family for an official team-up
    5. DC Comics upgrades its digital comics service for manga-style reading
    6. Barbie: Is the movie really kids' stuff? Looking at the movie's age rating
    7. SDCC: Would San Diego Comic-Con ever leave San Diego?
    8. Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix to get a hardcover behind-the-scenes art book
    9. How DC's Grifter became the last action hero of the WIldstorm era
    10. Inception meets Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the upcoming Destiny Gate comic from Top Cow and EP1T0ME Studios
    11. Critical Role is coming to London for MCM Comic Con
    1. SDCC 2023: What to expect from DC at San Diego Comic-Con
    2. Transformers: How to watch the Robots in Disguise's big screen adventures in chronological and release order
    3. The new Image Comics series Midlife asks what one middle-aged man can do to make the world better
    4. Halloween watch order: How (and where) to make a Michael Myers or Laurie Strode marathon
    5. DSTLRY at SDCC 2023; The creators, the comics, the collectibles, and more coming for the upstart publisher's convention debut
    6. Vampires, pirates, nazis and gods: What We Do in Waititi's Shadow
    7. Watch Heartstopper's Rhea Norwood talk about the upcoming Netflix season
    1. What happens when a movie/tv superhero needs to use the bathroom?
    1. "I want to know my kids will grow up free": David Tennant on slipping human rights protections
    2. The Witcher returns to it season 1 form (and the novels) with the bewitching 'Act of Illusion' episode
    3. A Game of Thrones con has been canceled due to Florida's latest laws
    4. Marvel is delaying Avengers, Star Wars, Spider-Gwen, Wolverine, and other comics
    5. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    6. Is the President of the United States a Skrull? Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion opens the door
    7. San Diego Comic-Con 2023: What are the big panels at this year's show?
    8. SDCC 2023: The best exclusive merch from this year's San Diego Comic-Con
    9. The Our Flag Means Death cast talk about their relationship with the queer community
    1. Like trans people IRL, Marvel’s trans characters have already been here
    2. The Witcher: What is the Wild Hunt?
    3. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds goes back to the beginning with this ferocious alien race
    4. Mission: Impossible - How to watch Tom Cruise's action franchise (and the hidden prequels) in chronological or release order
    5. A stoned wizard bear is leading the fight against capitalist criminals in Oni Press' Soggy Landing
    6. The Witcher season 3: Don't overlook Mistle, a major character in the franchise's (and Ciri's) future
    1. Tom Cruise says he'll keep making Mission: Impossible movies until he's 80
    2. Re-watch The Witcher's ball episode for "clues" about the upcoming season 3 finale
    3. What would the Jujutsu Kaisen characters do for a living if not magic? The actors reveal some zany back-up careers
    4. SDCC 2023: How much impact does San Diego Comic-Con have on San Diego the city?
    5. Imagine Naruto, but on a budget: The Low Cost Cosplay Guy delivers some amazing cost-conscious cosplays
    6. Cat Convention: A Bandai-led cat-themed booth coming to San Diego Comic Con
    7. The man behind the new Muppet Gerald Teeth is coming to to Enter the Popverse
    8. Spider-Verse: The villains, anti-heroes, and antagonists of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
    9. Come on Barbie, let's go Comic-Con party: Will the movie be coming to San Diego?
    10. Where is the Witcher audience? Netflix says viewership is down compared to previous seasons
    11. Netflix is worried people think Henry Cavill has already left The Witcher
    12. Tom Cruise has announced his Barbenheimer marathon order
    1. Anime Expo 2023: Long lines, cool cosplay, and exciting booths in LA
    2. Our favorite cosplay from Florida Supercon in Miami Beach!
    3. The most amazing cosplay from Anime Expo 2023 in LA!
    4. Batman's biggest foe is the Joker, but the Joker's biggest foe is... a 9-5 office job
    1. Netflix's The Witcher: What are Ciri’s powers, and what is her destiny?
    2. The Witcher reading order: How to read Andrzej Sapkowski's books in chronological and release order
    3. Watch the Our Flag Means Death panel from Miami's Florida Supercon with Con O'Neill, Nathan Foad, and Kristian Nairn
    4. Florida Supercon 2023: Yes, we filmed Our Flag Means Death, Chainsaw Man, and more panels
    5. Anime Expo 2023: Popverse is making its AX debut this weekend!
    6. Inside the Spider-Verse: Looking at Spider-Man's various worlds in the animated multiverse
    7. The Boys season 4 will be “more intense than any other season"
    8. The Witcher: Inside the Netflix show's mysterious White Flame
    9. DC's Harley Quinn, Joker, and the Suicide Squad are starring in their own anime
    10. Jujutsu Kaisen season 2: “It’s going to get even darker” says Yuji Itadori voice actor
    11. Some of those Our Flag Means Death season 2 fan theories are "so close" says Con O'Neill, as he and cast mates reveal their own
    1. Production IG and WIT are coming to Anime Expo to talk about the Spy × Family movie, the long-awaited Uzumaki anime, and more
    2. Netflix's Pluto anime adaptation will only be one season
    1. Actor Kevin McNally talks about his career from James Bond to Pirates of the Caribbean and more
    2. Netflix's Pokémon Concierge gets its leading lady - and what her role will be
    3. Pokémon: How (and where) to watch the hit anime series in chronological or release order
    4. Watch TOHO Animation's Anime Expo 2023 panel with Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Frieren
    5. DC Studios' James Gunn is skipping San Diego Comic Con this year as well
    6. Follow along as Jujutsu Kaisen creators MAPPA reveal what's next in the show, plus Bucchigiri?!, Maboroshi, and more
    7. Follow along as Netflix brings Pokémon Concierge, PLUTO, the live-action One Piece, as well as Zom 100 to Anime Expo 2023
    8. Watch Anime Expo 2023 panels live with a free livestream
    9. Anime Expo's 2024 dates are revealed (and they are later than you would expect)