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July 2024 Archive

    1. Popverse is taking a much-needed break before San Diego Comic-Con (but we'll be back!)
    2. Marvel's new X-Men #1 shows off what the From the Ashes future for the franchise really looks like in action
    3. SDCC 2024: What to expect at San Diego Comic-Con this year
    4. A superhero therapist uses comic book movies to help people grapple with their sexual orientation and PTSD - here's how
    5. Holding their horses: Kevin Costner's Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 2 has been delayed, slowing the four-part story's progress
    6. Alien: Romulus director Fede Álvarez is the sledgehammer that will bring the franchise back to its nightmares
    7. David Tennant and Catherine Tate reveal their favorite Doctor Who monsters
    8. How (and where) to watch every Hunter x Hunter anime series and the movies, in order
    9. The supporting cast: The importance of secondary characters, according to writers of My Adventures with Superman, She-Ra, Eat Your Heart Out, and more
    10. Shangri-La Frontier season 2 release date: We're diving back into the world of gaming at Crunchyroll this year
    11. Boom! Studios bought by Penguin Random House
    12. The most famous, infamous, and forgotten Marvel heroes who wanted to be President of the United States, from Captain America to a forgotten X-Man
    13. The best bodegas you should know while you're at the Javits for NYCC
    14. Ren the Girl with the Mark's creators tell you how to make a big fantasy series on a tiny budget at MCM May 2024
    15. Watch Vox Machina voice actor Robbie Daymond's full panel from London's MCM
    16. Muslim nerds and geeks gathered at MCM London Comic Con for Super Salaam! - and we filmed the entire panel!
    17. Watch the Anime Ltd Industry panel from MCM Comic Con in London
    18. Witness the Great Anime Showdown of MCM Comic Con 2024!
    19. Watch YouTube's Anime Freshmen and their Arguelympics, filmed at London's MCM
    20. Watch the Neurodiverse Creator panel from MCM Comic Con!
    21. Watch Geekdom and Hip Hop collide in Super Cypher at MCM London!
    22. Baby titan skulls, too many coffees, and …Barbie Lilith? Stars of The Owl House dish behind-the-scenes secrets
    23. LEGO Star Wars: A brick-by-brick guide to all of the LEGO Star Wars movies, shows, and specials
    24. It’s time to make Futurama’s Church of Star Trek a reality
    1. We were right: Shrek 5 is confirmed - and even has a release date & cast!
    2. Doctor Who: Catherine Tate didn't know there were real people inside the Sontaran alien suits during filming
    3. Crunchyroll removes all comments from its site to create a "safe and respectful community" by burning it to the ground
    4. Are all of Fox's X-Men movies now part of the MCU? What Deadpool & Wolverine might mean for Marvel Studios canon
    5. Immortal X-Men's Kieron Gillen pulls the curtain back to reveal the world (and the cast) of Image Comics' The Power Fantasy
    6. Critical Role's Sam Riegel offers a candid and emotional account of his cancer diagnosis
    7. Beastars season 3 release date: When the next episode of the anthropomorphic anime will come to Netflix
    8. Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen return to Descender for new art book
    9. Kieron Gillen is headed to New York Comic Con 2024
    10. From Hell's Eddie Campbell gets real on bad habits, fixing old mistakes, and being "in the company of ghosts" as a Hall of Fame creator
    11. Darren Criss reveals how he went from a convention-going fan to a celebrity (who still goes to conventions)
    12. Russell Crowe's character looms heavily over the Gladiator II trailer
    13. Superman’s live-action S-shield through the ages, from Kirk Alyn to David Corenswet
    14. How therapists are using the Marvel Cinematic Universe to heal us
    15. Raina Telgemeier shares 3 comics that formed her (and one that "ruined" her life)
    16. Percy Jackson and the Olympians star Walker Scobell reveals how much of an expert he is on the series' book canon
    1. Cable, step aside: how Marvel chose its new X-Men, according to the top editor who helped make the decisions
    2. Iconic artist Mitsuhiro Arita is coming to San Diego Comic-Con with Stan Sakai
    3. Superstar superhero writer Dwayne McDuffie to be remembered in a star-studded San Diego Comic-Con panel with friends and family (and you!)
    4. Agatha All Along's first trailer fulfills a forgotten WandaVision tease and debuts just what 'Marvel Scary' actually looks like
    5. Rebecca Yarros' new Fourth Wing book Onyx Storm takes the series in a darker direction
    6. Asterix's dog takes center stage in Papercutz's new Dogmatix graphic novel series, launching this fall
    7. The Fall of the House of Usher's Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel, and Carla Gugino are headed to NYCC '24!
    8. All the upcoming TV shows on streaming and broadcast television
    9. When the next episode of House of the Dragon season 2 is coming to HBO and Max
    10. Batman: Watch every animated movie starring DC's greatest detective in release and chronological order
    11. My Hero Academia: You're Next release date: When is the superpowered sequel coming to cinemas?
    12. One Piece release date: Keeping track of when episode 1112 of the anime will come out
    13. Who are Our Flag Means Death's best kissers? Con O'Neill kisses & tells
    14. Demon Slayer release date: Now that season 4 is over, when is the Infinity Castle arc coming to Crunchyroll
    15. Anime Last Stand codes July 2024
    16. MTG Arena Codes July 2024
    17. How to watch Trigun and its follow-up series Trigun Stampede in order on Crunchyroll and beyond
    18. LEGO Marvel Superheroes Cheat Codes July 2024
    19. There's only room for one X-Men member in the Avengers, according to a Marvel boss
    20. All of the upcoming major comic cons and shows coming in the US and abroad
    21. Daredevil actor Charlie Cox says fans of the Netflix series one-shot fight scenes "will not be disappointed" by Marvel Studios' Born Again relaunch
    22. Yes, Jason Sudeikis is as big of a Sex and the City fan as his Ted Lasso character is
    23. Walter White Jr. actor RJ Mitte has an idea for a Breaking Bad sequel
    24. One Piece Day 2024 is coming! Here is what is planned and how you can get in on the action
    25. Marvel artist Adi Granov is up for drawing comics again (but with one caveat)
    26. All Marvel Snap codes July 2024
    1. My Hero Academia: You're Next film finally gets a US release date and it is just a few months away
    2. Crunchyroll confirms they'll be the streaming home of Dr. Stone: Science Future when it finally comes out
    3. Blue Lock season 2 gets release date and will be streaming on Crunchyroll this October
    4. Crunchyroll will continue to stream The Apothecary Diaries season 2 when it airs in 2025
    5. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War part three is coming in October to Disney+ and Hulu
    6. Yakuza Fiancé anime finds a streaming home on Crunchyroll this October
    7. Crunchyroll announces Fire Force season 3 - the final season! - will air in two parts starting in April 2025
    1. Mobile Suit Gundam VR anime film gets its first trailer and a Fall 2024 release date
    2. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online II gets fresh trailer and opening song at Anime Expo 2024
    3. Back-to-back Blue Exorcist anime series are coming to Crunchyroll starting in October this year
    4. New One Piece episodes are coming to Crunchyroll in September - but Microsoft Store is getting it even sooner!
    5. RWBY isn't dead, as Warner Bros. Discovery sells it off to VIZ Media
    6. Crunchyroll debuts our first look at Solo Leveling season 2 at Anime Expo 2024
    7. Doctor Who's giant arms required two people to lift, according to Catherine Tate
    1. How to play the western game series Red Dead Redemption in order (release or chronological)
    2. Transformers and Macross' original designer Shoji Kawamori is working on his own anime movie, and it's coming soon
    3. Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers trailer drops at Anime Expo and promises a 2025 release date
    4. Darling in the Franxx and The Idolm@ster director teases their new film, Grotesque, while at Anime Expo
    5. Adult Swim: Be the first to meet Pongo (and say goodbye to him) with our exclusive debut of the latest SMALLS animation
    6. How a Star Wars writer partnered with his daughter to create an all-ages horror comic in A Haunted Girl
    7. If you're going to a comic con, you'll need this (and this, and this)
    8. Batman Ninja vs Yakuza League trailer gives us our first look at alternate takes on your favorite DC heroes
    9. Witch Hat Atelier anime gets drop-dead gorgeous trailer ahead of its 2025 release date on Crunchyroll
    10. The Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt revival is real as the anime's original creator & director return for 2025 premiere
    11. The new Trigun anime has a name (and art!) after success of Trigun Stampede
    12. The excitement of rejection: Inside Simon & Chester author Cale Atkinson’s failed syndicated comic strip career
    13. Raina Telgemeier & Tri Vuong light up at the idea of video game adaptations of their comics
    14. How to watch The Crow movies & TV shows
    1. Star Wars' Mandalorian actor Brendan Wayne reveals a a touching moment he had with Apollo Creed... we mean Carl Weathers, on the set
    2. My Hero Academia meets the “effortlessly gay” world of She-Ra in I Heart Skullcrusher
    3. The DC kids superhero team book Jeffrey Brown almost did
    4. Jinkies! Scooby Doo’s Daphne voice actor reveals she used a psychic to talk to her deceased predecessor
    5. Star Wars author John Jackson Miller reveals how he learned Disney was jettisoning some of the Expanded Universe books as canon, while he was writing one of the books
    6. Doctor Who: The Doctors Peter Davison, Paul McGann, and Colin Baker pick their favorite Doctors (and can't choose themselves!)
    7. What Star Wars: Andor teaches us about rebellion
    8. “Find your inner bitch”: Charisma Carpenter shares how she got cast in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and scared her co-stars)
    9. DC's Black Label mature readers imprint was originally called Jokerverse, according to Brian Azzarello
    10. All 47 Marvel Comics' cartoons, ranked from best to worst!
    11. How to watch the monstrous hit anime Kaiju No. 8 in order
    1. In one of the best action franchises ever, only the first John Wick movie truly achieves greatness
    2. Watch: Spores Productions talk about their video Final Fantasy - Fate's Edge at MCM London
    3. The first time Marvel killed Spider-Man, we got Miles Morales - so what happens when they kill him 8 more times?
    4. Netflix's Family Affair originally had an R-rated title - and that's why Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman originally signed on to do it
    5. Watch the 2024 MCM Variety Show and Cosplay Masquerade!
    6. Why is Stranger Things season 5 taking so long to film? Maya Hawke offers some insight on its epic scale
    7. The most famous, infamous, and forgotten Marvel Studios cameos, from Stan Lee to Elon Musk (and a Fashion Police crossover, too!)
    8. How to watch the Monogatari anime series in order (release and chronological)
    9. Star Wars' The Book of Boba Fett had massive script re-writes according to the Armorer actor Emily Swallow
    10. Raina Telgemeier talks about her collaboration with Scott McCloud for next year's The Cartoonist Club
    11. Brian Azzarello has given up waiting for a 100 Bullets movie or TV series, and "maybe I wouldn't even see it" if it did happen
    12. How to watch DC's Teen Titans TV series and movies in order
    13. Why the One Piece arc 'Whole Cake' is Nami voice actor Luci Christian's favorite ever
    14. Former Marvel TV boss (and writer) Jeph Loeb explains why he has no fear of AI taking writing jobs
    15. Marvel's comic book boss is calling for a "reset" of his company, and the entire comics system
    16. Zoe Thorogood's ingenious way for Artist Alley creators to spend money with their fellow creators
    17. Fantasy worlds collide as Solomon Kane and Dark Agnes join Conan the Barbarian for Battle of the Black Stone comic book series
    18. Kizumonogatari: Koyomi Vamp release date: Here is when Crunchyroll are bringing the trio of Monogatari films to theaters
    19. What's streaming on Netflix this July
    20. Marvel Studios is teasing Kingpin's rise to NYC mayor for Daredevil: Born Again
    21. Is Marvel Studios' What If...? ending with season 3? A new interview calls it "the completion of a trilogy" and an end for the Watcher
    22. WandaVision spinoff Agatha All Along is going to be "Marvel brand" scary with "deadly stakes" promises Marvel Studios
    23. Marvel Studios is making a Black Panther prequel set squarely in the MCU with the Eyes of Wakanda series
    1. Tenth Doctor David Tennant met the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker when he was 10
    2. The secret Britney Spears influence on DC's Superman: Harvests of Youth by Sina Grace
    3. What's streaming on Amazon Prime Video this July
    4. Every new movie and TV series coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, and Hulu in July 2024
    5. Meet Popverse's new staff writer, Grant DeArmitt
    6. Cobra Kai season 6 cast: all the actors we know will appear in the final season
    7. Here’s every cast member we know for Emily in Paris season 4
    8. Every Terminator film and TV show, ranked best to worst!
    9. Nora Dåsnes' Cross My Heart and Never Lie in early talks for an animated movie or TV series
    10. Kaiju No. 8 spinoff manga is coming to an end this month after just 12 chapters
    11. NCIS: Hawai'i fan petition reaches 42000 signatures amid show's cancellation on CBS
    12. John Cena is all that stands between Awkafina and Simu Liu in Amazon Prime Video's new Jackpot trailer (No, it's not a romcom)
    13. A DeviantArt killer for comics is under development called Bindings
    14. What is Tom Hiddleston reading and listening to? The Marvel actor gives his book and music recommendations
    15. The best Star Trek series, ranked!
    16. How and where to watch Blue Lock and its spin-off movie before season 2 finally arrives
    17. How the Batman: Damned controversy damned Brian Azzarello's relationship with DC, according to the writer himself
    18. Brian Azzarello talks end of an era with DC Comics, and what's next for the 100 Bullets Team
    19. How to watch Lost in release and chronological order
    20. Upcoming superhero & comic-based TV release dates for Marvel, DC, Prime Video, Netflix, and more
    1. The next Barbenheimer has arrived, as Wicked changes release dates and becomes a new challenger for Ridley Scott's Gladiator II
    2. Going to NYCC? Get first access to Josh Brolin, Hayley Atwell, Paul Bettany, & more celeb Photo Ops & Autographs with a Popverse Superfan membership
    3. How to watch the Harry Potter movies in order
    4. Why aren't there more black heroes at Marvel? The company's X-Men editor explains
    5. Marvel explains why Magneto keeps getting older but other Marvel heroes stay the same age
    6. Marvel Studios unveils new Fantastic 4 artwork for San Diego Comic-Con
    7. One Piece season 2 cast: Who is making the trip to the Grand Line with Netflix's Straw Hat crew
    8. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reveal how they worked to save Daredevil: Born Again in Marvel Studios overhaul (and bring it closer to the Netflix original)
    9. The Breaking Bad cast revealed how Samuel L. Jackson tried to appear in the show, and why the showrunner said 'No'
    10. The best Hazbin Hotel songs, according to the cast themselves
    11. Netflix's One Piece season 2 has begun filming with the Straw Hats reuniting in Cape Town
    12. Before the dust settled on season 1's final episode, Kaiju No. 8 sequel is announced for Crunchyroll
    13. Why Ufotable's decision to turn Demon Slayer's Infinity Castle arc into a trilogy of films makes sense
    14. Bluey release date: What we know about the next batch of Bluey Minisodes due out in 2024
    15. New superhero movies: All the Marvel, DC, and comic book movie in your future
    16. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew should be released as a movie instead of a Disney+ TV series (and Lucasfilm has done it before)
    17. Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and other new MCU heroes' future is no longer at Disney+ with new seasons - it's in movies
    18. How and where to watch the strange and wonderful hit anime Chainsaw Man
    19. All the new & upcoming movies coming in 2024, 2025, and beyond
    20. All the upcoming WWE, AEW, NJPW, and other major wrestling events - be they PLEs, PPVs, or streaming spectacles